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Inside One Company's Stalled Attempt to Blanket the World with Internet Connectivity

Iridium Communications, a $790 million satellite telecommunications company based in McLean, Va., was gearing up to launch the first of a new generation of satellites when the news came in from Cape Canaveral. 2,111 more words


VoIP Mobile Dialer And Why You Must Get One?

VoIP and mobile application are most audible terms these days. Tech savvy people love the features offered by both, VoIP and different Mobile Applications. The best amalgamation seen for these two powerful technologies is VoIP Mobile Dialer. 454 more words


What To Keep in Mind for IoT Application Development

Internet of Things (IoT) is something world is very excited about. It has brought so many stimulating applications with it. It has enriched so many parts of life and truly took us to the next level! 277 more words


FreeSWITCH: A Perfect Fit For VoIP Solution Development

VoIP industry is booming. There are so many businesses who have started adopting diversified VoIP solutions for one reason or another. These VoIP solutions can be developed using different VoIP technologies such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, Kamailio, OpenSIPS, etc. 271 more words


Unified Communication !

Today’s world is connected and constantly communicating via telecom. Every year more and more businesses are turning towards a new type of efficient communication. Unified communications is most effective tool in order to better support today’s business activities and objectives. 274 more words


Cell splitting, sectoring and frequency reuse

Generally , there are different tower configuration used by the telecom company. Here, some general configuration that are massively being used in Nepal by Ncell, NTC, Hello Nepal, Smart cell, UTL are described in short. 333 more words


Antenna Tilt

Antenna tilt simply means tilting the position of antenna with respect to its horizon. Its purpose is to reduce interference and or coverage in some specific areas having each cell to meet only its designed area.The basic concept of tilt is when we apply the tilt to an antenna, we improve the signal in areas close to the site and reduced the coverage in more remote locations. 217 more words