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Hosted PBX Phone System‎ @ VoIP Line Telecom Australia

There was a time when the sole purpose of a phone was to make and receive calls and then a new technology was discovered, VoIP also known as Voice over internet protocol and all that changed. 306 more words


The politics of wireless research in relation to health risks

There are a lot of powerful statements and comments that get straight to the heart of the issue of research and politics. Comments from Dr George Carlo in particular stand out, and we thought is worthwhile sharing them with you all because they give a clear indication of what the problem is in relation to the research that is presently being conducted to investigate potential implications wireless technology has on the health of the general public. 525 more words

Smart Meter

New Smartphone Model

Belakangan ini, kita banyak dimanjakan dengan kehadiran gadget-gadget baru dengan fitur yang semakin bervariasi. Berangkat dari sana, desain ini mengambil inspirasi dari perkembangan desain smartphone… 26 more words

Session Border Controller To Enjoy Uninterrupted and Secure VoIP Services

VoIP network is getting adopted worldwide as the demand of VoIP solutions and products are getting increased tremendously. With every good, a threat of destruction also comes and VoIP is not an exception here. 231 more words



Statistics show that 75 percent of the youth under 39 years are unemployed with 800,000 entering the job market every year.

Its an alarming rate but there is hope,this has been seen in the way various organisations are coming up to support the youth. 257 more words


Top 3 Benefits of Balance Recharge and Mobile Bill Payment IVR Solution for Mobile Service Providers

Technology is paving its way in each industry. The technological inventions help in automating the processes in the best possible way. The IVR solution is one of the best inventions of technology. 264 more words


Why should you opt for Big V Telecom Complaints and Review System

Let’s first begin with why customer complaints and reviews need to be taken seriously? We live in a buyer’s market. Today consumers are spoilt for choice with numerous small and big companies manufacturing the variants of same products at highly competitive prices. 324 more words

Big V Telecom Complaints