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Crawford GTS® Efficiently, Effectively Manages Complex Telecommunications Risks

Telecommunications has come a long way since the days of homing pigeons, to say the least. As one of the world’s most dynamic industries, this ever-evolving industry is subject to unique issues of scale, rate of innovation, and financial and societal impact. 445 more words

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T-Mobile Will Now Let Phone Numbers Ring on Any Mobile Device

T-Mobile famously disconnected mobile phones from two-year service contracts and then broke the link between phones and the cellular network with Wi-Fi calling. On Wednesday, the pioneering carrier announced a beta project to go even deeper, separating phones from phone numbers. 810 more words


Wholesale roaming regulation: A precondition for 'roam like at home' [EU Legislation in Progress]

Written by Mar Negreiro (1st edition),

In 2015 the Council and European Parliament agreed in Regulation 2015/2120 that on 15 June 2017 roaming charges for mobile phone use would be abolished in the EU. 240 more words


Spark moves to 200Gbps wavelength

Spark is using Nokia kit to roll out New Zealand’s first 200Gbps wavelength network link.

The link connects Spark’s core network node at Papakura with the… 196 more words


Verizon's Wireless TV And Internet Service Coming To Small Towns Soon

Verizon is getting close to its first large scale trials of a high-speed wireless video service to compete with cable television.

The company will roll out the service, which is based on the upcoming 5G wireless standard, in several small towns by the end of March, CEO Lowell McAdam said on Tuesday. 351 more words


How much DevOps should telcos take on?

A culture of engineering. That’s how an IT decision maker I recently spoke with characterized DevOps. It’s a definition that resonates very well with me because it really is about having the right mindset, one that transcends the entire business throughout the complete software development and deployment life cycle. 715 more words


AT&T CEO Confident Regulatory Problems Will Melt Away

AT&T’s regulatory problems are melting away as the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump draws near.

The Federal Communications Commission alleged last month that AT&T violated net neutrality rules by allowing its mobile customers to watch its online video services without counting that consumption against monthly data allowances, a practice known as “zero rating.” And Trump… 323 more words