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With the fast paced lifestyle and the digital world spreading like a cloud, is Original voice over production dead? Maybe not!

Though the digital space rules the robotics and… 548 more words

This Telecom Giant Just Got Hit with a $5.6 Million Fine

Britain has fined Vodafone a record 4.6 million pounds ($5.60 million) for “serious and sustained” customer failures, including not updating accounts when mobile phone users topped up their credit to make calls. 279 more words


Vodafone's clever free mobile data promise

Vodafone says it will give customers mobile data at no extra charge if their fixed-line broadband connection fails.

The deal only applies to customers who have a Vodafone home broadband plan and use the company’s mobile services. 346 more words


AT&T Plans to Charge $35 Per Month for Internet TV Service

AT&T will offer its upcoming 100 channel Internet TV service for only $35 per month, far less than a similar package would cost from a traditional cable provider. 387 more words


Ready for 40G but Not New Jumper Cables?

Networks and data centers have relied on 10Gbps connectivity speeds for the past 5+ years. With ever increasing network access rates (e.g., GoogleFiber and 5G Mobile) and the increasing trend to remote “Cloud” storage and computing, fiber connectivity rates are on the rise. 548 more words

Fiber Optic Transceivers

Save cost on your business VoIP Plans

HIOD Telecom has extended the Rewards of a Fully Managed VoIP Solution by using today’s Hi-fi technology in Business VOIP Melbourne.

Enjoy the freedom to grow from a single office to a global network without being extravagant. 281 more words

AT&T-Time Warner Merger To Expand Corporate, State Control Of Media

AT&T, the telecommunications and cable TV colossus, announced Saturday that it has struck a deal to acquire the pay TV and entertainment giant Time Warner. The merger, if approved by the Justice Department and US regulatory agencies under the next administration, will create a corporate entity with unprecedented control over both the distribution and content of news and entertainment. 1,089 more words

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