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Blueprint America.

Blueprint America is a massive new PBS undertaking to document the past, present, and future of America’s infrastructure.

Blueprint America is a precedent-setting multi-platform initiative — developed and produced by Thirteen/WNET, and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation — that will harness the power of public broadcasting’s most prestigious programs, primetime documentaries, community and educational outreach, and the web to shine an unyielding spotlight on one of the most critical issues facing our country, yet one that has been under-reported by the traditional news media: America’s decaying and neglected infrastructure.

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History And Current Events

Who still cares for the American Civil War?

I like Mary Beard’s TLS blog. But this time I fear she has Gone Too Far. Or, perhaps more likely, she’s pulling our collective leg — though I don’t remember her pulling it in quite this manner before. 80 more words

Almost Certainly Not Worth Posting About

Solicitare ajutor din partea grupului Dacia Nemuritoare

Mesaj preluat de pe grupul Dacia Nemuritoare.

Frati daci de pretutindeni
Sarmisegetusa are nevoie de ajutorul vostru ! Televiziunea Romana va organiza un teledon pentru cele 10 minuni ale Romaniei in ceea ce priveste monumentele istorice. 337 more words

Ziarul Serile Magice

It's about you.

That’s the program title. If you’re really, really interested in listening to me talk about the New Deal at some length, with France Kassing on our local one and only KDVS, it’s here.

New Deal Denialist Truth Squadding


For those of you who really, really enjoy this sort of thing, here’s a whole hour of me on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal talking about the New Deal. 12 more words