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Online Flower Delivery Services

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I don’t think there’s anything more capitalized on this day than flowers. No matter what any girl says about her preference towards flowers, she WILL appreciate the gesture of having flowers delivered to her (bonus points if she receives it in front of other females).  401 more words


An Open Discussion on...Sympathy Gifts

During my time off I did a lot of thinking about some things I’d like to test out with the blog. You’ll probably see some of them come to fruition over the next while, and this is one of them. 1,099 more words


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BLOG1: Poking an Advertisement

Ads are everywhere and once in a while one catches the attention to the point of dissection and scrutiny. It can be it’s rewarding, but in other times there is seriously nothing deep to pull from a simple message. 542 more words