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Telehealth - How Can It Change the Landscape of Health Care Delivery in the Philippines?

It’s the second to the last blog before the end of the semester. This week’s topic is all about telehealth. The question we were asked was… 951 more words

Health Informatics

Considering Virtual Visits

I mentioned in an earlier post that virtual visits would increase accessibility between the patient and provider. I want to back up a bit and ensure that we’re on the same page with terminology. 1,044 more words


Top 5 Companies in Telemedicine

With telemedicine seemingly on an upward trajectory, it’s likely that competition among companies may increase as newcomers enter the field. REACH Health’s 2016 U.S. Telemedicine Industry Benchmark Survey found that nearly two-thirds of healthcare providers included in the survey ranked telemedicine as one of their top priorities moving into 2017. 44 more words


Robots in White Coats and Stethoscopes

If the next physician you see has a robotic bedside manner, it could be for good reason: That doctor might actually be a robot. Surgical robots that help perform delicate, minimally invasive procedures have been around for more than 15 years. 49 more words


Application similar to Telehealth Nursing



-Provide the easiest way to make an appointment with doctors via mobile device services.

-Allow the clients to meet various field of health practitioners including physicians and specialists, dietitians, and psychologists. 222 more words


Advantages and disadvantages of Telehealth Nursing Care


  1. Home-health care. Telehealth nursing care will ease people to monitor their own health all the time that they need to. Patients can lead the sessions by themselves and can ask many questions that they want.
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Telehealth nursing can act as healthcare provider

  • Provide special healthcare services such as evaluation and assessment for patients.
  • Collaborative way in medication compliance and management of pain care.
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