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ID/MT road trip.

I made a little road trip last week to ski/board with an old high school friend who now lives in Donnelly, ID.

We skied the first day at… 382 more words


Telemark World Championships

What an honor to host Telemark World Championships in Steamboat Springs Co lorado! The last time they were in the USA was 2003. Enjoy the photos and share. 9 more words


Double Knitting

The new obsession around these parts is double knitting. I learned this technique several years ago and played around with a few projects, such as the  351 more words

Ringing the Changes?

Like a lot of the time recently it’s been hovering around 0ºC, so off for a walk together. I think the road up proved it. 230 more words


A Silver Spoon in My Mouth

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but today I began my day with one. And I like it. Why not begin every day like this, I asked myself as I loaded the dishwasher after breakfast. 669 more words

Essays & Reflections

W.S.Churchill Saint or Sinner?

Was Churchill really the villain?

The general consensus amongst Australians and Americans alike seems to indicate that Winston Spencer Churchill was a selfish, arrogant, lying, deceitful Pommy/Limey who didn’t give a damn about the War in the Pacific or the threat from the Japanese and was quite content to leave it to the Americans to sort out, who if we are to believe this would not  have been the least bit concerned had the Japanese invaded and taken Australia and was  quite prepared to lose this colony for the sake of the war raging throughout Europe. 1,225 more words