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5 Signs that You Tele

1. Sponsorships Include 5 Different Microbreweries

Judging by the stickers on your ten-year-old K2 Tele boards, I’m guessing Dales, Odell’s, Sierra Nevada, and Deschutes breweries sponsor you. 277 more words


Hiking the Narefjell mountain

Narfjell is the highest peak within thirty minutes by car from my home. Most of the area I hiked in is also a national park (see the sign further below). 146 more words


Canoeing: "Gorningen"

Went for another caoeing trip!

This time we went to a lake called “Gorningen”. Also located around 30-40 minutes from my house (with car).

Didn’t spend the night this time, though.


Why Telemark?

So why do you telemark is a question that I have been asked occasionally and there is no one correct answer. If you ask Jim Shaw a telemark instructor at Winter Park he will tell you the answer is “because I can”, Lesley Beck, one of Britain’s best says it is “because every turn is a challenge” and Nick Etheridge of G2 in Aviemore says “because it looks cool and chicks dig it”. 577 more words

The Very Beginning (Norway 2007)

IT’S NO SMALL WONDER- that I would find myself in Norway the first time I held a working 35mm camera. I found an old Pentax ME Super in my attic, one my dad said he bought in a pawn shop some time in the ’80s. 165 more words



I Telemark-kommunen Notodden er største tettsted selve byen Notodden som ligger idyllisk til mot Heddalsvannet. Notodden kommune inkluderer 918,9 kv.km og har 12 600 innbyggere. Av disse bor ca 8 937 i selve byen Notodden! 1,732 more words



Siljan er et relativt lite sted, men det er en egen kommune i Telemark (rett nord for Skien) og tett innpå fylkesgrensen mot Vestfold. Her bor det bare 2361 mennesker, hvorav litt over 1100 mennesker i selve tettstedet ‘Siljan’, og halvparten av disse jobber utenfor kommunen i bedrifter innenfor Larvik, Skien og Porsgrunn.  522 more words