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Quality communications

I’m always amused when I call some customer service place, and they start the conversation with “This call may be recorded for quality purposes.”  Since the quality of customer service never seems to improve, I assume that it is the quality of my requests that is being studied.   148 more words


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Tiny Satans with Telephones

It is said that when fighting monsters that it is important that you do not become one (or something like that). The monsters I speak of are telemarketers, the annoying parasites that flood your call log with their constant calling in an effort to try and sell you something, or trap you into a monthly subscription for US Weekly. 958 more words


'WhoApp' Provides Users With Detailed Unknown Caller Information for Free

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The app works through a two-step process: when users receive an undesirable call from a number not stored in their iPhone, they hit the decline button to send the call to WhoApp. 608 more words


That call from 310-463-5056 and 310-463-8308

I got a call from 310-463-5056 about remodeling services around 10 am today. I told them I wasn’t interested. They called back at 10:30, and being tired of saying “I’m not interested,” I told the person “you’re a bad person doing a bad thing.” 77 more words


How to scare a paranoid person

Today I received a call from a drunk telemarketer.  I realized he was drunk pretty quickly, but it took me a while to catch onto the fact that he was a solicitor. 726 more words