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One of the most annoying things in life—ranking right up there with unsolicited calls from telemarketers—is having to call a service provider to report a problem.  892 more words


Ring ring

“Does your business need extra capital–”


“I need to be connected to the business owner–”


“Important information regarding your business! Do not hang–” 107 more words


Fed Up With Telemarketers!

First, let me say that telemarketing is (scams aside) honest, hard, low-paying work that I never would do myself, at least not if I had a choice in the matter. 607 more words


Star People

I immediately regretted answering the church phone. I could tell from his tone of voice and rhythm of speaking that he was a salesman or telemarketer. 535 more words

Telemaggoter Calls: December 2017

The following is the list of calls from unknown or suspicious numbers for the month of December. I cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information do to Caller ID Spoofing… 52 more words

Shutting the Door in People's Faces

In the days of my youth, I can recall several emotional outbursts I displayed at home.  Whether I was throwing a tantrum or simply in a bad mood, anger influenced me to occasionally slam my bedroom door.  316 more words


Another true anecdote

(This one doesn’t reflect well on me, but it’s funny enough to post nonetheless.)

Several years ago, on a Sunday afternoon, telemarketers were bugging me — several irritating calls came in, all from anonymous or out-of-area-code numbers I didn’t recognize. 123 more words