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I Love the Telemarketers!

I love the telemarketers
Calling me from India
The number says Ohio
(But trust me, they’re from India)
They say they are from Windows
And want to fix my laptop… 196 more words


Press button to hear marketing presentation

Everyone must have gotten those calls on the phone, late at night or even while at meetings. One thing I really hate is the fact that these marketing people do not seem to take “no” for an answer. 50 more words


Bucket List: Mole's Easily Attainable Goals #4

I can’t believe telemarketing is still a thing, even the name seems outdated, a relic from the 80s. But, sadly for us, it’s still around. I used to feel sorry for telemarketers. 557 more words


Dearest Telemarketers and Surveyors

It is of important note that information traditionally, and still does, cost money. Therefore, your five minute survey I consider a consultation and you’ll be immediately informed my rate is 250.00$ per hour, billed to your company. 110 more words


Is being a telemarketer the hardest job in the world?

They have the world’s worst job but serve a very important social function – they are pressure valves, helping people release their pent-up aggression. The army of telemarketers, the spam mail of the cellular world, invade your day with “exclusive offers” – and allow you to take your bad day out on them.  1,289 more words

What Legal Rights Do You Have To Stop Harassing Phone Calls From Businesses?

Unexpected and unwanted phone calls are always a trouble for anyone, be it in the office or at home. In the busy life schedules that we all have today, nobody wants to entertain anyone unexpectedly. 472 more words


Seriously. It's THAT Simple.

Phone rang. Number had the local area code. Thought it might be one of zillions of health care providers I’ve seen in the last few months. 141 more words

Amusement At Someone Else's Expense