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This week was the primary election in our state. Oy vay! (In many ways!)

About a week ago the phone calls started coming. Every doodah person running for dog catcher was calling to… 468 more words


It's Doctor, actually.

As most of you (I assume) know, I have earned my Ph.D. which comes with many, many perks. Besides the fame and fortune (hah!), one of the lesser known perks it provides is how I now handle telemarketing calls. 262 more words


Everybody do it! (A tale of hiccups and Yogurt)

I get weird hiccups. I never get more than one, but the one that I get is usually loud and violent. It shakes my whole body, then it’s done. 582 more words

My Mundane Life

It's a thing

I don’t recognize the number.

Because I’m waiting for a call, I answer.  A pleasant male voice asks, “may I speak with Frances?”

Due to a cold and complicated bunch of other things, my voice barely registers as human.  521 more words



Three or four times a day, sometimes even more, telemarketers call me and want my money.  Since turning 65 at least half the calls, sometimes even more, the telemarketer is trying to sell me health insurance.  613 more words


What do I do when a small irritation grows?What do

What do I do when a small issue grows to a point where it can no longer be ignored? Let me explain. I can relate to needing a job. 182 more words


Thumbs: Better Than Tongues

Sometimes, I think telemarketers have me lo-jacked.  I walk in the door, the phone rings.  I’m about to leave, the phone rings.  I wake up in the morning, the phone rings…sometimes, it even wakes me up.   235 more words