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Vacuums, Sock Thieves, and Train Wrecks

The phone is ringing. It’s rather frustrating, really.
Excuse you, unknown caller, I’m trying to write a brilliant blog post at the moment.
Don’t you understand that there are approximately 17 people out there in the blogosphere who are counting on me to bring them glorious tales of woe and sarcasm? 259 more words


Don't Pay A Telemarketer $500 Up Front For A Discount Travel Club Membership

Everyone loves bargains, and there are some discount cards that are worthwhile. However, if someone calls you up and offers to sell you a discount travel card for only $500, save your money for your actual travel instead. 233 more words


A Pet Peeve of Mine: In-Person Telemarketers

FOR THE RECORD: No, this is not the supermarket across the street from my home.


I’ll get right to the point regarding this topic… 786 more words

This Is The Best And Simplest Way To Stop Robocalls

Everyone with a phone number has received a robocall. It may be the single most annoying thing that we face today (aside from your co-worker’s smelly breath, but who is honestly going to tell them… 59 more words

I Love the Telemarketers!

I love the telemarketers
Calling me from India
The number says Ohio
(But trust me, they’re from India)
They say they are from Windows
And want to fix my laptop… 196 more words


Press button to hear marketing presentation

Everyone must have gotten those calls on the phone, late at night or even while at meetings. One thing I really hate is the fact that these marketing people do not seem to take “no” for an answer. 50 more words


Bucket List: Mole's Easily Attainable Goals #4

I can’t believe telemarketing is still a thing, even the name seems outdated, a relic from the 80s. But, sadly for us, it’s still around. I used to feel sorry for telemarketers. 557 more words