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ik 87 for April 2015 wp

ik 87
for April 2015

by necessity
I keep one ‘ringer’ on low
to keep babes asleep

most are telemarketers
who do not leave messages… 121 more words


Telemarketing...or whatever it was

Yesterday at work I received a call from a woman who wanted to talk to the person in my office who dealt with our phone system. 432 more words

When fates and florists conspire to skewer good intentions

What follows are a few of the impractical skills that I’ve honed over the years: making my children laugh during church services; catching snakes, turtles and a variety of other very bitey wildlife; and, to a lesser degree, committing myriad marital gaffes. 1,004 more words


Cat and Mouse

I hate sales calls. Really. I truly despise them. The whole concept of inviting yourself into someone else’s private residence, and insisting that they buy stuff they didn’t ask for is so invasive that I am truly offended. 300 more words


Can Phone Companies Do More To Block Robocalls?

WASHINGTON (AP) – Jeri Vargas put her elderly mother on the “Do Not Call” list years ago. So why is the 88-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s disease still getting several recorded phone calls a day pitching her everything from vacation cruises to medical alert devices and fire extinguishers? 847 more words


You Wont Succeed Unless You Suffer the Pain

You don’t become enormously successful without encountering and overcoming a number of extremely challenging problems. ~ Mark Victor Hansen

One thing I am extremely happy about is that my parents are really supportive of the things that I do. 459 more words


Cemetery Workers Won’t Stop Calling And Asking For Man Whose Ashes Have Been Interred There For 4 Years

It’s one thing to be annoyed by telemarketers who just don’t know when to quit. But it’s a hassle that shouldn’t follow you (or your loved ones) into the afterlife. 566 more words