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Make the telemarketer your writing partner

“I’m sorry. I have the wrong number. CLICK!”

— My reply to a pushy telemarketer interrupting my lunch, telling me, “This call is important. Please, do not hang up.” 25 more words


The Call

In the old days, we used to happy when the phone would ring.

In the old days, the phone was a fixed object in some corner of the house, usually next to a comfortable chair, so you could sit and chat with whoever was on the other side of the receiver. 430 more words


Rule #317: Telemarketers

Since I changed my phone number I don’t get a lot of calls from telemarketers.

And man, I really miss them!

What a great way to release frustrations. 202 more words


Scam Telemarketers - part 4

Two further calls from this scam telemarketing firm. The second call was a woman (only mentioned as a fact) and I asked her why her company kept harassing me. 20 more words

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Telemarketer Scam - part 2

Since my last post on this matter I have received a further five calls and on the last one i answered, “yes what do you want” and as if by magic someone spoke. 146 more words

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Pros And Cons

There have always been ways to separate the gullible from their money, but the internet has provided the pros with a method to practice their cons, quicker, easier, more anonymously, and over a much wider scope. 737 more words

That's Life

People I Hate #6 (In A Series)

Who: Those guys who spin signs on the side of the road 

Why I Hate: They act so bad-ass, like this amazing talent sprung unbidden from their motor reflexes during some moment of inner stength or self-actualization and now they feel the call to display their art, pure and instinctual, for all to see.  46 more words