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Want A Little Telemarketer Pay-Back?

Tired of telemarketers?

As for my own personal experience, I don’t receive nearly as many telemarketing calls as I used to, back-in-the-day. Whew!

If the problem continues for you, here’s a way to turn it around, and have a little fun! 215 more words


5 Steps to Buying a Telemarketing List for Your Business

Telemarketing is one of the direct marketing methods for a business to contact prospective customers. You, however, need to ensure that your sales agents only contact those prospects, who may be interested in your product or service. 470 more words

Telemarketing Phone Number Lists

Tired of telemarketers? One man has the answer...

One opinion we’ve expressed quite strongly before on Naked Security is, “Don’t mess with crooks.”

There’s a school of thought, for example, that comes up every time we write about those odious… 564 more words


Robot Voice Designed To Annoy Telemarketers

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TEXAS (CBSNEWS.COM) – We’ve all been there — usually right at dinner time, the phone rings and you pick up only to find out that you have now been roped into an unwanted conversation with a telemarketer. 164 more words


The Future Is Here, Bot To Answer Those Pesky Telemarketing Calls

Cold calls from telemarketers are annoying, and I don’t pick these calls up at all.  In fact, my so called traditional home phone line is often being ignored when the phone rings.   71 more words


Does Your Business Need to Improve Sales?

When you first began your business everything seemed to be going well for you. The immediate response to your products and services was great and you were able to build a steady stream of customers. 376 more words

Voice Logic

You need more customers, don’t you?

We can help.

Let’s do this the right way.

1st CBBN Affordable Marketing Solutions will create a database for you.

Up to 1000 contacts. (Telephone numbers included, but NO email addresses.) 310 more words