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Get the right job for right candidate with Sky way HR Management

Human resource is an important department in an organization which performs a number of actions to increase the productivity of an enterprise. There are lots of functions performed by the HR team that are man power planning, job analysis, recruitment, training and development, and etc. 273 more words


Just as the blow lands

Just did a bit of counter-interrogation on a telemarketer who was calling me around dinner time. If you turn the tables on them and take them outside of their scripts, turns out many of them can barely speak English. 414 more words

Phone Prospecting: Make Calls, Get Appointments, Close Deals

Working in local media sales over the past 2 decades, I’ve noticed one thing that hasn’t seemed to change much over the years: most new client relationships are the result of a set appointment to discuss advertising, either on the phone or in person. 1,518 more words


Six Tips for German Immigrants to the U.S.

There are many similarities between Germany and the United States, but some things might puzzle a newcomer:

  1. Image: Germans typically dress like this:

This is how the media portrait Germans: 297 more words

Seniors who report telemarketing scammers are shrewd, not rude

  Seniors are ideal targets for telemarketing scam artists. Unlike many younger people, they usually have landlines, and they actually answer the phone. Many seniors live alone and have more free time to talk. 622 more words


trying all the things

When you’re a stay-at-home-parent, there are many fun things you get to do, including, but not limited to: dishes, laundry, picking up garbage, vacuuming, talking to the cat, and messing with telemarketers. 588 more words