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Why You Should Outsource Appointment Setting Service

Appointment setting is thought to be an a standout amongst the most troublesome parts of business development and furthermore the most run of the mill boundary in growing a company by expanding its sales. 634 more words

The ways of the Internet

Not a long time ago (just about 2 to 3 decades) the world of timeshares was going through turbulence. This was before the age of Internet; information flow depended on journalists who brought stories into mainstream media. 256 more words


The business model of Vacation Tree

All timeshare deals relate to specific property and specific time period. This is standard all over the world. Earlier timeshare deals received some bad press due to the greed of some developers. 276 more words


ZDNet: A huge trove of patient data leaks, thanks to telemarketers' bad security

ZDNet: A huge trove of patient data leaks, thanks to telemarketers’ bad security. “A trove of records containing personal and health information on close to a million people was exposed after a former developer working at a telemarketing company uploaded a backup of its database to the internet.”

Security & Legal Issues

How to put idle timeshares to generate revenue

Say you are the owner of timeshare in a holiday resort. As everybody is aware the value of the timeshare is directly proportional to the specific period. 261 more words


How ‘fake news’ affects ordinary citizens

The 2016 United States Election has thrown up the elephant in the room regarding media news stories. Apart from the surprising result the news about ‘fake news’ has put the media on the back foot. 315 more words


Different Types of Business and Sales Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing in modern days business

The progression of the modern days business can make effective management an overwhelming assignment. An association, with its multiple levels, numerous employees, spread out operations and a wide range of customers, can’t work easily in the event that it does not use some valuable services offered by other associations in some aspects of management. 638 more words