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What To Expect From Entry-Level Positions For College Students And Single Parents

College students and single parents looking at entry-level positions might consider telemarketing jobs. These positions help them to become gainfully-employed and achieve a more flexible schedule. 380 more words


Showing staff members how it’s done, will set an amazing standard. It will also galvanise your team.

Why is it important to show them how it’s done?

In my opinion some the best teachers of my craft that I have had in my life, have actually shown me how to make sales/leads. 1,015 more words


It's just Head Trash !!

It’s what now ? Head trash ? What’s that ?

Head Trash are the voices that mutter and whisper inside your head and stop you picking up the phone. 189 more words

Telemarketing And Lead Generation Services

Telemarketing ή ζημία σε βάρος ταμείων και δημοσίου;

¨Όταν κάποιος αγοράζει χρόνο στα κανάλια για να κάνει telemarketing και τελικά παρουσιάζει πολιτική εκπομπή διαφημίζοντας διαρκώς τα προϊόντα του, υπάρχουν κάποια ερωτήματα:

Τηρείται η νομοθεσία περί του διαφημιστικού χρόνου;

Γίνεται σε πολιτική εκπομπή να υπάρχει τοποθέτηση προϊόντος;

Αποδόθηκε αγγελιόσημο;


Ο ειδικός φόρος τηλεόρασης;

Δεν φανταζόμαστε όλα αυτά να έχουν γίνει σε βάρος του ελληνικού δημοσίου…


Is your management managing to teach you? or just reporting it and letting you drown in deep waters.

Aren’t managers meant to teach employees based on experience?

This is something that I have seen first-hand. Lazy managers who don’t teach me any techniques but expect me to smash targets without being taught anything new. 1,232 more words


I know they are interviewing us, but have they forgotten that we are interviewing them too.

Let me clarify what I mean

I know that when you go for an interview, the business is interviewing to fill a certain position, but have they forgotten that it is still our choice whether we take it or not. 960 more words


Five Essential Lead Nurturing Skills

Getting call lists from a broker is not enough. You need to make efforts to converts those leads into customers with the help of lead nurturing. 494 more words