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Checkout Robb Auber’s potential to serve the contact center industry

Teleiman LLC chief Robb Auber successfully uses voice and non-voice telemarketing practices to control cost, reduce expenses, enhance overall productivity, and upsurge the level of profits. 254 more words


FCC Proposes Giving Consumers Right To Block Telemarketing Calls & Texts

You know what’s not awesome? Answering your phone only to be greeted by a prerecorded robocall telemarketing message. Even a decade after the establishment of the Do Not Call registry and rules banning certain types of robocalls, unwanted calls and messages still top the list of complaints to the FCC each year. 273 more words

Teleiman reviews that help you know Teleiman call center better

To know whether a brand, product, service or individual is reliable or not, people like to go for online reviews that help them take a balanced decision. 300 more words


Thank You Telemarketers for "Listening" to Me

Before I begin the main dissertation of this post, please google ‘telemarketing” and look at the images.  Let me help you … here’s the link… 1,673 more words

Taking A Chance

What makes Teleiman first choice of its global clients?

Led by call center specialist Robb Auber, Teleiman call center occupies a perfect place in the call center industry and is known for its experienced leadership. 247 more words


Congratulations, You've Won a Million Dollars!!

Every time I answer the phone, it’s an adventure. Who will it be on the other end?  The solar people are regular callers, as well as the contractors who just happen to be in my neighborhood this week, or the professional fundraisers who kindly ask for me by name and wonder if a $100 donation to save pygmy anteaters would fit my budget. 449 more words