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Strategies for Making Your B2B Telemarketing Campaign Successful

You could find that telemarketing to businesses directly can give you access to plenty of new leads if you do it right. However, it will take skilled telemarketers to make this work. 517 more words

Strategies to Succeed at B2B Telemarketing

B2B telemarketing can do amazing things for your company when it has been properly designed and applied. This is a style of marketing, though, that requires more effort and work. 517 more words

Chrome Hearts Bracelets

Three Well-Timed Lessons about B2B Telemarketing that You Will Need Right Now

Planning your B2B telemarketing campaign carefully is the only way to succeed, which involves getting a script created, preferably by an expert, or at least having a list of main points to discuss. 544 more words

No call list my ass

The phone rings, and instead of
wondering who it is, I wonder
what they’re selling.


"Our successful Telemarketing"

Telemarketing can still be perceived by some as expensive and not very effective, but we believe telemarketing has a great future ahead.

Firstly, what’s telemarketing? It is personal communication with your target audience through the phone. 315 more words


Not again with these shenanigans

About 6 months ago, I finally was able to move my position from part-time to a PRN position at the hospital I work at. This decision was motivated to focus more on my business of coaching people to health, and allowing more time with my family (my work hours ran from 9:30-8pm and every other weekend). 497 more words

Time value of donations: I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a warm feeling today

Are you ready to increase your monthly donations?  Can you wait until two months from now?

It’s time for a week of studies of nonprofit direct marketing.   684 more words