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Blogger's Delight #3 Bipolar Barb

Barb from Bipolar Barb has taken up the challenge for the third set of 8 questions for February 2018

Will you be next?

Are you a Blogger’s Delight #3/ 15 February – 22 February 2018… 257 more words


Md. Lawmaker Wants To Block Telemarketer Scam

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — New technologies, including smartphone apps, are allowing unwanted callers to un-ring the bell on the National Do Not Call Registry — but a Maryland lawmaker wants to stop telemarketers in their tracks. 260 more words


January – Start of year three!

Traditionally, January has been a very fruitful month for Home Lead Gen in terms of sales and new clients. Another pleasing aspect for me, is the constant improvement on our records for retaining clients, this has really allowed us to kick on and build on what we started towards the end of 2015, when the company first started. 582 more words

Cara jitu menolak tawaran dan rayuan kartu kredit

Cara jitu menolak tawaran dan rayuan kartu kredit. Tentu mantemans pernah mendapatkan tawaran kartu kredit baik dalam acara-acara publik maupun via telemarketing. Bagi beberapa orang, keberadaan kartu kredit sangat efektif dalam bertransaksi namun disebagian lain kartu kredit dianggap momok dalam menjalani hidup. 463 more words



I really could’ve written this at any other time, but I just had to share this one with you. I received a call not one minute ago from a strangely aggressive telemarketer offering me, of all things, a service to block unwanted telemarketing. 740 more words


Ways In Which A Company Can Get The Best Telecommunication Services

Telecommunication is a major factor that is used for the acquisition of customers for a company. It is one of the most crucial tools when it comes to the growth of the company. 415 more words