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With Aadhaar in toe, can the Banks and Telecom firms solve their most frustrating problem?

The Pesky Telemarketer

Telemarketer: Hello Sir, would you like a pre-approved Credit Card from XYZ bank

Raj: I already have a Credit Card from XYZ Bank… 663 more words

Business & Strategy

All About Transactional Bulk SMS Service

Transactional Bulk SMS service works extremely well by organizations to communicate with their consumers, send notifications and for internal interaction. Transactional SMS is a best way to notify the customer at the right time in an actual time. 207 more words

Bulk Sms

Rhonda backs up Nietzsche

11:34 AM Phone Rings Aberdeen, MD

Me: Good Afternoon!

Voice: Hello Ma’am, my name is Rhonda and I’m calling for Shelly. Is that you ma’am? 196 more words

Eric Gets Cheap

4:07 pm. Phone rings. Gainesville, FL

Voice: Hello, is this Shelly?
Me: Yes, this is Shelly.
Voice: My name’s Eric and I’m calling to tell you about some exciting cash prizes you may have won! 196 more words

Who’s That Annoying Telemarketer on the Phone? It’s the Opera

In an era of cellphones and caller ID, cultural groups find that telemarketing has become a difficult, irksome, but still essential way to raise money… 77 more words


Telemarketing is not a quick fix

When you ask a company about telemarketing …..the reply is often ” we tried and it didn’t work ! ” OK….so the next question is how long did you try it for ? 111 more words

Telemarketing And Lead Generation Services

Can I Take Your Direct Order?

Do you get telemarketing calls that begin with “Stop what you are doing?” They are trying to get our attention with that direct order. I get them all the time. 63 more words