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Xena Reboot Season 1 Episode 1 First Draft

Untitled Episode – Pilot

Please provide any and all feedback you have! With your help, I think this can be something really great!

s1e21d – PDF Format




TV Writing Contest: The Black List (Part 10)

As promised, if you want to see how The Black List works, look no further than my evaluations. The average Black List rating is currently 5.9, so giving me an average of essentially 4 is pretty much slamming my TV pilot. 669 more words

Writing Tips

TV Writing Contest: The Black List (Part 8)

It is looking more and more like a dead end. Another 21 days has past and my teleplay has still not been evaluated (I am assuming another free month of hosting is coming). 505 more words

Writing Tips

Self-Express Yourself

If you met met me fifteen years ago, you would see a socially handicapped boy. I grew up homeschooled, with little social interaction until high school. 595 more words


8-bit Stars are the Limit

I am a monogamous reader. Yeah, I am not like most kids who can read three books at the same time. Call me old fashioned, but when I am entranced in one world, I tend to wallow in it a little. 457 more words


TV Writing Contest: The Black List (Part 1)

For you writers out there, one of the old ways to get discovered is though writing contests. Usually you want to focus on the ones with more history or more backing from industry insiders. 321 more words

Writing Tips

Plays Well with Others

My co-writer’s wife calls me his girlfriend. It’s endearing, yet hilarious because when we first started writing together, I used to be called his babysitter. Someone to share a beer and talk story while she watches “Bob’s Burgers” in peace. 213 more words