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Parks and Recreation Spec Script (draft)

The Sinkhole ©2012 by Joy Bickham

This draft of a single-camera, half-hour comedy was my first sojourn into the teleplay universe.

Leslie finds it near impossible to take Ron’s advice and let the team find their own solution for a growing sinkhole problem. 19 more words


The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

While you’re working on your sequels to The Monsters are Due on Maple Street, reflect on how the characters behave in the original teleplay.  The characters you use in your sequels should act in a similar way to how they do in the original story. 77 more words

Childish original pilot

Childish ©2016 Joy Bickham

Childish Pitch ©2016 Joy Bickham

This is my most recent work: an original single-camera, half-hour television pilot. Genre: comedy. I pitched a version of this at the 2016 Story Expo in Los Angeles. 50 more words


Coming Together, Again

“Coming back together, again, for the first time.”
– Melissa Salmons (Teleplay Writer, The Irresistible Blueberry Farm)

The Irresistible Blueberry Farm is not the type of film I gravitate toward.

657 more words

Script sample OUAT FAN FIC

Hi, here is another fan fic script i wrote today. It is ABC’s OUAT TV show and based on BELLE and GOLD arguing over a book that could help find their son again. 10 more words


Xena Reboot Season 1 Episode 1 First Draft

Untitled Episode – Pilot

Please provide any and all feedback you have! With your help, I think this can be something really great!

s1e21d – PDF Format




TV Writing Contest: The Black List (Part 10)

As promised, if you want to see how The Black List works, look no further than my evaluations. The average Black List rating is currently 5.9, so giving me an average of essentially 4 is pretty much slamming my TV pilot. 669 more words

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