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Black Desert Online ya cuenta con fecha de lanzamiento, pero...

Los desarrolladores de Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss, anunciaron esta semana la fecha de lanzamiento del tan esperado título. Según su portal en internet, el MMORPG estará disponible el próximo 3 de marzo. 69 more words


Análisis: Dragon Quest Heroes (PS4)

Dragon Quest Heroes, desarrollado por Omega Force y publicado por Square-Enix, es una combinación muy interesante entre el típico estilo de jugabilidad de Dynasty Warriors y varios elementos del genero RPG.   1,246 more words


My New Girl spec script has reached completion.

Dear Ms. Meriwether or Whom It May Concern,

You will be happy to learn that my speculative (“spec”) script for your television program A New Girl… 72 more words

It's Fellowship/Workshop Season

It’s that time of year again; time for television workshops and fellowships! The question is, “what TV show do I write a spec script for?” Before you can answer that question you need to determine your strengths. 402 more words

The Entertainment Industry

I have written a spec script for New Girl.

Dear Ms. Meriwether or Whom It May Concern,

Attached is a spec script I have written for your television program, “The New Girl.” As you can see, I only managed to complete five pages due to time constraints but am perfectly willing to finish it if you have any interest in purchasing it. 56 more words

The Beginning of My First TV Pilot

I was pretty bored today, so I started writing. I had an idea: a show like Californication set in college. The main character has to juggle schooling, his job, and his partying. 143 more words


Television: The New Frontier

Everyone is talking about the new Golden Age of television. With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and the plethora of other streaming networks throwing their hats into the ring, not to mention the smaller cable networks like F/X, The CW, and AMC creating original content, now is a great time to be a TV writer. 340 more words

The Entertainment Industry