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Check Mate - Teleplay

Check Mate 4th Draft Rewrite

High school kid named Max connects with the father he never knew through an old unfinished manuscript entitled “Life’s To Do List: 101 Challenges to Spice Up Your Days”. 57 more words


Episode 1: Backyard At Work

REVISION UPDATES: December 19, 2017

3 Reveries Long Wait



White subtitle fonts play on BLACK BACKGROUND:

Shawn dependably thought he was Christian.

2,810 more words

Spock's Brain, Acts 4 and 5

This is the finale of the serialized episode – fan fiction taking place directly after the infamous episode in season three. That episode has a lot of problems, but it’s sort of enjoyable and has beats that pull in treky surprises and solutions. 2,862 more words


Spock's Brain Act 3

Previously: Act 1, Act 2

Captain’s Log, Stardate 5438.5

It has now been a full week since we sought the safety of Sigma Draconis 4. 1,838 more words


Spock's Brain Ep 2 (pt 2)

One of my favorite books is called “Turn the Ship Around” (Marquet 2013) which details the leadership philosophy that took a US Sub from last to first place in the rankings of fitness used by the US Navy. 1,194 more words


Spock's Brain Part 2 Act 1

I’ve been wanting to do some Trek fanfiction, and today how could I resist with the prompt; I got to link it in the first sentence. 2,276 more words


Know Your Local Writer: Katiedid Langrock

Welcome to the fifth in a series of interviews with Athens-area writers.  The hope is to inform you about new techniques you might want to try, increase your knowledge of the individuals in your community, and inspire you on your path.  2,375 more words