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What is a Logline and Why is it Important?

A logline is a one sentence, sometimes (read rarely) two sentence description of your film or television show concept. The importance of a logline is to garner interest in your project and to do it quickly. 656 more words

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Be Sure Your Spec Script Gets Read: Don’t Make These Mistakes

This is a list of five of the most common mistakes you can make when writing a spec script that will ensure your script does not make it past the reader. 761 more words

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Who Wants To Be A Television Writer?

I have a goal. My goal is to be a staff writer on a television show within the next 5 years. I intend to be a showrunner within 10 years. 628 more words

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Write Compelling Action Lines: Spec Scripts

Most screenplays and teleplays that you’ll find online are shooting scripts. Often times you’ll find that shooting script action lines might not have much gripping prose to them. 866 more words

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Star Trek - The Fearful Summons by Denny Martin Flinn (Review)

This June, we’re taking a look at some classic Star Trek movie tie-ins. Check back daily for the latest reviews and retrospectives.

One of the great things about a franchise as expansive and as well-documented as… 2,183 more words

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Wanking For Charity

Jim is masturbating furiously in a toilet cubicle. Michael hammers on the door.

Stop what you are doing and open this door immediately.
JIM… 880 more words

#115 And we're back!

It’s been an insane last couple of months. Had the pleasure of working in a writer’s room with kick-ass (literally and figuratively) Emmy-nominated showrunner Morgan Gendel, who joined us in Cologne from LA for an intense 6 weeks. 407 more words

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