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Former Illuminati Victim Testimony Interview by Michael Basham

Praise God, no matter what he can deliver us from teleporting Illuminati garbage people to evil Satanic cult members and even shape shifting alien cat hybrids! 37 more words

Review: Red Tide

Red Tide by Larry Niven
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Red Tide is an anthology with a novella (Red Tide – 94 pages) & a short story (Dial At Random – 21 pages) by… 608 more words

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Black bear animated video

The teleportation and rendering of the dead black bear within the digital photograph into the living moving animated bear, oil painted and rendered within this new digital haven.

Teleportation practice

Sitting in my practice reading a book I am practicing teleportation. On this picture I have already started to leave, but while my figure is still visible, so are the things that were located behind my back. 14 more words


Why teleportation will (probably) never happen

If you grew up watching Star Trek, chances are you have been holding out hope that humans will be able to build a teleporter pad at some point in your lifetime. 1,333 more words


Top 10 Inventions That Won't Be Completed In My Lifetime

We’re all looking forward to the future. There’s so much potential for new things we’ll experience, new things we’ll own, new things we’ll be able to do, the possibilities are endless. 1,791 more words

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