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Why we will never have teleporters

When people have an issue with their PC, phone or network, they ask me how to fix it. I then Google the issue, find the solution, present it to them and wonder why they didn’t Google it themselves. 391 more words

Big Hero 6


Reddit prompt: Write a sci-fi in 33 words.


It was with an odd feeling of detachment that he watched the particles in his outstretched hand fall apart. 20 more words

Flash Fiction

Tuesday Talks: The Loch Ness Monster, Portals and Thin Places

Tuesday Talk’s:  with Dr. John Drane about the Loch Ness Monster, Portals and Thin Places.

Rev Dr. John Drane

Nationality: Scottish

Qualifications and background: John is founder of the religious studies program at the University of Stirling, Scotland. 1,720 more words

Tuesday Talks


Too close, yet too far 

Dia menoleh kebelakang, mencoba menangkap suara pelan yang terus menerus memanggil namanya. Tidak ada seorangpun disana, hanya ada seorang pak tua yang terbatuk karena gumpalan asap tipis yang ia buat. 909 more words


Ready to flow, the contents were ordered
We took up the call like a meaty hook
We told them to order us breakfast and went to the bar… 80 more words

The Challenge of Zelda: Something in the Zelda Universe you wish was real

Teleportation. There, I said it. I would love to be able to play a magical song and BOOM! I’m in Starbucks. Play it again and BOOM! 354 more words

Random Awesomeness

Too much Science in your Fiction: A distraction waiting to happen

I was recently reading a book – a debut science fiction novel released a few years ago. The title and author shall remain nameless for the purposes here, as they are not of importance.  762 more words