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Science Report on Europa Lander Concept

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A report on the potential science value of a lander on the surface of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa has been delivered to NASA, and the agency is now engaging the broader science community to open a discussion about its findings. 569 more words

Brothers... all the same

My youngest son was talking about how he wishes we could hurry and invent teleportation.

“We’d already have it if it weren’t for the Marx Brothers.” 49 more words


Transporters / Teleportations devices will be nearing government approval!!


Prediction was to be opened in January, 2015 however it was not opened and verified until January 21, 2017.


Mysterious Cloaked Figures and the Mysterious Things They Do

We all began to run, but the stormhorses were much quicker than us and, though they were still pretty high up in the air, they easily began to close the vast distance. 1,045 more words

The Story

The Strange Disappearance of James Worson

Can a person disappear into thin air?  That depends on what you mean by ‘disappear’ and by ‘thin air’, though the issue is far from settled. 1,184 more words

The Bizarre And Unexplained