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Doors to Other Worlds – Possible Transportation to another Place and Time

In the series “The Moon Stealers” I use the concept of teleportation through a door into a parallel world. But how realistic is that? Well, you may be surprised to find some people take it very seriously.

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Daily Waffle

 Russia to Develop Teleportation Within the Next 20 Years

The Explorer

Vladimir Putin is once again in the spotlight after revealing his daring plan to successfully develop teleportation and other novel technologies by 2035. 605 more words


Peek Into My Closet

A few months ago I mentioned I had run across a list of impromptu speech topics for kids.  It amused me, so I hung onto it for potential inspiration.  473 more words

Diane Henders

Here and There


A strange way to do a character study, with nested storylines and all sorts of theoretical physics. Probably a polarising book.

Written by
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Science Fiction/fantasy


“Ensign Jeffries, there’s been a malfunction,” said Samuels.

Teleportation was risky. People used to end up in walls, underground, midair, even floating in space, but there hadn’t been any off world malfunctions like this in years. 242 more words

Short Story

Teleportation - how can it be done?

I live in the northeast portion of the United States.  For my international readers, it’s where a LOT of our population lives who does not live in California, Texas, or Florida.  2,256 more words

Nerding Out

Microfiction - Teeth Marks of God

Dr. Theo let out a sigh, and leaned close to the microphone. “Test 1,209 initializing. Ready, set, active.”

He was used blinding flash. What shocked him, though, was the unusual sound reminiscent of a toilet becoming unclogged. 467 more words