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Barack Obama Goes To Mars

 Andrew Basiago , a Washington attorney , claims he visited Mars  in the early eighties as a  participant in  the Darpa program involving time travel and teleportation.  2,202 more words

Short Story 27


Rick stood in shock over the body of a man that had been in his life for the past fifteen years. By all accounts, he was the closest thing Rick had to a father and the only one that ever got away calling him Richard. 1,147 more words

Short Story

Charlotte Episode 1 Oniichan Sick of Imouto's Omelette Rice!

Charlotte wastes no time explaining that high schooler Yu has the ability to possess people, except it only lasts for five seconds. So he immediately decides to use it to his own advantage, being the narcissist that he is. 377 more words


Teleportation: Is it just a 'Fantasy'?

If there’s one thing humans have always loved doing, it has to be exploring new modes of transport! What if you could get from your home to the supermarket without actually using a vehicle? 766 more words


The Teamen Sign

This hatched templar cross sign is the symbol of the teamen. Obviously it represents the letter T , standing for teleport, and the hatched lines represent the act of teleportation. 60 more words


Second Novel Backdrop

My second novel will be set in the future of the universe established, very loosely speaking, with all the time travel, in Six Steps to Samsara… 335 more words