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My car is a magic traveling wagon!

My children seem to think my car is some sort of magic teleportation vehicle that also doubles as a toy box/cupboard!

At the moment I have, wait for it, this in my car and boot: 606 more words

Shit That Goes On In My Head


The concept of teleportation has been a part of speculative fiction for decades, usually with a certain amount of hand-waving to explain exactly how it works. 290 more words

Biweekly Monster-Phase Rat

“What do you mean the rations are gone?” Captain Irilae glared furiously at Quartermaster Garius. They were halfway to Vardeia. The closest port they could divert to was Corva, four days away and not a place they would be well received. 467 more words


Chinese Researchers Just Teleported The First Object Ever From Earth To Orbit

By Kalee Brown | Collective Evolution

It’s official: Researchers in China just teleported the first object ever from the ground to orbit. We wrote about this study in a recent article we published, going more into the entanglement aspect, which could mean instantaneous transmission of information or that information is travelling faster than the speed of light. 811 more words


BBC News: Teleportation: Photon particles today, humans tomorrow?

For the technology geeks. An interesting article. I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Teleportation: Photon particles today, humans tomorrow? – … 7 more words

ICYMI - Week of July 14, 2017

This week had quite a bit of excitement. We got climate change doom & gloom, smart cities, diners and teleportation!

ICYMI Weekly