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Real Teleportation and Time Slip Cases - YouTube

By now everyone’s probably heard the news about the Whiteface Mountain skier. Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis, a 49-year old firefighter in Canada completely disappeared while he was with friends on a ski trip in New York. 43 more words

Teleportation!!! It’s Possible Now.

In this blog, you will be reading about the possibilities of teleportation, how it is going to happen and how will the world look like when teleportation will be easily possible. 619 more words


Are you Time Traveling Yet?

My previous post was all about the 13:20 ratio and The Dreamspell. It will help to read that before you read this post but the subject matter here is not that complicated. 778 more words


Teleport anywhere in the world

Joe McMichael of the Radar Algorithms and Processing Group (334D) at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory created a desktop virtual teleportation site.  Have fun.



Chaper 2: Beverly Hills Cop 4

Beverly Hills Cop 4…and Bryce

After the pharmacy Buck and me had mostly both decided to leave the machine alone for a while. It was nearly a couple days past now and my eyes were only just starting to return to some kind of normal colour. 4,222 more words


Virtual reality’s best experiences and biggest (teleportation) steps in 2017

(Source: arstechnica.com)

If 2016 was the year that true home-VR systems arrived, 2017 may be best described as the year that they didn’t die. Backhanded as that may sound, this compliment is indeed sincere. 1,105 more words