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Time runners

We were in a white room in space, above the earth. The room had windows and staring out the window, I saw earth’s. Yes, not just one, they looked like a wavy string of marbles as far as the eyes could see. 284 more words


The Diabolical (2015) Review

One from the to watch pile…
The Diabolical (2015)

Film: I love it when a movie surprises me with a plot twist or a change of direction. 598 more words

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"Beam Me Up Scotty" ~ Teleportation of light particles across cities in China and Canada a 'technological breakthrough'!

Scientists have shown they can teleport matter across a city, a development that has been hailed as “a technological breakthrough”.

However, do not expect to see something akin to the Star Trek crew beaming from the planet’s surface to the… 612 more words


By Anil Ananthaswamy

A new world record for quantum teleportation has been set, bringing quantum communication networks that can stretch between cities a step closer. Two independent teams have transferred quantum information over several kilometres of fibre optic networks.

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[WebNovel] - The God of Lyn - Chapter 2

Aye, I’m actually committing to something! I’m growing up as a person!

This is also a rather lengthy chapter, since it seems I can’t actually write in the casual way, so fuck it, I won’t even try to. 2,939 more words


Dream: Travel by teleportation

In my dream last night, I developed the ability to teleport myself anywhere in the world. The process was so quick in simple that I grabbed a massive camera and teleported to the other side of the world. 289 more words



Okay so have you ever thought ‘I wish I could fly, what about be invisible???’ Well today I’m going to be shared 5 things that I wish that happened in real life😂 292 more words