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If I had portals, I’d never waste time

Bringing food with a fork to my mouth.

I’d hold one in my hand like a dime, 102 more words


Traversing the Dimensional Ocean

“Timmie-boy!” G’fon yelled. “You left him behind!”

“It was too late,” Kink said, taking in the mountain top we were now standing on. “They had him. 967 more words

The Story

Being Teleported To Different Dream Worlds And A New Gown For Hillary Clinton

Dream 1

Unfortunately I can no longer remember most of this interesting dream from last night so many details are missing, and so it will not make much sense. 1,195 more words


Time Thwart

Carter sat on a wooden bench in Velderado park, observing blurs, that represented people, speed across his vision, only to slow down to the point where their movement was almost imperceptible. 487 more words

The World is Not Falling Apart; The Veil of World-Wide Corruption is Lifting ~ October 30, 2016

We are here to watch it all come down and there is a ray of hope in and amongst this storm!

Praying for the World, holding the vision <3… 1,206 more words

In A Blink Of Gil Pérez's Eye

The word “teleportation” brings to mind the the ship to planetary surface mode of transport used in the “Star Trek” television shows. Believers in New Age culture think of teleportation as the transfer of a person or thing from one place to another place instantly without travelling the physical area between those places. 648 more words

Cultural Highlights