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Maybe it’s because I mostly watch Lifetime around the holidays, but I missed this one before.   Child Genius is going into its second season here in the States, and is based on a UK format.   142 more words


House Is Still A Great Series

For the last few weeks I have been re-watching one of my favorite TV shows of all time, and I love it even more now. House remains one of the most compelling characters I’ve come across in any kind of media. 265 more words


TV Time: Once Upon a Time 5.10

Just as it felt wrong earlier this season to still call Killian “Hook,” it now feels wrong to call Killian while under the influence of the darkness “Killian.” Therefore, for most of this post (from the moment he said he was playing Emma on), I’ll be referring to him as “Dark Hook” as opposed to “Killian Jones.” 4,343 more words


Doctor Who: "Hell Bent" Trailers

With last Saturday’s major twist of the Doctor arriving on Gallifrey, this week’s finale promises to be *very* interesting. Do note that WhateverHerTitleIsNow Me is also involved in what’s happening here, lending credence to those who think that the Doctor’s final line of “The Hybrid is me,” actually meant “The Hybrid is Me.” 89 more words


Star Wars this Week #5

Darth Vader faces off against the incoming Rebel fleet. The Rebels are confronted by a new secret weapon. Chewbacca and his friends are planning an attack on the Imperial forces. 1,911 more words


Episode 35: It yelped!

Feeling a little sluggish post Thanksgiving turkey coma/Black Friday shopping spree? Episode 35 of the Mundanity podcast is here to help shake you out of that slumber. 79 more words


Because You Didn't Want To Wait For The Commercial Break During Into The Badlands

Last night’s The Walking Dead was a roller coaster ride.  My heart was pounding for the full hour!

In an effort to increase viewership of Into The Badlands, the pos-apocalyptic ninja warlord (?) show, AMC has decided to tease Walking Dead fans by making them wait for the first commercial break of… 58 more words