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Ramsay Street is getting one step closer to looking like a culturally diverse neighbourhood... as Takaya Honda and Tim Kano join the cast of Australia's longest-running soap

Australia’s longest running soap Neighbours has previously been accused of showcasing a ‘white-washed’ cast.

But fans of the Channel Eleven drama can look forward to some cultural diversity next month when actors Takaya Honda and Tim Kano arrive in Ramsay Street. 253 more words


WWE Summerslam and the Fallout

Summerslam is WWE’s second biggest show of the year and the first proper Pay Per View (PPV) since the brand split. Both Raw and Smackdown were able to build and present their matches for the ‘biggest party of the summer’. 1,048 more words


Workplace Awkwardness in The Office

I’ve been rewatching The Office (US) with my partner recently. I have a certain attachment to it and other certain NBC shows that I grew up with. 434 more words


Is it all Jimmy Fallon?: SNL Cast Breaking Compilation

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Saturday Night Live. They also know that I claim to have started Scientology (but that’s a story for a different day). 205 more words


The Watchers Aug. 22-28, 2016: Halt and Catch Fire returns and DJs take over Netflix

We are approximately a month away from the annual deluge of fall TV programming. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Seven TV suggestions for the seven days ahead, including a movie and a documentary about DJs, both on Netflix. 786 more words


Jean-Claude Van Johnson Pilot Review

It’s the annual pilot season for Amazon Studios again and during this period, they present a litany of pilots which their customers vote on to be promoted to full series. 311 more words


Let me deliver a a tiny MacGyver rant.

I am not categorically against remakes or reboots. The new Ghostbusters was great, for example. It was definitely a modern film, while the original Ghostbusters… 189 more words