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Death & the Underworld

Season 5, Episodes 20 & 21 (Firebird)(Last Rites)

There is a lot that could be said about these two episodes, seeing as they conclude the Underworld arc and touch on life, love, death, sacrifice, and acceptance. 799 more words


Completion List : Kolchak (The Original Series )

A while ago I watched the complete series of the Kolchak remake. I had watched several episodes of the original but couldn’t find the DVDs for the rest. 172 more words

Science Fiction

Anime Review: Your Lie In April

Music is an emotional and universal experience. Its reach can be far and wide, has the power to bring people together, or it can inspire. Music gives us what we need in each moment. 1,446 more words


The Bachelorette Contestants

Scoring: All contestants are given the benefit of the doubt so start at a 5. 


Profile First Impression: 3

Game of Thrones Season 6 Power Rankings: Whose Life Sucks The Least Right Now? – "The Door"

Game of Thrones has returned for season six, as if I had to tell you that already. Life in Westeros is never great, though, even this far into the storyline. 605 more words


Talk-show Tango May 23-27, 2016: Bernie's beating Trump on late-night TV this week

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is beating presumed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump … in late-night talk-show bookings this week, with Sanders doubling Trump’s single appearance. 584 more words


SBox Soapbox: Should The Big Bang Theory End After Season 10?

Last Thursday marked the end of yet another Big Bang Theory season leading up to what could be the show’s untimely end. The CBS sitcom which has remained on the air since September 2007 will reach the coveted 10 year mark come September 2016, a slam-dunk for not only show-runners Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady and Steven Molaro, but for the dedicated legion of fans whose dedication knows no bounds. 1,209 more words