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Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp Review

Please forgive me Lord for I have committed a mortal peccadillo. For my transgression, I’ve repented and said ten “hail marys”. My sin, for which I am eternally condemned, was that I had never seen the cult classic  550 more words


Tails of the sea: Calgary dancer turned actress Allie Bertram plays mermaid in hit Australian series

It’s not the sort of thing covered at the Actors Studio, or even a high-school drama class for that matter.

But there are significant challenges when it comes to realistically portraying a mermaid. 1,084 more words


Living Without TV

So we have been living without a TV for about 4 months now. I would usually watch about 15 minutes in the morning before I left for work. 580 more words

Real Life

DVD Review: No Ordinary Family

I picked this up recently because I liked the concept (superheros are my kryptonite, ha ha) and because it starred Michael Chiklis (who gets super strength and invulnerability) from The Shield and the first two Fantastic Four films. 418 more words


Deadpool Trailer Debut's Next Tuesday

It was mentioned that a trailer for Fox’s Deadpool was shown at this past San Diego Comic-Con to an immensely positive reaction (it even garnered an encore showing). 189 more words


BUT FIRST Friday - Your Weekly Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 6

SPOILER ALERT: For this week, we’re including our knowledge of the HOH winner, even though the competition had yet to complete in Thursday’s live episode. The winner will be revealed on Sunday, but, to keep consistent with our previous posts, are including the HOH status for the rankings. 3,776 more words


Big Bang Theory 5/10

Many of you know about the popular sitcom starring a handful of nerdy Cal Tech employees and their female friends getting into ridiculously geeky antics. The concept of the show seems to be an attempt to illustrate “nerds” in a way that can be both laughed with and laughed at. 433 more words