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TV Talk: Real Housewives of...Everywhere

If you follow me on Twitter (come on, I know you want to) you’ve been subjected to my barrage of Real Housewives tweets. Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC); Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) and Real Housewives of Melbourne (RHOMelbourne) are currently on rotation. 635 more words


A Random Stranger’s Top Three “I see what you did there.” Moments (and Other Ramblings) on Stranger Things

Written by S.T. King

I think it goes without saying, here. But just in case. Spoiler Alert.

“Hey, Mister?” he says. “Betcha a ten-spot I can tell you the top three reasons why that show on T.V. 2,127 more words

Feature Articles

Divinely retro

Hallelujah! This is one of those moments when a new series, like a gospel descended from the sky, has arrived in the library of Netflix. Well, not entirely true, since the one I’m referring to, the 80’s retro-sci-fi-mystery drama “Stranger Things”, rather premiered more the a month ago, but I just finished it and now I have to endure the painstaking void that was once filed with 54 minutes of delicious retro vibes. 619 more words


‘Stranger Things’ Season 1 Review (Netflix Exclusive)

Written by: Wesley Thomas

Well, Netflix really pulled out all the stops with this one! This is a sensational horror series.
The soundtrack they use has an eighties vibe, provoking a feeling of nostalgia and taking us back to an 80’s horror and sci-fi show. 550 more words


Here are Some of the Absurd Ideas Sam Raimi Concocted for ‘Evil Dead 4’

Sam Raimi scored big back in 1981 when he unleashed a spirited little monster of a flick known as The Evil Dead. To everyone’s surprise, the film quickly gained a loyal fanbase. 485 more words


Ramsay Street is getting one step closer to looking like a culturally diverse neighbourhood... as Takaya Honda and Tim Kano join the cast of Australia's longest-running soap

Australia’s longest running soap Neighbours has previously been accused of showcasing a ‘white-washed’ cast.

But fans of the Channel Eleven drama can look forward to some cultural diversity next month when actors Takaya Honda and Tim Kano arrive in Ramsay Street. 253 more words


WWE Summerslam and the Fallout

Summerslam is WWE’s second biggest show of the year and the first proper Pay Per View (PPV) since the brand split. Both Raw and Smackdown were able to build and present their matches for the ‘biggest party of the summer’. 1,264 more words