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50 Years of STAR TREK: A Psychological, Cultural Celebration of Roddenberry's Vision..

It is hard to imagine that the original Star Trek series is now fifty years old.

It is also difficult to think of any cultural entity, certainly not a TV show, that has achieved a comparable level of cultural penetration or longevity. 2,149 more words

(All Things) CULTURE

Hollywood Trends That Need to Stop

Hollywood has been churning out big screen movies for nearly a century, and TV shows for about 70 years. That’s a helluva lot of time, so it is totally understandable that some bad habits have been picked up along the way. 1,577 more words


The Top 10 Current TV Shows You Probably Aren't Watching (But Should Be)

TV viewership isn’t that same as it used to be. We had 3 channels to choose from, and a VCR to record shows if we weren’t around to watch them. 1,147 more words


Hold on to Happiness

There are times it feels like you really have to reach to find happiness. There are times it feels like everything around you is angry, dark, and heavy. 996 more words


The Monster Scifi Show Podcast - Scifi News for 2/24/2017

February is coming to a close but that doesn’t mean this podcast isn’t jammed packed with lots of scifi nuggets of fun. 63 more words


Podcast Feb 24 - Get Out, A Cure for Wellness and Fist Fight

The big news of the week is that there are not one, but two marvelous thrillers that have graced cinema screens in early 2017. M. Night Shyamalan wowed audiences in January with his big return to form –  255 more words


Love Actually - Where are they now?

So as you may be aware, Love Actually is reprising for a mini sequel in aid of Red Nose Day. This was naturally the best thing that’s happened to me this week so I’ve decided to celebrate by exploring where the original cast are now.  1,340 more words