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Sarah Silverman: Jokes Imade 15 years ago I'd not make today

Sarah Silvermans slapstick has always aimed a laser into the dark corners of sexism and racism. Now shes utilizing her wit to make sense of the issues facing America. 2,663 more words


The sexist dinosaurs aren't only on the prowl in old media

Jurassic-era ethics of sexism and homophobia also blight the fearless new world of Silicon Valley entanglement giants

Last week, Caitlyn Jenner and a robot announced Sophia talked about what it means to be human and the status of women. 1,314 more words

Niles Goodsite : Four Tips for Aspiring Film Directors

As an Emmy-winning television and film professional, Niles Goodsite has dedicated his career to Hollywood. With over thirty years’ experience in the field, he is a passionate advocate for young filmmakers and is aware that the following tips may be useful to aspiring directors who are working on their first film: 161 more words

Niles Goodsite

Niles Goodsite : Finding Success in the Film and Television Industry

Niles Goodsite, a veteran in the film and television industry, knows that success can take different shapes and forms, but there are a few secrets to success that the experts will tell those who want to be successful in showbiz, such as the following: 174 more words

Niles Goodsite

Facebook Should be Regulated by the FCC Just Like ABC and CBS

If there is one thing that has become obvious after the series of revelations that Facebook took millions of dollars from Russia for propaganda spots in its ubiquitous software, it is that it is time to stop thinking of Facebook as a technology company and… 318 more words


Niles Goodsite : Two Reasons Why Family Movie Nights are Important

In addition to being a celebrated film and television professional, Niles Goodsite genuinely enjoys sitting at home and experiencing movies from the other side with his loved ones. 26 more words

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