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Why I Support Nikesh Kumar, and Why I don't

It is nothing but a tragedy when journalism stoops to a platform to only discuss petty local politics which has no bearing on the common man’s life nor does it edify or elevate the quality of life or lessen its vagaries by any degree. 1,130 more words


Dancing with the Stars: Week 2

First up is Chris and he chose “Time Of Our Lives” from Pitbull. He and Witney danced a Cha Cha and it was ok, he had a great time dancing. 588 more words

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What happens when we get representation

Heya, Dad!

How long has it been since we talked representation? Awhile?

As a refresher, representation is when diverse people are included in media (preferably) as fleshed-out individuals. 638 more words


Dancing with the Stars: Week 1

Willow from the Hunger Games is partnered with Mark. They danced a Cha Cha to “Lips are Moving” by Meagan Trainer and it was pretty good for her first time out. 720 more words

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Analog Has Gone Digital

Analog has gone digital,

So much information so quickly,

What is truth and what is a lie, who knows.

They scorch the earth for an exclusive, 86 more words


Dancing with the Stars: The Couples

The Couples!

Noah and Peta

Robert and Kym

Patti and Artem

Nastia and Derek

Riker and Allison

Charlotte and Keo

Redfoo and Emma

Michael and Peta… 23 more words

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Dancing with the Stars: Season 20 Stars

Season 20: The Stars

Noah Galloway

Robert Herjavec

Patti Labelle

Nastia Liukin

Riker Lynch

Charlotte Mckinney


Michael Sam

Willow Shields

Suzanne Somers

Rumer Willis… 11 more words

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