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The VMAs 2015: Mileys and Nickis and Taylors, Oh My!

By Emily Maag

I’ve been in a committed relationship with pop culture as long as I can remember. I live for award shows because there’s nothing better than watching your faves interact. 681 more words


The Office: A Love Story

By Leen 

In eighth grade, I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Since I hate reading, I wasn’t very pleased with this gift, that was until I discovered the Netflix app. 943 more words


Strong Female Leads

By Majelle Legros

It’s its own category on Netflix now. It’s Cameron Diaz choosing to just have a fuck buddies and never get serious in the Other Woman, it’s Dakota Fanning taking control of her life during WWIII in How I Live Now. 766 more words


Teen Beach Movie 2: Songs, Surf, and Girls in STEM

By Emily Maag

When Disney Channel announced a sequel to Teen Beach Movie, I went a little surf surf crazy. In 2013, the original totally took me by surprise. 552 more words


"ME"dia: The Albums, Books, Movies & TV Shows That Made Me Who I Am

By Stina Hunziker 

When Emily came up with the genius “ME”dia post we instantly decided that all of our contributors should create their own version. 478 more words


What Would Olivia Pope Do?

By Kate O’Hagan

Ever since the pilot aired, I have been absolutely hooked on Scandal. More importantly, I have been hooked on Olivia Pope. Every Thursday, my best friend and I make popcorn and drink wine in honor of our idol. 428 more words


Cartoons: All Ages Welcome

By Deanna Ferrante 

As I sit here typing this post, I am watching an animated dragon shoot plasma blasts at a couple of Viking ships as they slowly sink into icy ocean waters. 975 more words