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The one where Roseanne Barr liked my tweet

On Monday night, Samantha Bee’s “Full Frontal” premiered on TBS. I’ve been waiting for this show for months. I wanted it before I even knew it existed, which is basically a week after Trevor Noah took over “The Daily Show.” I’m not saying Trevor Noah is awful, but he’s not good. 833 more words

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Why to (Quickly) Re-Watch Full House before Fuller House starts

I am a big fan of rewatching old shows.  I’ve recently done a rewatch on Sex and the City, The Hills, and Friends.  I even tried to rewatch Mad About You, but Netflix took it away before I could finish. 779 more words

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10 Awesome Underrated Girl Power Movies

There are few things I hate more than the term “chick flick”. Yuck.  I think that because a lot of these movies have been written off as “chick flicks”, no one gives them a chance or pays them any mind.   868 more words

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Things I'm Noticing (About Myself) in Re-Watching Full House

I still identify the most with DJ (and find Michelle super annoying)
When I originally watched the show, I thought DJ was the best of the three girls.   554 more words

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3 Christmas Movies to watch on Canadian Netflix

I shared my list of non-traditional holiday movies you should watch this year, and here is my list of typical Christmas movies you can find on Canadian Netflix!   198 more words


Non-Traditional Holiday Movies to Put You In The Christmas Spirit

I LOVE Christmas Movies! They are so much fun and definitely get you in the Christmas Spirit.  However, while the 25 days of Christmas lineup from ABC Spark is great, sometimes you might want to watch something that doesn’t SCREAM Christmas (like Elf “SANTA!! 458 more words


(REDDIT) The Tyrell Theory - MR ROBOT

So I just finished the first season of Mr Robot. Pretty good show. Alot of talk of Elliot being Tyrell. Could be?

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https://www.reddit.com/r/MrRobot/comments/3jkzdk/spoilers_the_tyrell_theory/ 249 more words