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Every Writer Should Watch: "Dark Matter" (Science Fiction)

Every Writer Should Watch is going to be a bi-weekly meme that showcases a different television show and discusses why every aspiring writer should watch it. 1,237 more words

Every Writer Should Watch

20th Century Fox are Pussies

Recently there was a controversial billboard where Apocalypse was shown strangling Mystique.

Fox released an apology Click Here to Read

20th Century Fox… you’re a bunch of pussies. 926 more words

Brandon Tanimoto

TV focus group

I recently participated in a TV focus group. It paid $125, but I did it more for the experience of it than anything.

I was contacted about a TV study and asked multiple questions about whether or not I watched certain TV shows and how much of them I watched. 1,099 more words

Television & Movies

I can't watch any more Fuller House

Fuller House…

I believe that a person shouldn’t judge something unless they experienced it. I feel like I can complain about Twilight because I’ve read the first book. 417 more words

Brandon Tanimoto

Bye, Bye, Walking Dead

I’ve been pretty much hate-watching “The Walking Dead” this season. And last season. It’s the same story again and again: bad dudes who kill people that Rick and his group must fight. 316 more words

Television & Movies