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I Have No Idea When Thanksgiving Is Ever Since "Friends" Ended...

I miss Friends – a lot. I always loved the Thanksgiving episodes and ever since the show finished and subsequently stopped being re-run on Channel 4 I have no idea when the Americans are celebrating this holiday… 106 more words

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#FridayFunny: Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

There’s a group of people that take news reports or videos and makes them into songs. The most recent one I’ve found is awesome…

You can watch the original video… 60 more words

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What Does The "X" In "X Factor" Stand For These Days?

I am still of the opinion that the UK X Factor needs a complete overhaul if it’s to continue as a valid show. However, my question for now is – what does that X stand for these days? 445 more words

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Non-Traditional Holiday Movies to Put You In The Christmas Spirit

I LOVE Christmas Movies! They are so much fun and definitely get you in the Christmas Spirit.  However, while the 25 days of Christmas lineup from ABC Spark is great, sometimes you might want to watch something that doesn’t SCREAM Christmas (like Elf “SANTA!! 458 more words


#FridayFunny: Pandas Sliding Is The Best Thing You Will Ever See...

Someone once said to me that panda bears don’t deserve to be alive because they are so fussy about how they make babies! I say to them this… 27 more words

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Lip Sync Battle Comes To UK...Via My Kitchen...

Mel B is to host UK’s Lip Sync Battle on Channel 5 next year. You can’t beat a good lip sync session…

It’s a pity it’s only for celebrities as I’d love to have a go. 57 more words

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#SomewhereInMyHeart - A Christmas Advert

It’s that time of year when all the Christmas adverts start appearing on our TV. Usually, I look forward to the John Lewis advert but it was quite disappointing. 198 more words

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