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TV Movie: “Man-Thing”

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does. The level of worse really depends on who you ask, but since it’s that low to begin with, does it really matter? 867 more words


Every Writer Should Watch: "Dark Matter" (Science Fiction)

Every Writer Should Watch is going to be a bi-weekly meme that showcases a different television show and discusses why every aspiring writer should watch it. 1,237 more words

Every Writer Should Watch

20th Century Fox are Pussies

Recently there was a controversial billboard where Apocalypse was shown strangling Mystique.

Fox released an apology Click Here to Read

20th Century Fox… you’re a bunch of pussies. 926 more words

Brandon Tanimoto

TV focus group

I recently participated in a TV focus group. It paid $125, but I did it more for the experience of it than anything.

I was contacted about a TV study and asked multiple questions about whether or not I watched certain TV shows and how much of them I watched. 1,099 more words

Television & Movies

I can't watch any more Fuller House

Fuller House…

I believe that a person shouldn’t judge something unless they experienced it. I feel like I can complain about Twilight because I’ve read the first book. 417 more words

Brandon Tanimoto