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Forget About The Oscars, Welcome To The Mildreds!

“And now I’m handing you over to Ben D Itinhalf and Hazel Knutt for a quick look at who is arriving at the Brighton Dome Theatre for the first annual Mildred Awards ceremony.” 1,136 more words


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Scandalous Love!

The television series Scandal featuring the lovely and talented Kerry Washington along with her dashing and equally talented co-star Tony Goldwyn are breaking the glass ceiling with their darn near “too hot forĀ TV” love scenes! 27 more words


CBBC Memories - Part 2.

FOT (CBBC, 1993-1996)

Hello, and welcome to… a great show from BBC Scotland that was originally shown on the CBBC strand on Sunday mornings before moving to the afternoons where you had to sort out the fictional from the factual. 378 more words

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CITV Memories - Part 1.

Crazy CottageĀ (CITV, 1996-1998)

Here’s a review of an odd CITV show that I used to enjoy watching (you might be realising that I like a lot of shows that are now obscure and rather strange). 442 more words

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About Time

I don’t know what it is about Rachel McAdams and time travel movies, but girlfriend totally nails it. Am I right? The Time Traveler’s Wife… 229 more words

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Lost Doctor Who Episodes: Planet Of The Cats...

While I was trying to capture photos of my cat Bingo’s paws I didn’t notice initially that there was also a TARDIS USB hub in the background… 189 more words