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The ONLY Good PC

Tonight, there’s definitely something in the air…

There are certain songs, from various decades, that genuinely transport us to a place that elevates the moment beyond the constraints of reality. 78 more words

My Interview with Mela

I was recently interviewed by Mela on SABC 3. Mishaal and I chatted a bit about my background and how my love affair with clothing began. 15 more words

TV Review: OUAT 5

Time to show you the world of fairy tales, magic and drama as Once Upon A Time hits episode 5 “Street Rats”.

Going by the title you can take a guess whose the focal point in today’s ep. 2,142 more words


Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is my favorite animated show. It has so many levels to each of the characters’ personalities, it’s self aware, and it barely leaves any plot hole unfilled. 107 more words



This is simply my favorite live action show. Ever. It takes a comical, and at times dark, look into mental illness, and how relationships in your life impact you. 124 more words


Up-up and away: Supergirl ramble

Today’s television review, Super Girl season 2. Making a surprising jump from CBS to The CW, Supergirl joins the other DC television shows (Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow) on the same network where a big crossover will occur in two months time. 1,773 more words


Once Upon A Time Review

Once Upon A Time

Today’s episode for OUAT is “Strange Case”.

This focuses on Jekyll ¬†and Hyde’s backstory of what happened before they went to the land of unfinished stories. 1,179 more words