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It's Missing!

So I can’t find my Kindle. Admittedly, it’s only been missing for 1.5 days, but when you’re used to reading several different books on it each and every day, it’s something that is missed. 352 more words


The Librarians S03 E09: And the Fatal Separation

On this week’s episode of The Librarians, we were treated to a tornado of plot twists and were overcome by a tsunami of feels. 747 more words


Dorking Out Episode 30: We Review A Ton Of Stuff

Yeah, so, in this week’s Dorking Out with Chris and Sonia, we review a bunch of movies and TV shows, including including “Hidden Figures,” “Live By Night,” “Fences,” “Hunt For The Wilderpeople,” “Patriot’s Day,” “Taboo” on FX, the new HBO show “The Young Pope,” and “Hip-Hop Evolution” on Netflix. 102 more words

The one, the only, Television purchase

Okay, we are eclectic tech people. We like our devices, but we don’t have everything new. We are very particular in what we want and how we spend our tech dollars. 1,421 more words


The Mick is pretty funny!

The Mick is pretty funny!

It's really edgy for FOX, and the jokes actually land. It got really mixed reviews on arrival, but even then, I thought the first episode was good, too. 31 more words


Uncharted (spoiler free)

let me first give a short back story, exclusives were the whole reason i got a PS4 in the first place, already owning an Xbox one i saw no point in also purchasing a PS4, that was until the Pro was announced. 550 more words


Born On This Day: Andy Kaufman, Who Did It For The Lulz

Andy Kaufman‘s biggest contribution to society, I think, was to constantly challenge our perception of reality—especially reality as encountered second-hand by media and entertainment. 289 more words