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Vintage Recap: March 16, 1993

After last month’s adventure in 1983, I decided to jump forward a decade to a completely different era of the show. So here we are in 1993, which is close to the beginning of James E. 3,223 more words

Days Of Our Lives


This will probably sound blasphemous to most people, but it’s only this week that I’ve started to watch a lot of it; however, I’m pretty young. 508 more words

Stuff I Like

Continuing Stories in Animated Shows. Is it Disappearing?

Sorry for going on a bit of a rant for this post, but I feel that this needs to be addressed. A week or so back, I decided to go through my movie collection and re-watch the entire series… 1,011 more words

Opinion Pieces

I want to build my blog into an empire

I love Breaking Bad by the way if you couldn’t tell. :)

Anyway, I want to build this blog as big as it can get and I’ve been wondering what I could be doing better. 138 more words


When social issues go to far. The death of Dukes of Hazzards / Enterainment.

Listen I get that the “Confederate Flag” is a hot topic, and I get that there is a lot of sensitive issues that go along with that.  679 more words

The Walking Dead

Why are women always apologizing?

Have you counted how many times you’ve said “sorry” this month, this week, today? Women might be surprised how often they’re using the word to apologize for things they shouldn’t be sorry for.  159 more words

Arts And Culture

Does the X in 'The X-Files' stand for eXhausted and BotoX?

Entertainment Weekly just shared a clandestine peek at the production of the upcoming “The X-Files” limited-series reboot and it’s got some great info (hey — we knew the truth was out there). 169 more words

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