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A month of Gilmore: Day 6: 2x08 - The Ins and Outs of Inns

Episode Details –

Original Air Date: November 20, 2001

Written By: Daniel Palladino

Directed By: Michael Katleman 177 more words


Children of Earth: Day 4

Day 4 illustrates the power of the 456 and leaves the audience breathless. The episode offers backstory to dull the shock of Jack’s day 3 revelation and then it kicks us while we’re down. 821 more words


Blinking, thinking

My wife and I have been fascinated by a local news reporter who frequently blinks her eyes during on-air broadcasts. I think we should place bets on the number of times the reporter blinks her eyes per second:


Local masochist sits down and binge watches “Postcards” just to feel something

A local masochist claims he sat through multiple episodes of Postcards over the weekend, later telling friends it was nice to “feel something” for the first time in a while. 217 more words


Fixing SBSTV: Take us to the show

Each year dozens of communities across Australia hold festivals for thousands of participants.

These events ouze culture as Australians show off the song and dance of their heritages. 289 more words


The Good Place Finale (No spoilers)

Finished the final season of “The Good Place” on Netflix.

They nailed it. Based on everything the angels have taught me in the past decades, the show pretty much got it right in the final episodes. 505 more words


Let's Not Forget the Writers @kesseljunkie #tv #movie

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Although I rarely succumb to it myself, most of us treat actors (and athletes, politicians, or otherwise famous people) like heroes when their acting really speaks to us. 575 more words