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BBC Three: The End of an Era

In 2003 the BBC launched a shiny new channel to widen their demographic and reach out to a younger audience, creating a platform for new shows and producers to stand tall on. 369 more words


Preview: The Best of this week's TV.


Idis Elba: No Limits – 9pm, Discovery UK

The Luthor star turned-DJ gets behind the wheel for this new motoring show, starting with him making his rally driving debut. 244 more words


"Eleanora Poe" Psyched the Internet With an Impressive (But Fake) Trailer For Netflix's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

2004’s big screen, big-starred adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events, was rather unfortunate itself. So when Netflix announced last November that it would be creating a new series (… out of… 253 more words


M*A*S*H Site Hike

The Mission: Hike to the site where the hit show M*A*S*H was filmed.

The Prep: I parked on Mulholland Drive to avoid the parking fee and started from the trail head along the road. 456 more words


Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Recap: "All the Mirrors of the World"

“All the Mirrors of the World” marks the halfway point of the miniseries, and, fittingly, it’s an episode that is heavily concerned with balance. More accurately, it’s an episode that deals largely with the ways in which things are out of balance and are not right with our characters. 1,719 more words


The First One is Free: Reviewing TV Pilots

There are those moments you have to go hunting for new stories. Rarely can I get enough of books, comics, movies, games, tv shows, sport, and images; they dominate my day-to-day. 633 more words


Hats Off to the U.S. Women's Word Cup Soccer Champions

Late last night I learned that the U.S. team had won the Women’s World Cup. Sadly I wasn’t able to watch any of the soccer matches mainly because I had my cable disconnected late last year because my cable company started to jack up my monthly bill to over $200 per month. 498 more words