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Retro Recaps: Stargate SG-1 - "Into the Fire"

Season 3 Episode 1 – Or, as I like to call it, season 2’s official conclusion. 664 more words


So you're scared?! You should be! (Spoiler Free for Season 7 premiere)

Starting off, the premiere was worth the wait and doesn’t dissappoint! But I’m not going to get into the show, as everyone in the stadium is already talking about the grand slam that was just hit out of the park. 423 more words


Are You Paid Fairly?

Ever wondered if you’re being paid a fair rate for the work that you do? Same here. So, let’s help each another find out!

This year we’ve partnered with… 177 more words


Ryan Gosling Almost Played a Football Hero on Gilmore Girls

Alongside Luke’s Diner and Miss Patty’s dance studio, Stars Hollow almost had an additional tourist attraction—Ryan Gosling.

At this weekend’s inaugural Gilmore Girls… 218 more words

Quick Thoughts: The Walking Dead, Season 7

Much digital ink is going to be spilled over the Season 7 premiere, which answers the summer’s most robustly-discussed cliffhanger.

If you care about the show, you should probably stop reading this if you haven’t seen the episode. 352 more words

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We Got Rid of Cable and it was Awful

Getting rid of cable was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, and I once put an electric thermometer in the microwave to “see how hot it would get.” 667 more words