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Shooter Season 1 Episodes 1-3 Review

“Spoilers ahead!”

I usually don’t tend to watch many shows outside of those that I’m invested to already, so after watching a few episodes I can say that it was both a breath of fresh air and I am officially hooked. 464 more words


Babylon 5 In Depth - A Primer

Why do people always ask “Star Trek or Star Wars”? That’s a question that overlooks some real tyrants of the sci-fi scene and there are more than enough of us who can rattle off a few dozen series, films, perhaps books, and even computer games (why not, it’s a valid art form) that equal or exceed them both for quality. 786 more words


ウィル&グレイス(とジャック&カレン)が帰ってくる! NBCが『ふたりは友達? ウィル&グレイス』をリバイバル!

NBCは、2006年まで8シーズン放映していた人気コメディシリーズ、『ふたりは友達? ウィル&グレイス』(Will & Grace)をリバイバルし、2017-2018年シーズンに放映すると決定した。The Hollywood Reporterが報じた。



『ふたりは友達? ウィル&グレイス』は、ニューヨークに住むゲイのエリート弁護士ウィルのアパートにウィルの親友でストレートの女性グレイスが転がり込み、2人の友情や、2人のエキセントリックな友人ジャックとカレンとのドタバタを描いたシチュエーションコメディ。







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Live By Night

Release: Friday, January 13, 2017

Written by: Ben Affleck

Directed by: Ben Affleck

Even when Ben Affleck is off his game he still makes more thoughtful, involving pictures than many others who give it their all. 1,108 more words

Movie Review

Comedic Abuse

We live in a society where abuse has become common place, and a subject for comedy. There are many television shows that have normalized domestic violence by making it the brunt of jokes. 625 more words

Domestic Violence

The comedy network is running an all day Roast of Donald Trump marathon on Friday.

The comedy network is running an all day Roast of Donald Trump marathon on Friday.

Not trying to start anything, I just thought it was funny and has to be the first kind of thing a network has done something like this during a presidents inauguration day.


Vikings Season 4 Episode 18: Revenge Review

“How the little piggies will grunt when they learn that the old boar suffered!” Such words were echoed in this new episode of Vikings, which was appropriately titled “Revenge”. 910 more words