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GoT Plot Line Power Rankings: Week Two

Yeah, he’s not dead. I mean, no one thought he’d be dead for long and kudos to…

Well, before we get into this whole Jon Snow thing, let’s first… 1,434 more words


Little Red Riding Hood & Dorothy Gale Share True Love's Kiss

Mainstream television has finally done something that I never thought they would do. They gave a pair of lesbians a heartwarming happy ending.

It took place a couple of weeks ago on Once Upon a Time, in the episode “Ruby Slippers.” Zelena put Dorothy under a sleeping curse, and Ruby traveled to the Underworld in search of Auntie Em. 210 more words

Why You Should Wait To Upgrade Your TV [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

There has been some buzz about new 4K TVs becoming available, but Beyonce explains why you’re really going to want to save your money and wait on that.  148 more words


Hollywood’s Biggest Night Draws the Talent and the All-Star Advertisers

There is no question that on Oscar night, all eyes turn to Hollywood. As cameras begin rolling at Dolby Theatre, our eyes are glued to the television as the stars roll out on the red carpet and collect their golden statuettes. 26 more words


Everyone making fun of David Mitchell on "Would I Lie to You?"

Everyone making fun of David Mitchell on “Would I Lie to You?”


Jeopardy! getting set to re-open its gaming doors to Canadian contestants

What is online privacy for $1000, Alex?

Earlier this year, Canadians were told they could no longer apply to be contestants on America’s most famous quiz show. 251 more words