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what no one tells you about moving in together

Instead of cleaning out our house, we just decided to move to a new one.

Kidding. (Kind of.)
We still have to clean out our old house, but we DID move to a new house! 864 more words

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No Shame November

We’ve all heard of No Shave November – and, as a fan of facial hair, I’m an avid proponent of putting down the razor for 30 days. 564 more words

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went for a run - and for once it wasn't a Cookout run

It’s no secret that I don’t run.

The running joke (pun completely intended) in my life is that if you see me running, you probably should be too – because something is following me. 745 more words

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my old kentucky home(coming)

Growing up in a town as small as mine was, “homecoming” was one of those traditions I neverĀ fully grasped.

We didn’t have a football team (of our own), so our version of homecoming was the annual Sheakleyville Homecoming Firemen’s Fair – complete with a beauty pageant, parade, and tractor pulls. 902 more words

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Zac Brown Band: Welcome Home

It’s no secret how much I love country music. Like, none.

In my mind, there is a country song for any situation. Happy? Sad? Feelin’ wild? 635 more words

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listen up: fall 2017

Fall is notorious for some of the best music of the year – at least in my opinion. Summer is for upbeat, beachy country, but fall is for theĀ  58 more words

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on the pursuit of happiness.

I took a big step today.

Well.. maybe in the grand scheme of things, in the big picture of my life, it was a small step. 764 more words

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