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Fuck, a Poem

You know what
I’m fucking tired
Stop playing and tell me what the fuck you want
I don’t want anymore bullshit
You want me?
Then fucking tell me… 151 more words

What's your favourite thing about Earth?

Bonus points if you can name the movie that line is from.

I went through a phase when I was in high school where I would ask everyone I met to tell me their life story. 312 more words


The woman in Kip Moore's "Blonde" video

Kip Moore’s latest video features a female lead who starts off like your every day girl-next-door; red plaid shirt, ripped jeans and all. But big-time success soon turns her into a different person; less clothing, new hair, and of course, forgetting where she came from. 289 more words


what grey was (2:19 am)

pour out some pain,


(i now forsake pleasure)

mannered mild masochist me


tell me

was this supposed to feel




refusion… 31 more words

Learning to be my own person again.

I’m back again.

After my recent breakup with my boyfriend a month or two ago and getting relocated (against my will) to my old house in the small town I left, I am slowly learning to be me again. 414 more words

The Essentials: The Bangles’ All Over the Place

(As noted in my first Essentials entry, this is an occasional series in which I spotlight albums that, in my estimation, everyone should experience at least once.) 803 more words