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Review by John Eje Thelin: Argus - Tell Me! (2016)

A review made by guest writer/reviewer John Eje Thelin:

I realize that this is my second guest review that is fairly critical (although I did give the… 651 more words

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Argus – Tell Me! (2016)

Let me get straight to the point. This is sadly a case of a band with an ‘awesome’ album sleeve, but the music itself is sadly ‘not so awesome’. 451 more words

Progressive Rock

#30: Tell me

Be honest with yourself.
Are you happy now?
Are you satisfied with what you did?
Was it that important to you to do such an awful thing? 192 more words


Track Submission: R.LUM.R - Tell Me

R.LUM.R’s new track shows his vulnerability when it comes to relationships.

The easiest part of the track to address is the vocals. R.LUM.R’s singing style is fairly laidback in that he doesn’t rely on runs and adlibs to give his songs dimension.  210 more words

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Whales, Puffins and Sheep's Heads!

Hi guys, long time no blog! I thought I’d just jump right into a post today about Icelandic foods! So…

Although I haven’t experienced any for myself just yet, Iceland has some weird and wonderful food dishes, with one of the first being… Whale. 237 more words


Fantasy of Trust

I don’t trust you anymore
And so I will close the door
It’s pain you have in store
I don’t trust you anymore

You‘re like the changing tides… 98 more words