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What the New CIA Leaks Tell Us About the U.S. Government

Source: TheAntiMedia.org, by Alice Salles

“The greatest danger to the State is independent intellectual criticism.” – Murray Rothbard

(ANTIMEDIA Op-Ed) WikiLeaks may have finally done what many small and anti-government advocates have only dreamed of. 687 more words



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Tell us about your favorite street food

Street Food in Syria 

By Ghaythaa Deeb
Co-founder of IFbooks 15. 5 . 2016 

“ Tamari cakes O O O Razak Kareem “  was a vendor’s yell that attracted me while I was walking in one of Damascus markets to taste this desert for the first time , I couldn’t take my eyes off the vendor while he was putting tamari on the surface of the glass box in an acrobatic movement and in a very professional manner then sprinkle sesame , tahini, sugar, grape molasses, the final touch was a small cake to adjust a little the sweetness of Tamari taste (recently slices of banana added for this meal) . 549 more words

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Tell us, do you grub? You WILL when you see this Double Chili-Cheese Cheeseburger😭 Aside from the Chili Cheese, you’ll be feasting alongside #Bacon, #Pastrami & a #FriedEgg. 9 more words

Tell us about your dance

Yesterday I passed by some children who were dancing with a lot of joy , some of them were laughing others try to prove that they master the movements more than others ;-) 54 more words

Daily Life

Tell us your happy time.

At 23:40 pm. I’m waiting for a girl. Where is she? I’m drinking today’s last coffee. I called her again but she disappeared. hey Ghaythaa where are you? 35 more words

Daily Life