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Warm Glow | Aspen Forest

Happiness comes and goes, as does most everything in life.  But that doesn’t mean we should wait around in the shadows waiting for it to return. 105 more words


Some Banks Making Switch To Interactive Tellers Only

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)– Financial institutions are going high-tech. Soon your bank around the corner may have no tellers at all.

Customers would instead access a remote teller via video, CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported. 271 more words


Bleed For This (Official Trailer)

In Bleed for This, Miles Teller stars as Pazienza in one of sport’s greatest comeback stories: the true-life tale of how the Rhode Island brawler tragically lost almost everything just as he reached the pinnacle of his profession and how he defied medical science and common sense to return to the ring and win another championship belt.  159 more words


Film review: War Dogs

Best known for his comedic work, most notably The Hangover Trilogy and Due Date, Todd Philips takes a step away from comedy (does he?), to tackle a more serious affair; the true story of shady international arms dealing during the Iraq war. 745 more words

Film Review

Miles and Jonah Go to Albania

Film: War Dogs
Year: 2016
Director: Todd Phillips (also co-writer)

Todd Phillips: “I’m here for the gangbang.”
Ben: “Wrong movie, Todd.”

War Dogs, about the (mostly) factual rise and fall of 20-odd-year-old arms dealers Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz, has drawn a host of hungry comparisons to the similarly themed… 759 more words

Mississauga man charged after customer foils Scarborough bank robbery

A 21-year-old Mississauga man is facing charges in connection with a Scarborough bank robbery which was derailed by a customer in line. 125 more words


War Meets Wolf Of Wall Street: Hill and Teller Take On Politics

            Robbie K here, starting the weekend off with what else…a movie review. Tonight we jump into the political drama movie that is about our beloved country and those who try to cheat the system to make excessive amounts of cash. 913 more words