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Phoebe Philo to exit Céline

After 10 years as Creative Director of the Parisian luxury brand Céline, designer Phoebe Philo is to step down.  The British designers final show will be the SS18 show set to take place in Paris in March.   128 more words

Of My Ideal of Storytelling

This is not a poem nor a short story, rather it is another one of those incoherent rambles. But don’t leave yet! It will be interesting (maybe, I hope) and I’ll try to keep it short and to the point, I promise! 1,867 more words


Miles Teller Opens Up About The "Horrible" Experience Of Working With Nicole Kidman

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© Jared Siskin / Contributor / Getty Images Miles Teller Opens Up About The “Horrible” Experience Of Working With Nicole KidmanMiles Teller has revealed why working with Nicole Kidman was actually a bit of a nightmare. 279 more words


Juergen Teller triple show at Alison Jacques gallery

Alison Jacques gallery will be showing a set of three exhibitions of the work of Juergen Teller.  From his seminal 90’s work, Go See – a series of images of models sent to his studio in 1998 on a ‘go see’ of which he photographed outside his West London studio to his work photographing Bavarian kids in his collection entitled Bubenreuth Kids in 2017.     122 more words

Helping the Planet Through Vegas Magic: Environmental Magician Learns the Secret that Fooled Penn & Teller

Master Magician Jeff McBride bested Penn & Teller on their Fool Us TV Show 
with his most recent version of "Rainmaker", his water bowls routine.  He 
has shared his secrets with Cyril May to aid him in greening the planet
one magic show at a time. 409 more words

Teardrops and teacups - Room 101

Thanks to Michelle for the prompt

Darren sniggered behind his hands as Madame Zabor peered intently into the cup.

“I see death” she warned, a crooked finger stabbed towards him.  84 more words