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A Storytelling of Ravens

I added collective nouns to the animals featured in my last post and  realise now that a lot of these names sound the way they mean, or describe how the group looks, or how they move or what they do. 270 more words


Museum refection: accidentally telling stories through story stones

Though the environment at the story stone table was hectic and we were unable to convey our messages of creating stories, some of the participants told stories without our aid. 263 more words

Telling Stories

Yet more laughs

I found that I could make great connections at the function by just drawing cartoons. I found that by showing a piece of art and seeing laughter in the attendant’s face, we had a connection. 139 more words

Telling Stories

Changes in Story Telling

Image Source: Google Images

Throughout the years story telling has changed in many ways. Digital Story telling being one of the newest ways we as people are telling stories. 165 more words

Telling Stories: No accounting for taste

You don’t want your characters to like what you like, usually.  At least not solely. One of the joys of roleplaying is stepping into the shoes of someone different than yourself, which doesn’t work in the event that your character is basically you with a race-lift and possibly a gender shift.  1,031 more words


Pebbles in the office


My friend Krisztián finished this picture for me. I am writting a story now, about ‘Cats and pebbles, all in one office’ :)

The idea started from here: 12 more words