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Reading aloud and why it must never end

Long before I had a baby, long before I was even in the reckoning for it, I had developed an appetite for children’s books. Perhaps it had to do with my diminishing attention span or inability to focus those days. 857 more words


Grammar Girlfriend: The future

Grammar girlfriend is my made up girlfriend that I use to tell stories to introduce language points. The idea is simple: your telling your students a story so there is a clear context for the language, it’s nice exposure for them to natural speech and story-telling and because it’s you and it’s “personal”, your students are much more engaged and invested than if it was written in a book or some random recording. 417 more words

Language (grammar + Vocab)

Shakespeare stories in 10 words or less

I love Twitter. I’ve made several friends and important contacts while being on Twitter. I especial love playing hashtag games. My favorite is a weekly game called… 376 more words


I'm interested in peoples stories, that's why I think people are interested in my story

I realized why I am always wondering what other people are wondering about me concerning having babies. It’s because I wonder the same thing about everyone else. 634 more words


A Thought for Today

Whether you are sitting around a fire or just sitting around at home it’s always a good time to tell the younger ones stories of how it was back when you were their age. 72 more words

Daily Posts

So many thoughts in my head! 

When I wrote my first book, I worked so hard on the story. I thought about every single part of it. I often wondered how writers could write 2 or 3 books a year. 198 more words

Writing Insights

20 questions

Just like a five-year-old with a new toy, I’ll talk to anybody who’ll listen about my ambitions in cabinetmaking. So it was with a dewy-eyed enthusiasm that at a recent party I listened to Nick Cooper bestow some advice on the art of sales and marketing. 1,824 more words