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99 things - #56 through #60

I found a list of 99 things, and I will be bolding the ones I’ve done and explaining a bit about each. Because I have a tendency to yammer on, I am doing 5 of the 99 at a time. 319 more words

Telling Stories

Time kept on slipping

We had a great holiday last month. Friend  – storyteller, author  – Naomi Baltuck even posted a blog about it. We cruised on ferries. went for long walks, caught up, 843 more words


I promise I will never tell this kind of story again.

Our first night out after the accident was to the theatre. Classy stuff. We had dinner with friends beforehand, had a drink each, laughed a lot about … well, who knows what people talk about over dinner. 740 more words

Telling Stories



Stand on a crack break your back stand on a line break your spine stand on a nail you go to jail…

Stand on a square… 202 more words

Street Life

Pumpkin Appreciation Society

It’s Fall here in Washington State.

It’s so good  to be out walking as the leaves drift from the trees and carpet the ground. It’s not just leaves dropping… 237 more words


Perambulating to the Essential Destination

Written By: Sabelo Soko

Life before TV must have been beyond interesting. Entertainment ranged from everything to anything. Humans must have been mega creative. One can only imagine how people would react to off-the-center kind of trends; from dudes who would rock up with never seen before hairstyles and to cats who’d rock funky clothes that seem like they were first thing they laid their hands on. 604 more words




A scattering of words heard in passing,
‘…well, y’know…’
‘…it’s like…’
‘…like, I dunno…’
‘…suppose. It’s like one way or another…’
Their voices are absorbed into the passing traffic, but still they seem to be talking, heads nodding, while they wait at the pedestrian crossing. 186 more words

Street Life