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I knew an old imp who lived in an egg

He hobbled the streets cobbled

on a wooden leg.

Go, he would, to the corner store. 171 more words


Netflix Show Gets Aging Right

I am thrilled that the third season of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie is finally here. As one of the first gerontological nurse practitioners to be certified by the ANA back in the 60s and now a 70-something woman, I am depressed that the very same stereotyping and dismissal of the aged I first encountered is still happening. 1,382 more words

Nurse Practitoner

The Fog on the Window

The glass in the window is foggy. There are bushes and a street somewhere beyond it, evidence of a world beyond the walls that protect us from the elements – torrential rains and unsettling and powerful gusts of wind. 213 more words

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Basic Teenage Angst

Basic Teenage Angst

(from Thoughts Forming – January 18th, 1990)

It starts off black:

Think with darkness

Void from sound

Bereft of scent

Numb to feeling… 236 more words


Imagine Differently

You may have noticed that of late my social media feeds have been quite active. It’s not without basis or reason. In part, it feels as though, after nearly four years of – what feels like! 296 more words

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Atop Post: WPC

The Climate Change Fairy?

Just a stilt walker working the crowd at a music festival. 74 more words

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The Reduced Drink Experience: Day Seven


A busy day. An educational day.

Following a stop-in at my local cafe for a cappuccino, I wound my way to Ashfield, to help a friend take care of her 18 month old son (she’d had an operation involving the appendix leaking a bit like a mostly ok but not quite perfect kitchen faucet where the nobs never seem to be tight enough). 230 more words

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