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First blog post

Hello everyone,

My passion is editing and I am studying Professional Writing and Editing at Open College. I have started my own editing business from home. 216 more words

Telling Stories

Telling Crazy Stories

Hi Everyone,

Well, today we were in our new classroom!! It’s bright and beautiful, but we have a few things to work out over the next few weeks. 474 more words

Telling the Stories

While visiting family in Connecticut the other night, we all found ourselves sitting around a table listening to my wife’s grandmother tell stories. She told stories of trips that she took when my wife was young, stories of trips she took when my father-in-law was young, and stories of trips she took when she was young. 607 more words

Telling Stories: At the Fence

I  have been writing stories; full-on efforts to plunge my heart down deep into the flow of what goes on between and among us — the horses, the donkeys, the dogs, and me. 2,363 more words

Life Made Full With Animals

Summer Forest School: The Forest Floor

With swimming lessons over for the week, and a hot sunny day forecast, we looked forward to finding a shady spot in our park.  We spent some time crawling around on the forest floor and looking at what we could find there – grass, insects, leaves, dirt, last year’s acorns, rocks, and many other items, even just turning over a large piece of bark revealed a seemingly endless ecosystem.   384 more words

Forest School

Damn Squirrels!

Sometimes you have to learn a lesson the hard way. Sometimes I have to be embarrassed before I get it. It was my second week of teaching and I was feeling more comfortable teaching in a Catholic school. 1,067 more words

Discovering Self

A Birthday Story

Sit a while and listen for I have a story to tell. It might surprise you. It will delight you.

Long, long ago in a land beyond the Mists of Time lived an old man. 1,375 more words

Story Corner