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Beating Dragons

I firmly believe in the thought that everyone has a story to tell and if they tell it they may inspire the right person at the right time. 35 more words

Telling Tales (and “Let Me Help”)

In my enthusiasm to tell you that this blog was not ending, I forgot to mention in “The End of the Story” why… 1,114 more words


Characters: play with the details!

“In traditional tales like “The Enormous Turnip” from Russian folklore, we’re introduced to settings and characters through the barest of details. Often the characters are nameless. 535 more words

Learning To Tell Stories

9 months later, and 10 years on

May 2015. Today is Mike Brown’s 19th birthday. This I learned from the political education and relationships that I have benefitted from through the It Starts Today campaign… 570 more words




Beauty, love and friends,

All from a little keyboard…

Painting word pictures

A common goal is kept here,

Drive back darkness, doubt and fear!

–Jonathan Caswell

Tanka Poetry

Telling Stories: Getting better but never good

A character who can solve no problems is boring.  A character who can solve every problem is boring.  But odds are that you’re more worried about hitting the second threshold than the first, because most roleplayers tend to make competent sorts.  1,079 more words