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All Greek To Me

Η ανεξέταστη ζωή δεν αξίζει να ζει. – Σωκράτης

The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates

The above quote is attributed, as you can probably guess, to the philosopher Socrates. 140 more words

Examined Life


In a few days Easter will be here.  A reminder again of the Resurrection story.  I’m so glad someone told me that story!

My blogging experience has brought me a bit of a quandary that I have been thinking about, that is, the scripture regarding “not letting your left hand know what your hand does,” Jesus’ commands to several persons he touched to “go and not to tell” and the scripture about doing things publicly lest we lose our reward in Heaven. 637 more words


Old Ideas, Fresh Spins with Stephanie Ayers | Guest Post

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephanie Ayers about her multi-faceted career, her process, and her awesome stories. I reviewed one of those stories, … 597 more words


Devious Maneuvering to Avoid a Creep

Telling stories is my favorite part of having a blog so here is a new, never-before-told story about the one time I went on a date with a creep who couldn’t take a hint.  1,033 more words

Telling Stories

"Why can't there be a beige swan, a brown swan, a black swan, out there?"

I rarely know the title of a piece of writing until I have reached the final full stop. It is only then when it all becomes full circle, and the words rise and the title forms itself like shapes of mist over a hot water lake. 562 more words

Telling Stories

Seeing God's Active Hand

I was in a series of meetings last week when a recurring theme bubbled up:  God’s active hand.  Each of my friends told me a story about how they had seen God’s hand at workin their life.  376 more words


An interpretaion of Argentinean love

The orquestra starts on a rather positive note… The instruments are ready to let go, and in so doing, give in. And the singer is willing, and trying, to follow the belief, that the pain is over. 113 more words

Cross My Mind