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"Janice's Attic: Honesty" (Episode One)

Hello boys and girls!

Meet a friendly lady named Janice and learn about why it is always better to tell the truth. She also has some stories and an activity that she would like to share with you. Have fun in her attic!


Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave

I hate being lied to. As a parent, I’ve had it happen more than once.

It never gets easier to hear.

I am naturally one who likes to trust people. 481 more words


Part 408 - Telling Elsie The Truth

“Oh, come on! One more bite.” Hildreth edged the plate towards Elsie.

“I can’t.” She pushed it back.

“You’re not even at the half-way point.” He picked up the grease-slopping, mayonnaise gooping, ketchup glopping hamburger. 471 more words

Telling The Truth

“In this age, telling the truth is tough business and not for the fainthearted.”

R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Christian Life

Telling the Truth

It’s scary that the truth is made up of perspective and memory.

Throughout my life I’ve been good at learning something from something, (even the situations I didn’t want to learn from), and if my memory fails me I guess it won’t really matter what the truth is. 8 more words


How I Handled My Marriage Falling Apart

I think truth is a present we give to our relationships.

I got lost after my marriage fell apart.  I admit, I wrote copiously trying to figure out what went wrong and how I could mend what was broken.  1,232 more words

Women 50

Fools, Friends, and the Media

I was in a discussion recently where the ability of comics who use politics as their medium was celebrated. There were kind memories of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, of Stephen Colbert, and of the current cast of characters on Saturday Night Live. 1,304 more words