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Seeking the Truth

May 1, 2016

Dear Readers,

So often during the Middle School Years, kids are seeking acceptance, self worth, and yes, even their own identities. It is helpful for teachers to remember this when confronted with raging parents, marionette administrators, or the un-truth tellers themselves. 905 more words


Unfairness still carries a sting

Shuffle, shuffle, kick dirt.
A pebble flies, a shoe dusty.
The kid shuffles along.
Spots the pebble, kicks it.

Shoulders slouched, a sigh heard.
Hands tucked in pockets. 119 more words


To tell the truth - will I hurt your feelings?

It is a tight rope.  

We both danced very, very carefully on the edges and fringes of truth.

 If I really told you how I felt, really, 47 more words

Creative Complaining

Amazing how people can lie, when asked a simple question: “How are you feeling today?”

“Great!” they reply, when what they really mean is: “Horrible! Really horrible!” 878 more words

A Good Home

Finding Courage Within 

It’s so bizarre. My whole life I’ve had battles to fight. Childhood trauma, gaining permanent employment, being the teacher I want to be, lifestyle choices, infertility, work issues. 196 more words


TED Talk-Lie Spotters

Today’s share for the blog comes from a TED talk I recently heard on the topic of lying.

The entire talk is riveting, but listen closely to the last few minutes of Pamela Meyer’s sharing and you’ll pick up on a concept I hold near and dear to my heart–that of teaching people how to treat you.   162 more words