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Chapter 31: I do as I please for I am a Godlike! (Part 1)

Illsy’s voice was so weak. He was trying as hard as he could to survive Dankyun’s onslaught, pushing himself beyond his limits to the point of breaking and fainting. 2,814 more words

Web Novel

My Worst Nightmare? | Story #3

I can’t remember when D sent me this cartoon. I do remember taking one look and saying I’ll NEVER post that cartoon!

So why not? 691 more words

Spiritual Formation

A fish out of water

I find it difficult to speak to friends who have not experienced childhood sexual abuse about what happened to me and how it has affected me. 343 more words

Adult Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

family trouble

I’ve been reading a book of essays by memoirists called Family Trouble, compiled by Joy Castro. The essays explore the challenges that come from writing about family and friends, and their possible reactions to what is revealed. 186 more words


The Forgotten Culture War

When you hear the term “Culture War” what pops into your mind? Gay activists yelling on the steps of the Supreme Court, Christians praying in front of abortion clinics, or perhaps politicians arguing for the removal of a nativity set? 761 more words

Godly Parenting

writing group

Hi guys—

I didn’t have time to read the new applicant’s submission word-for-word, but I don’t think I have good feedback for his piece. I agree that his background sounds exciting and interesting, but his writing is not something I’d ever choose to read. 517 more words


Kindness doesn't always come with sprinkles and glitter

Sometimes we want kindness to leap and pirouette into the room like a ballerina or fairy. We have this false impression that it is all warm and fuzzy, when in fact, kindness can look like disappointment or the truth. 234 more words