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Free at Last, Free at Last... oh, wait...

I had a dream as I was waking up the other morning, where I realized something that was so life-changing, the weight of dealing with my husband’s issues dropped off my shoulders.  159 more words


Telling The Truth

Is it just me whose child feels the need to tell silly lies over things?  We’ve always brought the big girl up knowing the importance of telling the truth, but this seems to fall on deaf ears at times. 317 more words


Numbers 5:1-10 (Part 2) - Calling Us Out! Getting the Sin Out of Our Camps!

Numbers 5:1-10 (Part 2)

Purity in Israel’s Camp

The other night, we had a birthday dinner/cookout for my stepdaughter here at the house. My oldest daughter, my son-in-law and his son came over for the meal. 1,968 more words

Book Of Numbers


I had a bad day, yesterday. Zoe did as well. I am re-thinking our boarding choices. One company charges $200 per day for limited service so why go on one vacation in 14 years? 491 more words



So I’ve been thinking about that second picture I drew yesterday, of me walking away from the Giant Disappointment and into the future.

It puzzled me, while I was drawing, that a backpack suddenly needed to be drawn on my back. 587 more words



~Double post~ it’s been awhile but I have more things to write about. One of the things I don’t like is lying. I try my best to tell the truth as best I can at all times. 1,169 more words

About Me

Looking Forward

So, since yesterday’s post, I’ve thought a little more.  I came up with a new picture.  In this one, I am letting go of the Giant Disappointment and reaching for the Shiny New Future. 274 more words