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The stage coach Ch 7

Make sure you read the chapters beforehand. Follow the link to Chpt 6 on https://wp.me/p5rgVm-yb or go back to Chapter 1 on https://wp.me/p5rgVm-xl

Chapter 7. 816 more words

"The Toothpaste is Out of the Tube, Crap!" 

About three years ago, I went out on a few dates with a guy named Ian.

I met him–you guessed it–online. He had recently moved to the area from Baltimore to pursue a job in higher education. 1,176 more words


Here I go again...

It wasn’t too long ago when I just fell into a mindset of doubt, not in God but in myself. I started to think that God didn’t like me all that much even though I knew that wasn’t the truth. 778 more words

It turns out you won't bleed to death from wounded pride.

For most of my life I ate my feelings. I do not recommend this. It didn’t work particularly well. I could only stuff them down so long before they burst out in unhealthy, unseemly, and uncontrollable ways. 717 more words


Life After Single Parenting?

I am looking out through the screen and into a field of green leaves.  The trees are not distinguishable.  I am not really focused on where I am looking.   1,293 more words

Charlie Morris

White Lies and Half Truths

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth or Dare.”

Honesty is often the best policy. I think that it’s possible to be too honest.

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Personal Thoughts


Though I always tell it if I can,
of the brutal truth, I’m not a fan.
(It’s the brutal part that bothers me,
and not the actual honesty.)

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Judy Dykstra-Brown