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And God Will Give Life To Him

So there I was, sitting in church, trying to process the idea I wrote about yesterday, that God is angry about the damage done to me by the actions of others. 533 more words


But I'm Telling You The Truth...

I wrote yesterday about what the effects would be on a person’s psyche after years of constantly getting caught off guard by ADHD-induced information gaps. 443 more words


As It Turns Out, I Was Right

So yesterday I went to my resident ADHD expert (my daughter, who is grabbing her own ADHD by the horns by researching it) and asked her about… 537 more words


Double Plop-and-Drop Black Hole

So I started the day by saying, “Lord, let Your will be done today.  Not mine.  Let me not build my kingdom but let me build Yours.  889 more words


Does ADHD make The Excitement Plan More Exciting?

Perhaps that’s an unfair title.  I can’t really answer that question, so if you are looking for answers, this isn’t that blog.

If you’re looking for company and commiseration, read on. 1,593 more words


Steward of the Wildest Mystery

Scientists speak of intelligent life among the stars, of how at the speed of light there is no time, of consciousness as more than just an epiphenomenon of the physical brain. 191 more words


Little Dog

I once knew a 3# Yorkshire Terrier named Savannah. She was too tiny to even wear the smallest size at the pet store so a joint friend, a retired milliner (hat maker) would sew her costumes. 406 more words