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Promises, Promises

Reflections on James 5:12 —

Wouldn’t it be great if people naturally kept their promises?  Especially political candidates. If Hillary could somehow close a few loopholes and make college tuition free for lower-income families, or Trump could get Mexico to build his wall, that would be great.   2,323 more words

Biblical Reflection

Ain't That The Truth

Kids. Don’t you just love them? They’re inquisitive, curious and speak their minds with absolutely no qualms about feeling  the need to censor anything.

A while back I wrote about some of the… 522 more words

Being A Mum

The story I've not yet told you

There’s a part of my life, a story, that I’ve not yet told you. And now, feels like the right time to tell it. 924 more words

Wings & Piano Strings

These fingers,
they type.
But this mouth stays closed.
But either way
the words come
from the same place.

There is a
sitting in a room… 155 more words

Sacred Poetry

And God Will Give Life To Him

So there I was, sitting in church, trying to process the idea I wrote about yesterday, that God is angry about the damage done to me by the actions of others. 533 more words


But I'm Telling You The Truth...

I wrote yesterday about what the effects would be on a person’s psyche after years of constantly getting caught off guard by ADHD-induced information gaps. 443 more words

Marriage Problems

As It Turns Out, I Was Right

So yesterday I went to my resident ADHD expert (my daughter, who is grabbing her own ADHD by the horns by researching it) and asked her about… 537 more words