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Doing the right thing

I was being interviewed by Jammerzine this week as part of the ongoing promotion for the goldbringer album; Telling The Truth. It took place over Skype and was with a very nice man called Ryan who lives in Chicago. 286 more words

Poem-a-Day Writer’s Digest Challenge #23. Theme: Apology

Words Matter

She was sorry she ever lied,
for because of her,
the lie became a truth.

She was sorry she was ever truthful,
for because of her, 49 more words

10 Reasons To Always Tell the Truth at Work

Telling the truth is a simple strategy for igniting integrity and moving your career—and reputation—in the right direction.

Always telling the truth is an actual, practical, and reasonable strategy to use during your workday. 414 more words

2313 Inc.

Dear Grandma: Telling the truth is hard.

Hey Sally,

I’ve been taking improv classes at iO, and so far they have been totally awesome! The only thing is, I realize through the course of the classes that it is hard for me to be honest and truthful about my experiences. 472 more words

Telling the Truth

Happy Monday! There is a big difference between saying something and doing something. The sad truth is that there are more people talking then doing. Due to this being a norm, truth has been watered down to subjective facts at best. 274 more words

Self Help

How honest are you?

Dishonesty often feels like bottled water to me.

Think of the “dis” as the plastic casing that is designed to keep that precious and vital liquid, clean and safe, for your personal consumption – and well, survival. 896 more words


9 Bold Faced Lies We Need To Stop Repeating

1. “I’m fine.”

In all of the English language, there can’t be anything less true than “I’m fine.” If your inner monologue could be represented by an emoji, it would probably be the crying buckets emoji. 819 more words