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to see a stone
as ruin’s
of aftermath

one must share
this dream

of arriving
on earth

to pray

a malady of kin

Depression runs in my family. Sometimes it brings profound and suffocating sadness. The weight of the world descends for no apparent reason. Tears flow freely and frequently. 577 more words


not wrong, just different

Twenty-five years ago, when I was learning what it meant to be a Christian, I read two books: Know What You Believe and Know Why You Believe (by Paul E. 1,326 more words


Molting Part (-1)

Back in the late 90s I was working in full-time campus ministry. One of the things we liked to do was invite students to study the Bible. 1,065 more words


Molting Part 3

The Duck Dynasty Defense may have been the last straw, but truthfully, this has been a long process of molting. I’ve been shedding this American evangelical skin for some time now. 738 more words



It’s funny feeling fluttery butterflies for a woman, knowing she feels them back. I’ve never been here. She’s never been here. We’ve both experienced unrequited, tortured love but never mutually expressed affection. 391 more words


Experience, the most sacred part of life

Every year in June I remember. Some years I remember on the day, and I get somber and reflective about what ifs, how I’d be different if… Most years it just pops into my head on a beautiful summer day, triggered by who knows what, and I think, “oh yeah, that happened.” It was more than half my life ago. 913 more words