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Emlen describes how he “shot a female one night, and […] by first light a new female was already on the turf. I saw terrible things—pecking and picking up and throwing down chicks until they were dead. 88 more words


Hidden Corners

In the corners of ones mind are hidden spaces and places that only you ever dare go.

These are the places where the dragons dwell, where the wizards roam and where the demons cast their spells. 113 more words

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NaPoWriMo 2016: Week One

So once again NapoWriMo has swung around and is in full swing. Always a great challenge to take part and yet at the same time always a delight; a delight also to see that i can still write a line or two and a delight to share and connect to other poets :) So here are the poems of the first week. 807 more words

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(A poem i penned recently about my experiences of depression; a subject area not always easy to talk about and often very hard to share. The great and wondrous gift that is poetry writing seems to take the cutting edge off everything) 612 more words

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