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Television cord cutting hits record level in 2016 for Canada's big providers: report

A record numbers of customers cancelled their television subscriptions to Canada’s publicly traded TV providers last year, according to data from an Ottawa-based research firm. 431 more words

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Big telecoms are spending more cash to keep customers, but some tactics raise concerns

Canada’s biggest telecoms spent more money to stop subscribers from leaving them last year, but one new retention tactic raised concerns among customers and lawyers alike. 819 more words

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Telcos square off over traffic pumping after allegations of gaming the system

Small and large telecommunications providers are facing off over whether Canada needs regulations to stop traffic pumping, a practice associated with free conference call lines and adult entertainment lines. 477 more words

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Telus Corp's growth overshadowed by spending

Investors aren’t giving Telus Corp. enough credit for its organic growth, instead focusing too much on its high spending, Desjardins Capital Markets said in a new report. 286 more words

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'Insatiable appetite': Canada's big three telecoms end 2016 with strong wireless results

Voracious demand for wireless services propelled Canada’s big three providers to a strong finish in 2016 despite competitive pressures that dampened results in the television and Internet markets. 522 more words

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Telus profit drops on restructuring charge, high cost of winning customers despite wireless gains

Telus Corp. reported higher quarterly revenue thanks to a growing base of data-hungry wireless subscribers, but higher costs to attract customers and a $305-million payoff to employees dampened its fourth-quarter profit. 279 more words

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Family wireless plans in spotlight as CRTC hearing debates control over data usage

Every family with a shared wireless plan must negotiate when one person uses the lion’s share of the allotted data before the period ends, but there is no rule governing how wireless providers notify these users of impending data overage fees. 481 more words

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