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Temonat (tem- oh- ZOHL- oh- mide) 250 Mg Tablets Price

Temonat Capsules (Temozolomide) also known as generic Temodar or Generic Temodal belongs to the general group of medicines known as antineoplastics. It is used to treat specific types of cancer of the brain in adults whose tumors have returned and whose tumors have just been diagnosed. 919 more words

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Temozolomide is an antineoplastic

Temozolomide (brand names Temodar and Temodal and Temcad) is an oral chemotherapy drug. It is an alkylating agent used for the treatment of Grade IV astrocytoma — an aggressive brain tumor, also known as glioblastoma multiforme — as well as for treating melanoma, a form of skin cancer. 77 more words

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