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John McCain and Glioblastoma

US Senator John McCain recently had removal of an aggressive brain tumor known as glioblastoma multiform. It is a highly aggressive form of cancer that often returns quickly to the same spot, even with surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. 494 more words

Glioblastoma Multiforme

Sickness Score (Part Five of Five)

Akynzeo/Metoclopramide 5 – 0 Temo

It’s a whitewash!

In Part Four of this mini-series, I wrote that I was worried about how my last day of chemo was going to be without my new best-friend Akynzeo. 405 more words

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Sickness Score (Part Three of Five)

Akynzeo 3 – 0 Temo

My Dad was looking into the anti-sickness drug on Thursday evening (as an Industrial Chemist does in his spare time!). He told me that Akynzeo is a compound of something and something else (he said the names of the somethings but I don’t care much about that). 229 more words

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Sickness Score (Part One of Five)

Akynzeo* 1 – 0 Temo


*Akynzeo is my new anti-sickness medication.

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Friends [and Enemies] Reunited

After meeting my Brain surgeonĀ on our fifth wedding anniversary (scheduled at exactly the same time that our wedding ceremony had started) and my first surgery being on the anniversary of my Uncle’s death, there’s been a degree of confluence of dates during my “journey” so far. 965 more words

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It's Moving Day!

Well, almost!

The majority of our furniture from our “old” house is moving into the Hobbit House today. We have to leave a few things behind due to lack of space in the bungalow, including a sofa and Jennifer’s double bed. 999 more words

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A Delayed Post: Better Late than Full of Hate

I’ve been struggling to write a blog post this week. It’s not because there’s nothing much going on and, thankfully, there have been no mishaps or dramas. 2,565 more words

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