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Eye of the tiger

I eat a scone at 10.30 then the time runs away with me, so I forgot to have an early lunch. I’m supposed to take my temozolomide when I get it at around 2.30 at oncology, but now it’s 1.30 and I need 2 hours of empty stomach beforehand. 916 more words

Brain Tumour

The last supper

I had an amazing weekend, during which I waded in the Dart up to my waist. I felt the burn of cold water, but didn’t feel able to dunk my shoulders, although I came close. 1,816 more words

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Monkey brain

Sitting in a kind of seminar room with S in the Mustard Tree, tears materialise from outer space. I say that because I didn’t somehow have access to them from within myself, they kind of landed on me. 1,245 more words

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Cheshire Cat Hunt: it's a no brainer

Firstly, a warning that this post talks about prognosis for glioblastoma grade 4 (GBM4), so if you’d rather not know, stop here.

I’ve decided on an alliterative title today, don’t say it too fast. 866 more words

Brain Tumour

Histology Results

First, a warning; there’s some unexpurgated information about brain tumours here, including prognosis. It comes further down, under the Result heading.  It’s the kind of information that I didn’t want to know for sure at the start, although I did have some idea. 2,856 more words

Brain Tumour

Sharp Scratch

I did it. I survived three half days back at work and I have to say it was blooming marvellous. Even the man in the restaurant said he’d missed me when I went for a pre-log in coffee. 726 more words