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Chicken, tofu and tempeh braised in coconut milk

In Indonesian, this dish is called Opor Ayam. But other than chicken (ayam) I also added tempeh and tofu.

Can’t really categorized this as a healty food though, as it contains lots of fat and cholesterol from the coconut milk. 131 more words


With a new cooking strategy, the author has tamed tempeh and brought out its best

Back in January, I was so bold as to issue a hopeful call that 2015 might be the Year of Tempeh. The reasons: a growing interest in plant-based eating and an also-growing realization that fermented soy is the most nutritious (and easiest to digest) form of that high-protein staple. 527 more words


Best Ever Recipes for Tofu, Tempeh & Seitan

When I changed my diet to plant-based it was Thanksgiving 2008. I was attempting to prepare a turkey for the first time. Having to remove its innards was such a horrible experience I simply decided then and there to go vegan. 1,472 more words

The Joy of Soy

Soy. Love it or leave it? This protein-rich food is derived from soybeans and often used as a replacement for animal protein in foods.

For those who love it, it is often a true and enduring love story. 197 more words

Back To School

A Day in the Life

It seems to me that everyone in my life is trying to lose a little weight right now. I’m not sure if this is actually a new phenomenon or something I just happen to be noticing. 880 more words


Tempeh & Nutty Tempeh Miso Wraps


Most people are nuts for tofu in the way that I am nuts for tempeh. Yes, TEMPEH. Tofu’s fermented sibling.

Here’s a little S.O.S. rundown on Tempeh: 548 more words

Glazed Maple-Mustard Tempeh Strips with Collards

Jim is really adventurous when he cooks.  He likes to try new dishes.  Mainly to try new ingredients!  This comes from him coming from a family that ate steak 6 times a week with a pot roast on Sunday.  416 more words