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Irate and Amused...

Ronovan’s prompt for this week ‘amused & irate,’ reminds me of a recent episode at the airport where one lady started throwing temper tantrums when she wasn’t allowed to pass customs and immigration with some items in her back pack. 60 more words

Rononvan's Weekly Haiku Challenge

How Could Motherhood Possibly Be This Hard?

I want to warn you, before you read any further, that this will not be my typical, dumb humor post. I won’t be telling you some sarcastic, relatable story about a time that my kids did something aggravating, then toss in some “funny” so that you can walk away with the feeling that this is all normal, lighthearted stuff. 1,212 more words

Mom Blogs Funny

A Day in the Life of Donny Boy and the Keystone Cops

In order to describe what it is like to be in the West Wing on a daily basis, you must know about the many weaknesses and difficulties of the man in charge, (?), Donald J. 760 more words

Just a Thought

If all parents claim to be great and the best parents, just where do their children learn all the ugly attitudes?

This recent video below left this thought on my mind.

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Parental Temper Tantrum

I’ve fallen out with child no 4.

I have succumbed to a fit of the temper tantrums and am not yet ready to speak to him. 526 more words

Fruits of the Loom

Yesterday, I got to have a bit of a break from barn living and headed off for a day of weaving.  The day started off rainy and dull, so unfortunately I couldn’t carry out one of my recently discovered new pleasures, digging out some old CDs, winding down the car windows and singing at the top of my voice as I drive along, though the CDs still went on, the screeching was just saved for my ears and not every cow, sheep and farmer that I passed. 675 more words


Tempering temper tantrums with tea.

When my daughter was around 3, she had her first hissy fit over some perceived slight. It could have been over something silly like that I didn’t take her to gran’s house after a play date or didn’t stop for ice cream, I don’t remember why. 584 more words