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It's just how my life goes...

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Christmas disaster

December 27, 2008

We always spend Christmas morning with my husband’s’ step-father, his current wife and her family.  We get together, have breakfast, open presents and chat with people we only see twice a year.  439 more words

Why Reverse Psychology Works On Vikings

Ah, parenting… that stage of life where you not only have to force yourself to exercise and choke down vegetables, but also convince people far less rational than you to do the same. 1,035 more words


When you live with a toddler...

…It is kinda like living with a pint-sized dictator. They make no sense. Their word is law. It is subject to change, and if you do not tow the line, you will be punished (usually with thrown food or flailing on the ground while screeching in a high-pitched noise). 244 more words


The 12 Days of Christmas, Mom Style

On the first day of Christmas my toddler gave to me

A Pampers full of pee

On the second day of Christmas my toddler gave to me  373 more words

“Fit” to be Tied

I was driving down the street and saw a scene that felt very familiar. A woman was walking down the sidewalk pushing a baby in a stroller. 454 more words


The Giant Bed

I seem to be driving Red Toes crazy lately, my frst tactic to drive her crazy was throwing my best temper tantrums to get my own way. 489 more words

New Adventures