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Two Year Olds...

With a house full of five people things can get pretty wild. I have a husband who works swing shift so he is either sleeping, working, or running around acting like a kid. 492 more words

Parenting Like a Prize Fighter

When my oldest daughter was little, she had what might have been the loudest meltdown our local grocery store ever experienced.  She wanted Care Bear Stickers.  806 more words

Child Rearing

Autistic meltdowns: 12 tips for caregivers

“Autism is one word trying to describe millions of stories. Offer support. Not judgment.” –Stuart Duncan, autism advocate

Whether someone you love has Asperger’s or autistic spectrum disorder, it’s likely they struggle with meltdowns — and you’re at a loss.  835 more words

Tantrums: Have They Changed?

“My kids didn’t do things like this” OR “My kids didn’t misbehave like this” –  Oh the infamous commentary, perhaps from the grandmother? or the in-laws? 996 more words

My child throws temper tantrums!

When my dad called to tell me that our dog died, I was in a situation in which I had to suppress the oncoming feelings. During the next several months, whenever I thought about the dog, I felt anguish and lack of closure. 921 more words


My children are trying to kill me!! 😭

I really could do with a stiff drink right now! Instead I’m on our bed, (I call it our bed…it’s really my bed. Poor Raj hasn’t slept in here for nearly 7 months!) under the feeding pillow with both twins. 935 more words