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Chapter 9: If Your Kid Has Bad Behavior, Fix It!

Some people think that when a kid is throwing a temper tantrum that it is just part of life and that eventually the child will stop on their own and morph into a well-behaved little person, from my experience and observations that is entirely FALSE. 1,699 more words

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Baby steps

Have you ever seen the movie What About Bob? In the movie, Bob suffers from several phobias. His psychiatrist has written a book called “Baby Steps.” After learning about the book, Bob repeats the words “baby steps, baby steps, baby steps” with everything he does. 640 more words

Foster Care

Sound of Social Justice - (Simon Garfunkel Parody Cover Song)

Resist the cult of commies! Public enemy #1 – thought police.

Covering the Battle of Berkeley, Kekistan, Steve Shives, Antifa, Based Stick Man, Yale student temper tantrums, safe spaces, Milo Yiannopoulos and his censorship and more in this depressing, yet ultimately dank song. Shadilay my fellow Kekistani brethren!


Back to reality

Last week was spring break. We had a great vacation. Evan went to respite because our family desperately needed a break. Respite care is when one foster family temporarily keeps another foster family’s children. 542 more words

Foster Care

Why Can't I Blow Smoke Into Your Air Conditioner?

HUD regulations require smokers to remain in a specified area when smoking.  The designated bench is far away from the building.

My neighbor down the hall sits at the picnic table outside (25-feet from my window) instead and chain smokes.   184 more words

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18 month olds!

It is been long since I wanted to post mommy stuff  but my 18 month old tot is giving me a one hell of a time. 576 more words


Did you have any serious accidents as a child?

I posted this earlier…this is the only serious childhood accident I can remember:

I used to throw temper tantrums whenever I didn’t get something I wanted (this was the behavior that caused the most disciplinary action for me). 176 more words