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Threenager hell! 🤬😳😩

OMG, where has my cute little three year old gone?! Everyone’s heard of the terrible two’s, but I warn you if you’re feeling smug because you missed that out, well they may be storing it up for their third year of life! 1,235 more words

What "Spoiled" Means Across Generations

Okay, THIS is gonna be a bit of a rant.

I have a new roommate who is a Millennial. He’s at the top of the generation, also grew up poor, so this isn’t about him, but he has been indulging my…ethnographic tendencies, if you will, and providing me a lot of insight into our American culture and his generation’s culture. 923 more words

Words of advice: don’t judge other parents

In the article on HuffPost today called “The Hypocrisy of Parenting,” Dr. Kurt Smith makes a point that until we are a parent ourselves, it’s very easy to judge our friends and strangers during small snapshots of their parenting life. 832 more words


Emotionally Intelligent

It was a cringe-worthy, disruptive, yet very minor event. A toddler standing in a shopping cart at a check out lane in the supermarket snatched a chocolate bar. 763 more words


Black Moms Matter: What To Do When Your Kids Throw Tantrums?

10/5/2017- Lot’s of moms have this problem when they’re out in public with their kids. Do you deal with them or leave them alone?  Kym thinks you should let them act like a fool and carry on with your business! 56 more words

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A Cup of Mad

When Nia was four years old she had a full-blown temper tantrum.  Her baby sister wouldn’t share a toy with her so Nia threw her head back and yelled at the top of her lungs. 426 more words

Children's Story

JK update

JK has turned my child into a monster.

We are on week #2 of JK and I feel like I have entered the twilight zone. I’ve regretted my decision to quit my job and stay home with my children more times than I can count. 150 more words