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The Toddler Years: gruelling yet delightful

                  Our daughter turned three years this June, officially completing her toddler years. Now when I sit and recall these two years of her life, thousands of images flashback before my eyes. 918 more words




I may have my little temper
My little passive-aggressive fueled
But for some reason
overnight my brain tells me to
Grow the hell… 35 more words


Finish Line

This one is hard to remember. I have goals…I’m a motivated person. I work extremely hard. For fuck’s sake I wear a head set to the bathroom at work so I’m working ALL the time. 390 more words


The slogan somedays you feel like a nut, somedays you don’t is playing in my head. Tonight is a nutty night.

Baby girl-after throwing a class A tantrum- was in bed at 7:47. 831 more words

Trump: The 50 GOP Officials Are 'Failed Washington Elite'

From Breitbart, by ALEX SWOYER

Donald Trump is responding to what he’s calling a “politically motivated” letter that was written by 50 GOP national security officials, who wrote a public letter stating that “none of us will vote for Donald Trump.” 395 more words


2016/07/31 ~ Temper Tantrums

2 1/2 year olds throwing full on temper tantrums aren’t much better – Our little one will actually lower herself to the floor now and go full temper tantrum – lord help us!

Some Thoughts

99 Word Blog (#008) XX Trumps Trump’s XY

Let’s reduce the Clinton vs. Trump issue down to the microscopic world of XX vs. XY.

Trump’s possession of / being possessed by that Y chromosome would capitalize the “T” in the word, “Trouble”. 67 more words

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