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Taming the Temper - Social and Emotional Struggles in Pediatric Stroke / Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy

I was deeply moved by reading stories posted by moms on the Hemi-Kids support group about their children having social issues at school.  Unfortunately, it seems, from hearing stories upon stories of pre-teen/teen hemi-kids, that schools can be difficult to navigate physically, emotionally, and socially for some of these more sensitive kids.   958 more words


Blockages children can't express leave us with...

Dearest Little Swan,

It’s some days now that in between your laughters at play, you moan and groan, scream and shout. You rebel and you suffer. 360 more words


The Terrible Twos

I don’t know why they call it the terrible twos, when it should really be called the terrible toddlers. My son started his ‘terrible twos’ early. 380 more words

T for Terrible - 4 Terrible negotiations with my terrible two #AtoZChallenge

Whosoever coined the term ‘terrible two’ must have really had a terrible kid :lol:

When my son was nearing two, he took to his new avatar of throwing tantrums.

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7 Ways to Deal with the Dreaded Two Year Old Temper Tantrum

Once upon a time, we had a sweet little boy named Nate who rarely got upset or threw fits but then one day he turned two years old and it all went to Hell… 1,930 more words

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How to end temper tantrums

Some days are amazing and some days we balance on the edge of insanity!

Sour patch kids, first they are sour then they are sweet. If only our kids could be happy and tantrum free all the time. 562 more words