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Temper Tantrums That Don't Go Away

“Mom, I heard a story about a kid who gets angry like me…and he killed someone.  Am I going to hurt someone someday?”

These words echo in my mind every…single…day.  

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I can't even

Sometimes E is such a cute toddler it almost hurts.  She waves good morning to the cats. She does “cheers” with her sippy cup.  She tries to share her bottles with me.   322 more words

Food Frenzy

Chloe the threenager 

Chloe never really went through the “terrible twos” and to be honest I never really noticed any change from her going from a 1 year old to 2, but boy oh boy I have noticed her turning 3! 158 more words

Everyday Life

Don't let hard times - or your children - break you down!

Well folks, it’s been one of those ‘You’re doing it wrong’ kind of weeks. Moms, you know what I’m talking about…the days where in the morning before everyone wakes up you are filled with love for your amazing kids. 1,304 more words

Terrible Twos!

Most every parent has a hard time with the “terrible twos” . I have a daycare parent who has found a t-shirt that says twonager on it. 309 more words


My, What Big Eyes You Have

We have reached the end of our first week of J being back at work full time, you may recall in my previous post about… 668 more words