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QUESTION:  “How should I react to my 5-year-old son calling me names, such as, stupid, dumb, jerk, and, of course, I hate you? Right now, all I am doing is telling him that he is hurting my feelings and that no one talks to him like that, so why is he treating me with disrespect.

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Sometimes I Don't Like My Son

As I typed that title in, I realized that someday my son might find this blog and read this post I am about the write.  I hope he understands how much he is truly adored by me and his father.   510 more words

Ugh! The hitting!!!

YOUR QUESTION: My 2½-year-old daughter is a hitter. No matter what we do, she hits rather than speaks. We believe she is intelligent and has impressive language skills. 

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9 Helpful Suggestions for Partners of Stay-at-Home Parents

Having commiserated for hours with every other stay-at-home parent (SAHP) on the playground, I’ve learned my complaints about the “home front” are the same as every other stay-at-home parent (SAHP). 662 more words


“Why is 3 so hard?!”

QUESTION: My son just recently turned 3 years old. A lot has happened over the course of four months. From moving back to our home state, to my husband starting a sea tour with the Navy and going out, to a recent miscarriage.

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Terrible two's & three's?!! HELP!!!

Terrible two’s and three’s are actually part of the normal development cycle, and a very critical time in molding social behavior. At this time, a child starts to realize he or she is separate from you, and are trying to learn and find autonomy. 540 more words


Oh Temper Tantrums - how I'm done with you already

I’m a new mom, that’s obvious. And when he cries a terrible pain takes over my whole body, and I just want to do everything I can to make him happy again…. 398 more words