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Finish Line

This one is hard to remember. I have goals…I’m a motivated person. I work extremely hard. For fuck’s sake I wear a head set to the bathroom at work so I’m working ALL the time. 390 more words


The slogan somedays you feel like a nut, somedays you don’t is playing in my head. Tonight is a nutty night.

Baby girl-after throwing a class A tantrum- was in bed at 7:47. 831 more words

Trump: The 50 GOP Officials Are 'Failed Washington Elite'

From Breitbart, by ALEX SWOYER

Donald Trump is responding to what he’s calling a “politically motivated” letter that was written by 50 GOP national security officials, who wrote a public letter stating that “none of us will vote for Donald Trump.” 395 more words


2016/07/31 ~ Temper Tantrums

2 1/2 year olds throwing full on temper tantrums aren’t much better – Our little one will actually lower herself to the floor now and go full temper tantrum – lord help us!

Some Thoughts

99 Word Blog (#008) XX Trumps Trump’s XY

Let’s reduce the Clinton vs. Trump issue down to the microscopic world of XX vs. XY.

Trump’s possession of / being possessed by that Y chromosome would capitalize the “T” in the word, “Trouble”. 67 more words

Donald Trump

Star Week Day 4

Just sitting here on a lovely Friday afternoon watching Stranger Things with the Husbeast and catching up on blogs.

On Wednesday we did our normal morning routine and then left for the library! 640 more words

Star Week Day 3

One day I’ll come up with ultra clever thought provoking blog titles but today is not that day.

Tuesday was devoted to learning about the letter “G”. 545 more words