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The ex[ected colder breeze

Not yet ruffles trees…

It’s staying  warm,

Doing no harm

Until late Friday!

–Jonathan Caswell

By Jonathan Caswell

God bless global warming! Two words that drive me nuts!

I am writing this not to get people riled up.  My goal is no more to upset anyone than it is to make them think I am insane… I have gone through that conversation with many people who think I shouldn’t be able to home school my children and I already have a couple drafts for home schooling posts where we can dive into that pile of crap.   966 more words


Temperamental Weather

There doesn’t seem to be a point,
Even now, curled up in blankets though I am
My thermastat informs me that it is unusually warm. 171 more words

#1003 - Frozen

The temperature has decided to drop precipitously. We are huddled under blankets for warmth.

If you find yourself in similar straits, why not download my new… 12 more words

Sketch A Day


Yesterday frog was mentioned. Haven’t heard from frog for a long time. The chirping sound of coqui frogs is honored and welcome in Puerto Rico their country of origin, they help people fall asleep. 85 more words


The Difference A Few Degrees Means To Me

You wouldn’t think a few degree temperature drop would really make such a difference in my life but let me assure you, it really does. Here are a few examples of what has changed in the last few weeks. 352 more words

How The Temperature In Each State Has Changed In The Last 118 Years


I need to delve into this site deeper, but not on my smartphone. Those graphs need a larger format to be appreciated fully.

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