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First day of the school holiday weather.

Today sees the first day, for many, of the school holidays and the weather will be joining in with the “celebration” by being generally warm and pleasant. 209 more words


Too hot to tango

Tuesday was going to be the hottest day of the year so far according to the weather forecast. Well it sure lived up to that. Between three and four in the afternoon, that is at the height of the day for temperature readouts I checked the temperature on the patio but in a shaded spot using a mercury thermometer. 552 more words


The temperature is up...

Yesterday I had really bad ovary pains. This morning my temperature was up. If this was an ovulation I will be so happy I might do cartwheels around the house. 64 more words


Response of marine copepods to a changing tropical environment: winners, losers and implications

Background. Climate change concurrent with anthropogenic disturbances can initiate serial changes that reverberate up the food chain with repercussions for fisheries. To date, there is no information available concerning the combined effects of global warming and human impacts on tropical marine food webs. 357 more words


Is this the weather for Jimmy?

Today sees the jet stream in a position slightly north of our area and this will allow some warmer air from the south to reach our patch.   265 more words


Hot to stay safe in the 'heat dome' coming this weekend

NEW YORK (ABC NEWS) — The dog days of summer are officially set to arrive this weekend with much of the continental U.S. expected to wilt under a what the National Weather Service is calling a “heat dome.” 493 more words