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ACORN-SAT 2.0: Nation-wide Summary

This is the eighth in a series of posts in which I directly compare the most recent version of Australia’s temperature record, ACORN-SAT 2, with that of the previous version, ACORN-SAT 1.  2,515 more words


Bicara tentang keringat, kelembaban udara, dan derajat kenyamanan

Apakah anda pernah dengar orang Jawa bilang “sumu“? Malam ini di Manila sumu banget. Keringat pun seakan tidak kering-kering, kalau orang sunda bilang “ 512 more words


4 ways to beat the scorching heat

The temperature is soaring high day by day. To top it off, the heat wave comes with humidity where I live. I am a person of zero tolerance of humidity, my hair becomes frizzy, my skin feels dull and don’t get me started on my productivity. 309 more words


Arctic Ocean Temperature Soars as Almost All Old Arctic Sea Ice is Gone

Temperatures near the entrance to the Arctic Ocean in northwest Russia reached a record-shattering 84 degrees Fahrenheit, in an area where temperatures are normally 30 degrees colder at this time of year. 161 more words


What Difference Does Instrument Selection Make To Anomaly Processed Temperature Data?

I’ve wanted to do an A/B Comparison of “Anomaly Processed Temperatures” with changed instruments since the very first time I ran GIStemp, about a decade ago. 2,065 more words

AGW Science And Background

Adaptive responses and local stressor mitigation drive coral resilience in warmer, more acidic oceans

Coral reefs have great biological and socioeconomic value, but are threatened by ocean acidification, climate change and local human impacts. The capacity for corals to adapt or acclimatize to novel environmental conditions is unknown but fundamental to projected reef futures. 201 more words