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SHS students wish for warmer days

From the end of December into our new year, we have experienced some of the coldest days of the winter yet. The low hit 4 degrees, which was on the 7th of January. 334 more words


Using Color for Mood

Ever heard the term “rose colored glasses”?

Definition of rose-colored glasses
: favorably disposed opinions : optimistic eyes views the world through rose-colored glasses

But we can also use this color in animation and photography to denote naiveté, innocence, or love. 898 more words

Energy Efficiency Training at Brockport and Record Breaking Temperature

By Johnny Nixon @John_R_Nixon

SUNY, College at Brockport is set to receive state funding to develop a training program for building operations and maintenance staff on how to be more energy efficient. 113 more words


UK weather: ‘Beast from the east’ cold snap to stay into next week

Unusual for the start of March in the UK perhaps, but this looks quite tame compared to forecasts of well below -15C (overnight) for some parts of central Europe. 301 more words


Thursday, 9/22/18- B Day


What causes heat energy to be transferred? How do changes in heat energy affect particle motion, temperature, & states of matter?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Changes of State…
  2. 102 more words

Getting the temperature on point

Temperature control is crucial in baking, but sadly the way to get there is via a whole lot of trial and error. Generally learning from epic fails and last-minute panics…whole bunch of fun. 420 more words