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Three Positive Aspects about the Weather in London

England, as you might know, is (in)famous for its weather. Expats and locals alike enjoy complaining about the temperature that is always a bit too low for the current month and the unreliability of those meagre sunrays.  305 more words

Neuro-oxidative damage and aerobic potential loss of sharks under elevated CO2 and warming

Sharks occupy high trophic levels in marine habitats and play a key role in the structure and function of marine communities. Their populations have been declining worldwide by ≥90 %, and their adaptive potential to future ocean conditions is believed to be limiting. 172 more words


roasting veggies

When we talk about the Vegetable Revolution—you know, that whole thing where restaurants are cooking veg we actually want to eat—we place much emphasis on treating our veggie friends like meat.

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Why is it so hot........!?

It’s so hot today… I honestly thought I was going to melt into a puddle.


↑ Sorry this gif has nothing to do with it being hot outside….