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Winter Recedes

The cold comes later
Like ice, taking longer to form
When the temperature is set high in the freezer.

It lasts a shorter time
Like ice-cream left out in the open, 63 more words


Honors Chemistry 15 - Charles' Law

Last week we looked at Boyle’s law  – holding a sample of gas at constant temperature while varying the pressure and watching the volume change.  Today we investigated Charles’ Law by keeping the pressure constant and changing the temperature so we could see how the volume would vary.   300 more words


Snow and Sunrise - 6 December 2016

After a snowfall last night, a stunning sunrise this morning.

Pedder Bay Marina

Pearson College dock

First year Marine Science students also measured seawater temperature and salinity at 9:40 am while the air temperature was 4.2oC. 7 more words


You're not alone: The biggest office complaint is about temperature

The most common office gripe is not about lack of receptive management, disregard for well-being, or difficulty interacting with coworkers. No, more than anything else, workers just wish they could control the temperature of their workspaces. 298 more words

Warm Temps Cause Boston To Cancel Outoor Wonderland

BOSTON (AP) — Santa Claus or Santa Thaws?

Boston city officials say they’re postponing the opening of a European-style “Boston Winter” outdoor wonderland because it’s unseasonably warm. 104 more words


शून्य से नीचे आया पारा :ठिठुर रहा है कश्मीर

श्रीनगर, (भाषा): रात में शून्य से नीचे तापमान रहने के कारण कश्मीर के क्षेत्रों में हाड़ कंपा देने वाली ठंड पड़ रही है। मौसम वैज्ञानिकों ने भविष्यवाणी की है कि अगले 24 घंटे से ज्यादा समय तक मौसम शुष्क बना रहेगा।मौसम विभाग के एक अधिकारी ने बताया कि जम्मू और कश्मीर की गर्मियों की राजधानी […]

Fire & Ice

I realized today that I’ve never come across a “would you rather” I couldn’t answer. Either I’m very sure of myself or I’m so confident in not needing to be sure that I’m sure of whatever I choose. 495 more words