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Charcoal vs Gas – which do you prefer?

There is a constant debate about charcoal and gas barbecues. We believe that it all comes down to the type of chef you are and flavour you want to achieve. 278 more words


Interactive effects of temperature and pCO2 on sponges: from the cradle to the grave

As atmospheric CO2 concentrations rise, associated ocean warming (OW) and ocean acidification (OA) are predicted to cause declines in reef-building corals globally, shifting reefs from coral-dominated systems to those dominated by less sensitive species. 305 more words


Unmistakably Mustang

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IT has taken some time but the American car that spawned a whole new segment more than 50 years ago is finally here. 618 more words

Money Matters

Sea urchins in a high-CO2 world: the influence of acclimation on the immune response to ocean warming and acidification

Climate-induced ocean warming and acidification may render marine organisms more vulnerable to infectious diseases. We investigated the effects of warming and acidification on the immune response of the sea urchin… 195 more words