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Intraspecific variability in the response to ocean warming and acidification in the scleractinian coral Acropora pulchra

Studies of coral colonies show that ocean acidification and temperature can affect calcification; however, less is known about the consequences for their populations. Understanding intraspecific variation in the response of corals to these conditions will be important for evaluating population-level consequences of environmental change. 179 more words


Seven Tips to Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing

Here are seven tips to make your bedroom a more relaxing place, according to Amara and Sleep.org:

1.  Paint your walls blue, green, or gray.  157 more words


Combined effects of elevated pCO2 and temperature on biomass and carbon fixation of phytoplankton assemblages in the northern South China Sea

The individual influences of ocean warming and acidification on marine organisms have been investigated intensively, but studies regarding the combined effects of both global change variables on natural marine phytoplankton assemblages are still scarce. 322 more words


Effects of elevated carbon dioxide and temperature on survival and morphology of Japanese whiting Sillago japonica

The objective of the present study was to examine the effect of elevated CO2 and temperature on survival and morphology of Sillago japonica yolk sac larvae under the Institute for East China Sea Research(ECSER) Nagasaki, Japan. 271 more words


Last day of September 2016 weather

It was just under 10c (9.3c) as I made my observations on this last morning of September 2016 morning (at 06:20 hours).  The good news, however, is that we will see some brighter spells during the day that will help lift our top temperature up to around 16c. 194 more words


The only time I really like winter is before it actually gets here

I wish someone would remind me of this feeling next April.  By then I’ll probably be ready for another change.  I’ll be tired of putting on fifteen layers of fleece before I go outside, tired of wearing boots and stockings, tired of taking a coat to the bar, tired of shivering while I dress every morning, tired of scraping ice off my car, tired of not being able to feel my fingers, and tired of stepping in icy puddles with just a thin pair of flats on my feet.   645 more words