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Styling forms in Django using template tags

Forms in Django are awesome; they come with a lot of magic inside. But they lack customization for styling them in different ways.
For example, if you wish to add Bootstrap styling to the forms then it is difficult unless you use any 3ed party packsges for that. 211 more words


WordPress Words: Template Tags

Template Tags: A template tag is PHP code that dynamically creates and displays design choices on a WordPress Site. Template tags are found within Templates and Plugins.

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Django Built-In Template Tags in Views

Django’s built-in template tags are simply Python functions which means they can be used in places other than templates such as class-based views.

Here’s an example using pluralize:


Expanding Grid For Wordpress - A Google Images Effect

First See The Effect Here.

I found this really cool tutorial on Tympanus codrops. In the tutorial Mary Lou explains how to create an expanding grid like you see everyday on Google Images. 2,187 more words

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Yes, this article is still about Django. In this short article, I will explain about templating. Django uses a templating language that differs from Python itself. 377 more words