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How My Unplanned Side Trip Turned Out To Be The Highlight Of My Travel

I am a huge fan of sports and sporting events, so when I was planning the Thailand part of my holiday backpacking trip, I made sure to include Nakhon Ratchasima on my itinerary. 1,029 more words


A Millennial Temple? Grasping At Shadows

Premillennialism predicts that a new Temple building will stand in Jerusalem during the Millennium; the location of Christ’s throne and the global center of worship. The ancient feasts, sacrifices and other Mosaic rituals will be practiced again; national Israel will finally fulfill its role as the light of the world. 1,962 more words


The Sabbath Presence

Today we focus on the fact that God rested after having made the world. And as we look closely into the culture of the Bible writers, we see the reasons as to why He rested and the importance of Sabbath and the presence of God. 21 more words



Metal clamps break off
A temple’s edge for mounting
On a separate frame

Sri Lanka 斯里蘭卡 | Colombo 科倫坡 | Kelaniya Temple

到了Colombo第三日我地本來諗住去海邊走走,去左Galle Face諗住有野睇下同行下,點知其實都無咩野睇,係夜晚先有小食檔睇下,我地係Galle Face Hotel飲左杯咖啡影左下相講左句行程最尾個幾日就要黎住返晚舒服下。之後我地都唔知去邊,搵左個寺距離大約有7km,坐Uber大約700rupee,雖然得7km但係都坐左好耐因為都係泥路。 9 more words


One Thing

In our multi-tasking mounting pressure culture to juggle your life AND plan your future well, there is a prayer whispered from the heart of a king that reveals to us the secret of the… 235 more words

Just A Minute

Belanja di Ginza sampe dapat Free Hug di Shibuya – Japan Bucket List (7)

“Hari ini kita mau kemana nih jadinya?” –  itulah pertanyaan pertama saya saat bangun tidur di hari terakhir kami di Jepang. Sama halnya dengan yang lain, mereka sepertinya kelelahan karena ternyata alih – alih mau pulang cepat dan langsung istirahat setibanya di hotel, rencana itu tidak terlaksana dengan mulus seperti biasa. 1,368 more words