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angkor what?

Another religious place that we went to was Angkor Wat of Cambodia.  Angkor Wat translates to “Capital Temple” or “Temple City”.  It is a temple complex in Cambodia and is the largest religious monument in the world.   41 more words


Temple Run

From the UNESCO site of Khao Yai to that of Ayutthaya.  Once upon a time this city was the capital of what was then known as Siam.  96 more words


Travelog: A Couple Days in Kyoto

Carly and I split our two Kyoto days based on the area of the city. The first was spent in Arashiyama, the part of town with the bamboo grove. 1,745 more words


Phala of doing pradakshina

Phala of putting a Pradakshina to Vishnu

“vishnorvimanam yah kuryat sakrudbaktya pradakshinam |
Asvamedhasahasrasya palamapnoti manavah ||”

Meaning: “One who puts a single pradakshina to a vishnu temple with bhakthi gets the punya of performing 1000 Ashwamedha yagnyas”

–  Shri Madhwacharyaru’s krishnamruthamaharnava


Judging by Apparel

I attended a fireside recently in which a female speaker mentioned that she had served in a temple. One of the women came to the temple “with a color of hair not found in nature.”  She noted that the woman had lots more jewelry than most, and that while the dress she wore was white, it was not typical of traditional temple dresses worn by women.   203 more words


Angkor What?

So, I was in Cambodia again recently checking out the temples of Angkor Wat and the good guys at Raffles looked after me during my writing gig. 37 more words