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The View from Below

Sri Lanka is one of those places where looking upward pays.  From majestic trees blocking out the sun to dagabas and statues perched at the edge of cliffs or on mountain tops, there’s always something singular to be seen from below. 189 more words

Ever Upward

Am I late?  I worked on these last week, thinking they would be an interesting collection for Sonel’s Upward in Black and White Challenge, and then forgot I hadn’t posted them! 206 more words


The Unmistakable Patterns of Upcountry Roofs

The early colonial settlers – the Portuguese and the Dutch – brought, or recreated their gorgeous terracotta half-round tile roofs when they built, down around the coasts… 135 more words

The Temporal Invading the Spiritual

There’s nothing like a challenge to unify disparate ideas or odds and ends that just tickled your fancy at the time.  Ailsa’s done just that with her… 571 more words

Speaking of Entrances ...

… there’s a triumphal new entrance to the dagaba on Nagadeepa

which is all the excuse I need to introduce you to some of the faces I met on the ferry the other day… 140 more words

There's No Getting Around It - It Can't Be Ignored

We were on our way to watch the sunset from the beach when we rounded a corner and there, in front of us, were the shattered remains of a temple structure. 150 more words