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Japan: Temples and Spirituality

Perhaps the most prominent aspect of our week-long trip to Japan was visiting temples, shrines, and other sites of spirituality. In all three cities, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara, these sites provided a look into Japanese culture, beautiful architecture, and a brief respite from busy city life through immersion in nature. 705 more words


Mysterious Egypt

Written By: Gary Wonning

Dating back to the land before time, Egypt continues to be a land of mystery and intrigue. Egyptians are still farming and earning a living today much the same way they did in ancient Egypt almost ten thousand years ago. 329 more words


Myanmar Adventure : Bagan 

Bagan was considered to be the heart of Myanmar over the centuries. It burts of spiritual creativity which lasted for two and half centuries , beginning in 1047 and ending in 1287 when Kublai Khan raided the city. 380 more words


Salvation at a Buddhist Temple

    During our last week in the capital city, we visited our third major temple for ministry. It a massive Buddhist temple on the outskirts of the city. 817 more words




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  • Banqiao district for accommodations
  • 24- or 48- or 72-hour MRT passes for easy and cheap transportation
  • Lonely Planet City Guides app for tourism recommendations and offline map navigation…
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A day of disappointments and discoveries in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

The day was not going well right from the time we started. We were supposed to have reached Tirunelveli at 3.30 pm. Yet, we were having a cup of coffee at a roadside tea stall called ‘Ootai panai tea stall’ under the blazing sun. 777 more words


Meet The Maker: Karima Dawoodani, Creative Head - Soul Works, Mumbai

Karima Dawoodani from Soul Works started a full time venture of designing dreamcatchers ever since she showcased a modest line up at a local flea market in Mumbai a few years ago. 703 more words

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