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Uluwatu Temple and Kacek Dance - Day 3 Bali

The next morning in Bali we had three things planned: a nice breakfast, a relaxing beach, and Uluwatu Temple with a Kacek dance. The Kacek dance was recommended by our local Indonesian host, and we’re glad we went! 1,434 more words


Serene Ayutthaya

After spending a couple days in Siem, we headed back to Bangkok. We got on a train which we were able to make in just a matter of seconds thanks to the help of the wonderful Thai staff. 396 more words


Finnish Folk Belief and Shinto

As I was writing some of my thoughts down on my previous post here, I was struck with some more thoughts when I started writing this section; 1,414 more words


Bali; Nusa Dua - A week of Utopia

Bali; Nusa Dua – Is a beautiful paradise all year round. The average weather in Bali ranges from 22°C to 33°C; Dry and windy. I went during October which is a perfect mixture of dry wind and temperatures up to 32°C. 903 more words


So Siem Reap's on Your To-Visit List.... Here's 5 Things You Should Know

If you’d asked me about our Cambodia trip pre-arrival, I would’ve said this particular vacation was my husband’s baby. And I was okay with that. After all, he was very gracious about my dragging him back to Thailand for a second, more-beach-centric trip. 1,367 more words


First days in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is an absolute delight for the senses. All of them. Perhaps the most noticeable are the smells: food and flowers. 268 more words


Sketching Kathmandu

Spending just a day in Kathmandu, Nepal will leave you with a memory full of unforgettable images of excellent craftmanship of artisans and artists of both hindu and buddhist temples/ stupas.  96 more words