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Exhibition Project: Candle Clocks

So far in my project looking at time and temporality I’ve been looking at clocks. I’d like to do something sculptural for this project, yet clocks are often expensive and complicated objects which I either can’t afford to buy and manipulate, or couldn’t make myself and do it justice. 252 more words


Exhibition Project: Day 5

To carry on my work looking at the relationship between clocks and the passing of time in nature I chose to look into video and also re-visit the Ashmolean to have a focused search for any clocks they may have in their collection. 355 more words


Exhibition Project: Day 4

On our trip to Blenheim yesterday, whilst intrigued by the Holzer exhibition, I was also drawn to the elaborate clocks in the rooms. From my visits to the Ashmolean I’d already picked out a clock as one of the objects I might want to work with, but at the time I was uninspired by the concept. 391 more words


Soul, A Divine Manifestation.

First Published on FaceBook, November 14, 2016, · 

“Reason is a light that God has kindled in the soul.”-¬†Aristotle

To be Correct and precise:-–It is the Curiosity human Nature has been inculcated/kindled with (not the soul); that gives rise to Human reason and logic (a human construct). 21 more words

Exhibition Project: Day 2

On the Ashmolean visit on Wednesday, and with research I did later, I found 6 items/displays from the museum which I could use to inspire me. 365 more words


Photography in Time and Agency

With the coming of the technological era, photography has been translated from analog to digital, enabling people to capture moments with ease. Due to its prominence, primarily nowadays to millennials who are fond of posting photos in social media, photography has been reduced to merely showing off or sharing experiences with people. 1,644 more words


Ep. 52 - Geraldine Heng, The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages

We’re back, and with an episode featuring frequent guest of the show Sid Issar joining Rachel and John! The trio engages with a two-part article ( 239 more words