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Continuing The Dream At Robert Gober's "Tick Tock"

“Part of the thing about secrets is that they have a certain kind of mystery to me. A dark secret, I don’t want to see something so clearly that it would destroy an imaginary picture…secrets and mysteries…provide a beautiful little corridor where you can float out and many, many wonderful things can happen,” vividly describes… 1,779 more words


Mail Art

Susan Hol did send this picture which was exhibited in a large print at the International Blowing Bubbles Day of 2016.


International Blowing Bubbles Day

On Artificial Philosophy

The perils and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence are discussed and disputed endlessly, enough to qualify as an outright industry. Artificial philosophy, not so much. I thought it worthwhile to consider why. 1,623 more words


Temporalities of Nuclear Power

Continuing our discussion on temporalities, here two links.

A podcast on the efforts to design a communication strategy to inform about the danger souring a repository for nuclear waste 10 thousand years in the future. 21 more words


A Student Response to Swinburne

Mental Constructions of Joy

“Time flies like the wind; fruit flies like bananas” -Groucho Marx

Swinburne’s “The Triumph of Time” focuses upon mental constructions and the way they influence our ability to feel joy. 1,006 more words

A Student Response to Swinburne

Life, Time, and Oblivion in Swinburne’s “The Triumph of Time”

In Algernon Charles Swinburne’s lamentation of lost love, “The Triumph of Time,” he explores many sprawling symbols. 706 more words