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It’s a sporadic constant hunger that feeds off of me. I feel it gnaw at my insides, it doesn’t feed off of my stomach lining or my heart but at my brain, I feel it tear off my ease and let the suffer seep in. 302 more words


Heidegger on Temporality

Continued excerpts. First part was published in: https://foldeskaroly.wordpress.com/2017/01/23/being-and-time/

Here are some more page images. As you know, temporality is a key feature of Being in the author’s magnum opus.



Assignment 6: Joining the Dots

NOTE: this is the reworked version of this assignment for assessment, following feedback from my tutor. The revisions are minor structural changes, removal/replacement of sample photos and expanded visual analysis of remaining images… 2,273 more words


Haiku #115

Flowers waiting in
an unassuming hotel
live beyond their bloom.

Copyright © 2017, by J. Sibley Law


January 14, 2017- Past, Present and Future selfs

Hello January,

When I visit my hometown, I am usually torn between my past, present and future self.

The past self, is what people used to know me for. 192 more words

Personal Development

Transition and its Temporalities

Courtney Wittekind asks whether land claims might be calls for a re-orientation of time. 1,531 more words


A New Year Whenever You Need One

Dear Daughters,

I was struck this week by the number of times people talked to me about time, and especially the circles it seems to make. 562 more words