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no turn on red except on green

i’m dipping one toe in
through this shoe with broken binding
the man in front of me is waist deep
in Lake Michigan
shouting a poem into the waves and wind… 116 more words


Fates Since Abandoned

without death
we are nothing

a wintry embrace
long forgotten

grains of mured sand
in an endless descent

adorners of vitrails
neath skies of exalt… 85 more words


The Temporality of Artificial Intelligence

Nothing sounds more futuristic than artificial intelligence (AI). Our predictions about the future of AI are largely shaped by science fiction. Go to any conference, skim any WIRED article, peruse any gallery of stock images depicting AI*, and you can’t help but imagine AI as a disembodied cyberbabe (as in Spike Jonze’s  1,853 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Traverses made beyond the Dual Band Energetic Transparent Frequency Assemblies

Fractal access is a Compartmentalized Node for Ascension of our Beings through a transgressional Impact Line. The associated Core Views (Attachments) found through a Localized super – sub-structured core is the Fractal Accessible Compartment Utilized for telekinetic Up-link to Universal Mind (Global Mind Superimpositional Mapping System) By acquiring the right Structural Code (Implementation) of a Higher Ordeal or Octave (Mainly of Perception/Through Perception with Awareness). 236 more words

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index i.

index i.

to lay claim

one thousand entrance points

to the honeycombed wood

upright, in the sand, now

that the green rind

has died

a hallowed question— 257 more words


Knowing Nature: The Changing Foundations of Environmental Knowledge

Conference Report (Beijing, China, 25–27 May 2017)

By Katrin Kleemann

Historians like traditions and they like to invent them. Helmuth Trischler, director of the Rachel Carson Center and head of research at the… 1,349 more words


Temporal Habit

Félix González-Torres, Untitled (Perfect Lovers), 1990

The face of a clock,

Is no face at all;

But instead

a cake of quarters,

Four slices I count down through the hour. 153 more words