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Time isn’t linear, it’s simultaneous.

When I remember I return to that moment, limited by the decisions I made at that time, only seeing from the same perspective I did then… 202 more words

Wine From Plastic Cups

These auriferous eyes,
these truncated dreams of soporific pipelines,

this nighttime endowed with entropy
and misguided hindsight,

this road map of ill-constructed guidelines
and meditative wildlife, 61 more words


I’m less interested, then, in the “turn toward time” than in the turning or troping by which we’re obliged to keeping turning time into history. Whether polyphonous or univocal, history, thus ontologized, displaces the epistemological impasse, the aporia of relationality, the nonidentity of things, by offering the promise of sequence as the royal road to consequence.

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Oceans of Time

Daniel Zelman and the brothers Glenn and Todd Kessler carry the main responsibility for projecting one of the nuances of our contemporary zeitgeist into television: the experiencing of multiple temporalities simultaneously conveying a new way of exploring serial narratives. 551 more words


Stealing Time

I think there are quasi-temporal parasites living inside every clock and timekeeping device. It’s the only explanation.

Everyone has the experience of how terrible it is to check the time. 493 more words

No Exceptions

April 17, 2015- Trekking and clearing my mind

Dear April,

thanks to the nice weather you have offered us, I started a new habit in my hometown: a morning trek, or to be more honest, a walk in the beautiful paths nearby. 217 more words

Personal Development

Here and Then

Back at Christmas I read one of the most extraordinary graphic novels I’ve ever read: Here, by Richard McGuire. It reminds me in no small way of Martin Vaughn-James’  244 more words