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EGOS tracks with history

Next year, the Standing Working Group 8: History in Organization Studies, will no longer run at the European Group for Organization Studies Annual Conference. But since Copenhagen Business School is celebrating its centenary (please see the final call for sub-theme 44), there are in fact three tracks that mention history in their call. 633 more words


lamplit presences and the unreturning light

“Years cannot move;

Nor Death’s disorienting scale


– Gwen Harwood

I’m finding myself mourning the past, neglecting the present and worried for the future. Instead, I’m stuck in my head as my surroundings pass me like a movie scene that I’m merely viewing on a screen.

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10.14.2016 annotations

Paper: Lindley, S., Corish, R., Kosmack Vaara, E., Ferreira, P., & Simbelis, V. (2013). Changing perspectives of time in HCI. In CHI ’13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems on – CHI EA ’13… 1,295 more words


Under the Aspect of Redemption

I came up philosophically under several phenomenologists. I was reminded of that when I spent some time in Boston where the used bookstores gather in their eddies the excess from students attending bastions of continental thinking like Boston College. 1,150 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Morgan Wong

An in-depth but casual conversation between Hong Kong artist Morgan Wong and art writer Caroline Ha Thuc


Caroline Ha Thuc: From the beginning of your career time has been at the core of your practice: how to visualise it, how to grasp it and even recently how to smell it. 1,290 more words

Caroline Ha Thuc

Sunset 6 'Only One, and Not Even That'

SUNSET 6 ( only one, and not even that)

There is only one moment, and not even that
As it slides between words spluttering the certain. 270 more words

Growing Up & Leaving Behind Your Teenage Years

It would be an understatement to say that my teenage years have been eventful at the very least. Tonight, on the eve of my 20th birthday and my last few hours as a teenager, I can’t help but reflect on my 13 year old self and reminisce on all those years spent growing up. 410 more words