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The Remains of Magnificence 

I have been reading portions of John Wesley’s Journal (the Founder of the Methodist Church in England- 18th Century). He made the following entry on June 19, 1760: “We dined at Kilkenny (Ireland) noble in ruins: I see no such remains of magnificence in the Kingdom (England). 332 more words


What a difference a day makes... temporality in action

It is amazing how my symptoms change day to day, and during the same day. A day can make so much difference; a complete reversal in perspective and therefore experience. 71 more words

Theoretical Framework for Discussions on Time (pt.1)

The following is a very rough reflection on some of the ideas which I am working with in a greater Master’s Thesis project. I welcome constructive feedback and thoughts, so please leave a comment if you have something interesting to say or have any good questions. 996 more words


Wow: Lecture by Prof. Souleymane Bachir Diagne (Columbia University)

What a great opening the ALA –  and a focus on the beauty of an ongoing conversation. Last week, we discussed Sarkozy’s speech held in Dakar in 2007. 168 more words


Debate Part II

Carolyn Pedwell is our second contributor to the new debate section on critical habitations with her post on (In)habiting the Present.