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Over the verdant hillock,

starry with daffodils:

empty cerulean skies

if not for a cloud,

Northerly lining aglow–


The brush caught fire too

beneath the sinking daylight… 24 more words


Byron Ellsworth Hamann "How to Chronologize with a Hammer"

Hamann, Byron Ellsworth 2016. How to Chronologize with a Hammer, Or, The Myth of Homogeneous, Empty Time. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 6(1): 261-292.

Trouillot argues that “modernity implies first and foremost a fundamental shift in regimes of historicity, most notably the perception of a past radically different from the present and the perception of a future that becomes both attainable (because secular) and yet indefinitely postponed (because removed from eschatology)” (2003: 38). 1,627 more words

"Masters of Uncertainty"

Phaedra Daipha’s recent (20105) book Masters of Uncertainty: Weather Forecasters and the Quest for Ground Truth (University of Chicago Press) is worth picking-up, if only to appreciate and better understand the odd practice-world of weather forecasting inhabited by individuals whose weather predictions feature so prominently in local and national news, and, also, because frequently their prognostications shape the timings of our daily comings and goings (especially when we trust them too much or too little). 530 more words

The Secret Structure of the Days: Letters and the Book of Baruch

The movement to the elemental lines in the witness of the body is a movement from the visible to the invisible, from the outer to the inner. 1,473 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

Time, Temporality, and T. H. White

I am currently reading through T. H. White’s The Once and Future King for the very first time, and I must admit that as I read, I’m constantly distracted by thoughts about time, temporality, and how Merlyn can live backwards through time while still functionally conversing and building relationships. 2,011 more words


July 11, 2016: When the going gets tough the tough get going

Hello July

I realise you are a very demanding month, the last two years I find myself organising summer art exhibitions and there is always a last-minute cancellation to fill in everybody’s nerves tense, and still… will pull it through… 90 more words

Personal Development

Light Spots

Humanity’s beauty and cruelty intertwined to make
A bright light against the darkness of my white sclera,
That I blinked away once, twice, thrice,
And still there it remained, 57 more words