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Sunset 6 'Only One, and Not Even That'

SUNSET 6 ( only one, and not even that)

There is only one moment, and not even that
As it slides between words spluttering the certain. 270 more words

Growing Up & Leaving Behind Your Teenage Years

It would be an understatement to say that my teenage years have been eventful at the very least. Tonight, on the eve of my 20th birthday and my last few hours as a teenager, I can’t help but reflect on my 13 year old self and reminisce on all those years spent growing up. 410 more words

only suffering takes time

all my past took place in this moment
there is nothing I’ve lost
but pretence and illusions
what I cling to is images
this moment is all that has ever been… 9 more words

Time Machines: Get Down and Cut Ups

So, The Get Down. There are some subtle but persistent magical themes going on in the narrative. There are the top-hatted alien and minor characters with names like ‘Thor’*; there is the tension between ecstasy and devotion**; but right now I want to point out the way art, history, and music play out as aspects of time (magic). 996 more words

Empire And Gnosis

Ephemeral Love

Love is a weird and wonderful contradiction – it is unique and mesmerising, yet also tragic. Jason Silva refers to this idea of love as one that is intimately related to the notion of melancholy – both existing in the same space, which is why when we are rewarded with emotion we cannot tell between happiness and sadness.  673 more words

Over the verdant hillock,

starry with daffodils:

empty cerulean skies

if not for a cloud,

Northerly lining aglow–


The brush caught fire too

beneath the sinking daylight… 24 more words


Byron Ellsworth Hamann "How to Chronologize with a Hammer"

Hamann, Byron Ellsworth 2016. How to Chronologize with a Hammer, Or, The Myth of Homogeneous, Empty Time. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 6(1): 261-292.

Trouillot argues that “modernity implies first and foremost a fundamental shift in regimes of historicity, most notably the perception of a past radically different from the present and the perception of a future that becomes both attainable (because secular) and yet indefinitely postponed (because removed from eschatology)” (2003: 38). 1,627 more words