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Never Cease

I see you everywhere –
In women with their back to me,
I smell you in the air –
In scents which launch attacks on me, 46 more words


Francois Hartog "Time and Heritage"

Hartog, Francois 2005. Time and Heritage. Museum International 57(3): 7-18.

A conference, conceived by the Hellenist, Marcel Detienne, a specialist in comparative approaches, provided the opportunity to resume the concept once again and develop it further, along with another anthropologist, Gérard Lenclud. 694 more words


This article was  published by PETRIe at http://www.petrieinventory.com/man-is-the-measure-of-time


Do we fight time? Do we embrace it? Is time a source of anxiety or a stimulant of joy? 412 more words

PETRIe Inventory

Temporality has enslaved America

I wonder if other countries are like America. If they embody the same essence, if the same underlying culture oozes from its pores, from the tallest condos and shopping malls to the humblest ghettoes. 1,032 more words

"No Silence Within"

"Silence: one would willingly
 Consume it, eat it like bread.
 There is never enough. Now,
 When we are silent, metal
 Still rings upon shuddering
 Metal: a door slams, a child
 Cries; other lives surround us."

"But remember, there is no
 Silence within; the belly
 Sighs, grumbles, and what is that
 Loud knocking, that summoning? 23 more words

Channeling Ramek - Inner Earth!

Precognitive Abilities – Foretold in Greater Text(s) -> For Mappings.

Inherent Designs Copulated from an extraordinary amount of Data (Energetic Transcriptions). We have allowed for Beings to Understand the Greater Fabrics of their lives Dispositions – Of Thoughts. 242 more words

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February 26, 2017- How to expand Time: speed up by slowing down

Hi February,

apparently Hermione Granger received a gift in order to expend time in one of Harry Potter’s books, but is there another way?

So that I feel relaxed and people come to me and say when did you do all these things? 76 more words

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