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Time and Before Time

We both fully admit that the difficulty lies in understanding precisely how the part of us that exists outside of time and logically before it can “act” in such a way that “influences” God. 925 more words

Foreknowledge And Providence

July 26, 2015- Traveling from home on a rainy Sunday

And here you are July,

with a rainy and rather chilly -for a summer day, I got the hint and stayed until late in bed. All I need to charge my batteries and clear my mind. 54 more words

Personal Development

July 24, 2015- While We're Young!

Hello July,

did you also watch this? I was dragged last night by a group of friends, to watch a film on a childless couple in their forties, going through a crisis and thinking that hanging around with another couple in their twenties might be a “rejuvenating” solution, whereas arthritis starts and eye-sight problems appear. 322 more words

Personal Development

Learning adventure - 14

Yesterday we left Celia thinking there was something else going on after her interviews with caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Something else was going on with me too, as my head was awash with images and sounds from ‘ 496 more words


the synchronised society

I went to see an excellent exhibition about children’s television yesterday afternoon, intended to explore “how the magical programmes of our childhood have created memories and nostalgia in adults and children alike”. 298 more words


Learning adventure - 11

Something is proving very difficult for me to pin down at the moment. Am I experiencing  or am I having an experience? Don’t ask me why this question matters. 537 more words


Which "Big One"?

In a New Yorker piece that I expect will get a significant amount of attention, Kathryn Schulz describes the major earthquake that will potentially devastate the Pacific Northwest in the next fifty years–a quake that will be significantly larger than the “Big One” that we expect in California in the same time frame. 923 more words