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Stealing Time

I think there are quasi-temporal parasites living inside every clock and timekeeping device. It’s the only explanation.

Everyone has the experience of how terrible it is to check the time. 493 more words

No Exceptions

April 17, 2015- Trekking and clearing my mind

Dear April,

thanks to the nice weather you have offered us, I started a new habit in my hometown: a morning trek, or to be more honest, a walk in the beautiful paths nearby. 217 more words

Personal Development

Here and Then

Back at Christmas I read one of the most extraordinary graphic novels I’ve ever read: Here, by Richard McGuire. It reminds me in no small way of Martin Vaughn-James’  244 more words


Abstract II: Seizing an Alternative: 10th International Whitehead Conference

Below is the second of my two abstract for this year’s Whitehead conference in Claremont.

Track: Journey of the Universe and Inclusive History as A Context of Meaning… 236 more words


Interview: Joanna Tice on Evangelicalism and Political Thought

Coming to you from Las Vegas (!), John interviews Joanna Tice, a PhD Candidate in Political Science at The Graduate Center, CUNY on her dissertation project, “Power of the Spirit: The Political Thought of Contemporary Evangelicalism.” They talk about secularism and the academy, shifts in the political and theoretical orientation of US evangelicalism over the past decade-plus, evangelical temporality, the importance of “creative tensions” in evangelical thought, the production of the ambivalent evangelical subject, the concept of “the political” at work in her project, and more. 112 more words


State of Exception

The semiotics–the poetry–of the phrase “9/11″ increasingly strikes me. For one, it removes the year from the date, which puts it in a continual, circular temporarily (there is always a recent and an upcoming September) rather than a linear annual one (by now 2001 seems so far away to my students!). 95 more words


The still point / Le point lisse

“At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;
Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is,
But neither arrest nor movement. 150 more words

Poetry / Poésie