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Heart, Cœur, Corazón: The Recognised Collection at the heart of Surgeons’ Hall Museums

Working in an independent medical museum has many benefits, one of which is the opportunity to create and deliver exhibitions. It often helps you realise the real benefits of having a Nationally Significant Collection. 613 more words


Opus Anglicanum: Masterpieces of English Medieval Embroidery, V&A Museum

Now my Latin is not up to scratch, so if I read ‘Opus Anglicanum’ without the tag line that follows it I would have had to look up what this exhibition was about. 614 more words


Maps and the 20th Century: Drawing the Line, The British Library

Who doesn’t love a good map? They offer us a way to physically see where we are and what the world around us looks like, they can be pocket portals presenting space and they get us from A – B. 951 more words


Colour and Vision, Natural History Museum, London

I must confess I have been meaning to visit this exhibition for a long time. I loved the look of the advertising poster; a colourful iris, striking on a black background, made up of hundreds of different coloured museum objects. 595 more words


Fire Fire, Museum of London

It’s 350 years since London was struck by an infamous disaster. A not so ‘great’ fire, burning over 4 days before being tamed, destroying a huge swathe of London in its wake. 648 more words


Animals Inside Out, Centre for Life, Newcastle

The thing about plastination, a technique created by Gunther von Hagens that in essence freezes the deceased into plastic, is that it just doesn’t look real. 565 more words


Climate Control, Manchester Museum

A successful temporary exhibition as one that you come away from still thinking about it. Maybe it makes you aware of a specific topic or maybe you go away asking more questions. 567 more words