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A Short History of Propaganda

Because of the turbulent history here in Balkans, now we have a museum dedicated to the past and history of today’s non-existent country of Yugoslavia, more precisely its history after the II World War up untill its end in 1991. 353 more words


Museum in Melody

At the time of our visit, the National Museum of Finland was hosting a cool temporary exhibition. It was about the most notable Finnish composer of all time, Jean Sibelius, and his wife Aino. 534 more words


All I want for Christmas is... recycling?

This practice already exists, mostly in schools and waste management firms. However, this is a park in front of a museum. The National Museum of Finland. 13 more words



Evaporation is a new art exhibit to come to the Museum of Science and Industry, commissioned for the Manchester Science Festival by Cape Farwell’s Lovelock Commission, named and inspired after scientist James Lovelock.  281 more words

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Cravings: Does Your Food Control You

Astronaut’s poo, an artificial gut, and a table of smells. A sentence I never thought I’d say, but a few things to see at Museum of Science and Industry’s new Exhibition, Cravings.  95 more words

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Innovation Race

Gender boundaries, interactives, war, Manchester, science, inventions. A lot to have in a gallery space no bigger than a standard sized bedroom. Yet, the Innovation Race at the Museum of Science and Industry somehow fits it all in, without overcrowding. 101 more words

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"A Suitcase Full of Stuff"

Things can be very fun when translated literally. In Croatia, the expression “pun kufer svega”, means something like “a suitcase  full of stuff”, when translated literally to English. 191 more words