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His World, Salisbury Museum

Terry Pratchett is dead.

Not only do I find that heart wrenching to type, it is also incredibly hard for me to contemplate . . . 695 more words


🇧🇷 Château Versailles II "Grand Trianon" #Île-de-France, França

Château Versailles II – “Grand Trianon”
Cidade: Versailles, Île-de-France, França
Local: Place d’Armes | Versailles, França (30 min de Paris)
Tema: História e Art Gallery… 675 more words


The Museum of Ordinary Animals, Grant Museum, London

Do we go to museums to see wonders? Perhaps things we couldn’t see anywhere else in the world; animals that are now extinct like dinosaurs or dodos, or creatures that we may never get a chance to stand alongside like whales or naked mole rats? 706 more words


Shanghai Museum: A History of the World in 100 Objects | 上海博物馆:大英博物馆百物展——浓缩的世界史

I. Foreword: An Exhibition Based on a Publication

This exhibition belongs to those that I would pursue with much cost to whichever place reachable to me: it has a clear argument to make about an issue as big as our shared human experience, it brings forth a large number of valuable artefacts, and its argument and ways of storytelling might very much be provocative, even more if the exhibition is to be seen against the general social and cultural environment where the exhibition is hosted. 3,083 more words


Whales: Beneath the surface, Natural History Museum, London

Swimming through the air, mouth gaping, back arched as it dives; the newly displayed Blue Whale in the Hintz Hall of the Natural History Museum is spectacular. 632 more words

Natural History

Tunnel: Archaeology of Crossrail, Museum of London Dockland

If you’ve somehow managed to miss hearing about archaeology occurring as part of the creation of the Elizabeth Line, you must have been avoiding the news for years. 555 more words


A Museum of Modern Nature, Wellcome Collection

It’s taken me a month to get to this gem of a temporary exhibition but gosh darn it, it was worth the wait! Imagine if a museum asked visitors what they wanted to display . 554 more words