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Scholar, Courtier, Sorcerer: the Magical World of John Dee

Elizabethan England’s foremost dabbler in the dark arts is one of the most mysterious characters in the court of Elizabeth I. Nowadays, he’s remembered as a conjuror, as a student of alchemy and the arcane but a new exhibition… 885 more words

The Crime Museum at the Museum of London

I’m not going to lie – I’ve been excited about this exhibition since it was announced, officially, in March. The Metropolitan Police Force’s Crime Museum, formerly the Black Museum… 969 more words

Celts: Arts and Identity at the British Museum

The Celts. According to a certain popular series of history books they are ‘Cut Throat’ and little else. Little more quick glance at the intricate artwork produced by this civilisation, those complex knots and their graceful lines suggest that there’s more to the Celts that mere cut-throatedness. 496 more words

Another jam-packed Summer Exhibition at the RA

Having been to the RA’s Summer Exhibition numerous times before, I am aware of its popularity, but I wasn’t expecting the heaving masses akin to that of a Da Vinci exhibition at a 10am on a Monday morning.   512 more words

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Borde Hill Gardens Gardens Sculpture Exhibition 2015

As a setting to display sculpture, you really couldn’t get any better than this.  Nestled in the beautiful Sussex countryside and less 10 minutes by car from Haywards Heath, Borde Hill Gardens is a place of colour, scents and creativity.   361 more words

Sculpture Blog Uk

Welcome to my first blog..might as well start near the beginning!

Welcome to my first sculpture blog!  Rather fittingly, I’m going back to beginning by dipping into the sculptural world of an ancient but highly advanced civilisation – that of Ancient Greece – by taking a look at ‘Defining Beauty – The Body in Ancient Greece’ at The British Museum. 361 more words

Sculpture Blog Uk