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Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit

This week, Jack Hughes died. Jack an I were in pre-med together and he went on to practice medicine, whereas I got caught up in psychology. 496 more words

Life.... it's full on!

SO much has been happening since I was last here!

I’ve had 3 birthdays to deal with (Happy 21st to my eldest girl, Happy 4th to my youngest boy, Happy 17th to my middle child) and yet another one (Happy 19th to my eldest son) in 5 days from now! 237 more words


Vivere la vita!

It’s now been three years since I started writing this blog. My stats page tells me that over those years I have published somewhere in the region of 80 pieces, I’ve gained tens of thousands of readers who engage with my writing from dozens of countries right across the globe. 530 more words



Write that book
The one you’ve always wanted to write
Visit those old folks
The ones you’ve always talked about
Make the call
The one you’ve always planned to make… 108 more words



Amerebbe armarsi di coraggio,

ma e’ solo inerme fuscello al vento

e nel suo sgardo

balbetta un sorriso al tempo

della prova.

Oh anima impavida… 39 more words



Non avrei mai potuto nuotare l’oceano

senza una meta,

ne’ascoltare il corso del fiume

senza conoscere il silenzio.

Chi prima di me e’ annegato

o non ha semplicemente afferrato… 31 more words



Hai abbandonato il panno umido

del tuo pianto,

per recarti in quei terreni arsi

che te lo avrebbero alla fonte seccato.

Hai piantato le radici tra le roccie… 40 more words