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Tempus Fugit~by Paul F. Lenzi

Tempus Fugit

“Tempus Fugit”
Painting by Victor de la Fuente
From zelinha-zelinha.blogspot.com

spacemen don’t age the way I did
no doubt due to periods flying… 103 more words


I Am Not a Clock

Children, by their very nature, are inquisitive and curious. They are breeders of an endless array of questions. If your child is extroverted, there is a high probability that you are peppered with questions every day. 429 more words

30-Day Writing Challenge, Day Two: Your earliest memory

Though I’m not sure of the exact date, I know my earliest memory takes place when I am quite young.  I’m sure there are some photos somewhere, documenting the era if not the exact moments, but I unfortunately don’t have any digitized and available…. 172 more words

Tempus Fugit

AKA, the return (and ultimate demise) of Max Fenig!

What a way to welcome back a character after a three-season absence — by killing him off! 361 more words

Balancing your time

Time is one thing that is certainly a fixed commodity.  And if you are like me every second counts so much.  In order to keep the business running, the house in order, work the full time job, and keep my sanity i have been really striving to come up with a system to stay organized. 407 more words

Images In Bloom

Nothing gold can stay

Fall is my favorite season because it is fleeting. Last week was brutally hot–one of summer’s last fevered gasps–and this week is much cooler: brisk in the mornings and downright chilly at night. 269 more words

How's The Weather

Tempus Fugit....

Tempus fugit
Waktu berlalu, Waktu berlari
Waktu menjawab, waktu menegur

Anugrah terindah dari Sang Maha
Yang tak dapat ditukar atau tertukar
Anugrah yang diselingi pembelajaran… 222 more words

Lamunan Malam