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Tempus Fugit

“Time Flies”

And the older you grow, the faster it seems to escape you.

I thought about writing a column that consisted of nothing but cliche’s and phrases from songs,  to describe the chaos of the last few weeks as a way of making excuses as to why so little has been produced on these pages. 91 more words

Ray Visotski



A veces algunos echan de menos la capital, donde están sus amigos, sus cosas, su barrio, su lugar de siempre. A veces y, casualmente, en momentos de enfado o de morriña. 328 more words


Small is Beautiful

Two things happened to me a little while ago.
One was quite a small thing by usual standards, but it was rather lovely.
The second thing was quite major and upsetting. 115 more words

Words And Pictures

Tempus fugit

Reading this post on the Wild Hunt blog got me to thinking a little bit about time, on a day when I had already encountered… 219 more words

Everyday Stuff

Tempus Fugit

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How Apple's iCloud Drive deletes your files without warning

Apple’s iCloud Drive sounds great. […] with iCloud Drive, you can safely store all your presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, and any other kind of document in iCloud. 60 more words


Feel Like The Trip Home Is Quicker Than The Trip There? Science Says You’re Not Alone

After reading the above headline, you’re probably already saying to yourself, “Yessss I know exactly what that feeling is!” The “return trip effect” is one we’ve all likely experienced — it seems to take a long time to get somewhere — whether it’s vacation, a visit to relatives or a business destination — and a much quicker time to arrive back home again, even though you traveled the same distance. 642 more words