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The room is dark.  The technician is polite… professional… distant.

“Any history of cancer?” she asks.

Cancer? God no. We’re looking for gallstones, right? Find the stones. 397 more words


God Bless Donald Trump

As gleeful sexual abuse braggart Donald Trump begins his (all too late) spiral towards defeat in the general election, it’s worth celebrating that so many Americans have cast off their veneer of reasonableness and shown themselves to be the foaming-at-the-mouth immoral ignoramuses we long suspected they were. 7 more words

Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit

Another day has gone by without time to do anything except “babysit” by daughter’s dog and do a bit of shopping for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Dinner. 10 more words

Digging the good life

After a long summer of driving back and forth to the hospital to visit my poor Dad, I am pleased to report that miracles can happen. 337 more words

Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit

This week, Jack Hughes died. Jack an I were in pre-med together and he went on to practice medicine, whereas I got caught up in psychology. 496 more words

Life.... it's full on!

SO much has been happening since I was last here!

I’ve had 3 birthdays to deal with (Happy 21st to my eldest girl, Happy 4th to my youngest boy, Happy 17th to my middle child) and yet another one (Happy 19th to my eldest son) in 5 days from now! 237 more words