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Online Shopping Temptations

I can resist everything but temptation. –Oscar Wilde

I have to say, my strongest temptation as of late has to be due to the amount of emails I receive from Amazon.

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World War Web

-Mark Twain: “Commitment in the face of conflict produces character.”

Considering that one of the most important topics of the year so far is the World War Web, I would like to open with it.

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'Venturer' Review

Venturer by Everett Coles

     Venturer is one of the many books penned by the writing partnership Everett Coles. After being contacted by Jack Everett, I took a keen look at the first book on my list. 469 more words

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'The Ingenuity of Vanity Doon' Review

The Ingenuity of Vanity Doon by D.B.Coles

I came across this short story whilst browsing a free short story website owned by a close friend of mine, and I will just offer some background on the discovery and what I know of the author. 487 more words

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'Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud' Review

Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud by Andrew Lane

Sherlock Holmes is a rather prominent fictional character who has had quite the remodelling in recent years, beginning with the Sherlock Holmes movies directed by Guy Ritchie, the modern version airing from BBC One, and now with Andrew Lane’s series of books. 423 more words

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