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Breaking into Cars

Valdivia to Melipeuco Day 12 – February 13th 2016

Just another typical day here in Chile. Woke up early to catch the 10:30 bus to Temuco. 737 more words


Ducks, Turkey and Geese Oh My!!!

Hey All!!!

Im currently writing this in a local library about 45 minutes from the home of my new host family here in Temuco! This final month I am spending 28 days here in Makewe, a small rural area with no town center and no real boundaries that lies between… 1,480 more words


Excursion Month....in a Nutshell

During the month of October, my program took part in 3 excursions, where we learned more about the various pueblos in Putre, Temuco and Tacna, Peru. 735 more words

The semi- South

On a late discovery that we had a bank holiday weekend to celebrate Christopher Columbus landing in the Americas. I quickly decided on a destination a bit further a field to explore. 673 more words


Snowy Volcanoes, Mandarin-Eating Contests and a whole lot of Gringo Love

Temuco Excursion part 2!!!

Hopefully you have already read my post about our academic excursions in the grand city of Temuco. If not please check it out as it was an incredibly experience! 1,912 more words

The Mapuche: A Nation Proud and Strong

Hey Everybody!!

I haven’t given up on my blog yet but I definitely did take a media break for a few days while we started our second excursion in the city of Temuco! 3,292 more words


En la ladera del Apu Huechuraba (Cerro Blanco), se desarrolló la firma del convenio de la Asociación Chilena de Municipalidades (ACHM). La iniciativa busca facilitar el acceso de las comunidades a los servicios municipales, generar mayor integración indígena y propiciar las creación de las… 268 more words