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Salvation by Works?

Q. Does Mt 19:16-26 teach salvation by works?

A. No it does not. In fact, the story of the Rich Young Ruler teaches exactly the opposite. 336 more words


The Big 10: Chill Out, Man!

Thanks for joining us on our journey through God’s Big 10 – the ten commandments. We’ve got the first three commandments out of the way – let’s press on and tackle number four. 1,417 more words


Love the God of All, the Maker of All that is good

Holy Family Refuge Messages

Come Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity, and all of Heaven with St. Michael
to guide God’s words
November 23, 2015

My beloved son, I know you and many of your friends are suffering much, but it is needed for the salvation of all your family and friends.  492 more words


Prayer of Confession of Sin

Before the practice of  confessing our sins to God in worship fell out of favor and practice in the church, God’s people regularly used the ten commandments as a guide for their time of confession. 205 more words

Devotional Thoughts

Where is the Sabbath in the Early Church? (Part 2)

by Jon English Lee

*This post is the latest in a series looking at the Sabbath. Previous posts include: Where is the Sabbath in the Early Church? 168 more words


The Torah, Archaeology, & Anonymity

Old Testament Problem Number 2: Mosaic Authorship

The Gospels are highly criticized by scholars for being anonymous works. Fact is, the Gospels do not claim to be written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, respectively. 596 more words

A Treatise on the Law and the Gospel

Status: Available

Book Description

In this book, Colquhoun helps us understand the precise relationship between law and gospel. He also impresses us with the importance of knowing this relationship. 391 more words

Reformed Theology