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One of the features of this blog is an occasional series called, Untwisting Scripture. In each episode of this series, we’ll look at a verse, passage, or interpretation of scripture we often get wrong. 2,413 more words


10 Rules for Life

The ten commandments are rules to live by. This is as important as ever, when we increasingly have teachers who are suggesting we unhitch from the Old Testament altogether, … 1,924 more words


Ang Ika-Limang Utos

Natapos na nating pag-aralan ang unang apat na utos. At lahat ‘yan ay may kinalaman sa relasyon natin sa Diyos. And we can summarize that as “love the Lord your God with all your heart.” But to know and to memorize these commandments is one thing. 3,299 more words


Day 27: The Ten Commandments

Mosiah 12-13

It is little wonder to me that Abinadi, when questioned by the priests of Noah, began to teach them the Ten Commandments. It was a sharp rebuke for the priests who claimed to represent God, but did not keep His commandments. 310 more words

Book Of Mormon Insights

Managing Behavioral Landmines

God’s commands are designed to help us live healthy and fruitful lives. He is actually not a Cosmic Killjoy. He’s trying to guide us safely through behavioral minefields.  1,182 more words