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Lesson 71

Hello, everyone. We’re back to another lesson this week. I know, I know, I missed last week. That’s okay. At least I haven’t disappeared for a few months, like I’ve been known to do. 282 more words

Writing Tips

Hitting the Ground Running with Crazy Characters

With Sleuth Fest just a few weeks away, I’ve been practicing my Reader’s Corner piece. Twelve attendees were invited to pick a short read with a ten minute time limit. 1,766 more words



Ten minutes could be nothing,  yet could be a greatly precious,  depends on how ones see and use it

Few weeks before the end of last year, I was waiting for an important moment. 408 more words

Beautiful Words

It took 10 Minutes

Yes ten. My lucky number of ten minutes just to log on and make this post. Trying and trying, passwords and combinations over and over, but without further adieu… Here’s my 3rd journal entry. 182 more words

Class Assignment

Prompt Me #6

Today’s prompt was provided by Charlotte over at Upon My Desk. Please, check out her blog. Charlotte is an avid reader, writer, and just like me, a Harry Potter fan! 1,474 more words


Prompt Me #5

Thank you to Faith Rivens over at Aliasfaithrivens for another inspiring writing prompt. (If you’ve not done so already, please check out her blog.) This time it’s a dialogue prompt, so without further ado: 705 more words


Prompt Me #4

Prompt #4 comes from HyperActivePandemonium. It it is the first of three prompts created for me, and I shall tackle them over the next few weeks. 727 more words