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The Daily Draw: Ten of Cups

Don’t Be Distracted by the Drama

The ten of Cups is the completion of the cycle of matters of the heart, love, emotion, intuition. You can see this illustrated in the RWS deck by a joyous family beneath a rainbow of cups. 287 more words


The Sunday Blues/The Reader's Reading

Sunday. Always a strange day for me. No matter how hard I try, the second half of it is usually spent feeling a little miserable and anxious, knowing that another weekend will soon be over and it will be back to work tomorrow. 721 more words

Learning Tarot

10 Cups of Nothing

Q: I drew a card just for general guidance, just to see if I’m on the right path. Your meaning from PeaceTarot doesn’t seem to  fit anything, and the blog post about remembering to play doesn’t feel right either (it’s actually a pretty relaxed day today – that’s why I had time to draw cards in the first place). 579 more words


Death with the Ten of Cups

From David at www.MyOwnMinister.com

Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans

I need to preface this post with a disclaimer: normally when the Death key comes to the surface in a reading, I take pause in going straight to that Chicken Little reaction of  889 more words

Host's Posts

ecstatically loving the high priestess within

Oshun and Yemaya all up and through my reading asking me to examine how I show love to myself. Is it a love of condition and requirement, or one of freedom and infinite passion? 115 more words


looking back. looking forward.

So the one good thing we have going for us as teachers (besides the fulfillment of raising up young minds, yada yada yada) is summer break. 865 more words


Dave and His Sheep Contemplate Penguins

I heard a ruckus coming out of a plastic bin at the foot of my bed this morning at 1 a.m., and had to investigate. It was Dave shouting for help, absolutely sick of the musky smell of Chimera after being locked in a box with the animal for four months. 152 more words

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