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Ten Cups

Ten cups rise above the happy family enjoying their home. The children play, and the couple raise arms in unison to form the outline of a new chalice. 215 more words


Embracing Joy

This morning came too soon. The sunrise was nice. Even the chem trails in the Eastern sky were pretty in their unnatural way. Everyone was in a good mood. 217 more words

Self-centered Tarot

The Daily Draw: Ten of Cups

What did I do yesterday? I made dinner, changed nappies, played with my kids; what can I say – I’m a wild man. The people on the RWS Ten of Cups have it easy, demonstrating the card’s energies of joy, peace and happiness with their small family. 365 more words


Tarotbytes: 10 of cups

A sense of accomplishment and the feeling of a job well done is worth the effort taken to create it.

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The Ten of Cups

The ten of cups shows a happy family celebrating/acknowledging their comfortable status as the parents stand on an even surface with their arms stretched outward and upward while the children play next to them, all under a rainbow arch of ten cups.   316 more words


Tarotbytes: 10 of Cups

Look around. What can you find about right here and right now that makes you happy. What makes you happy, content and like your cup is full? 73 more words


Ten of Cups

My thoughts- Happiness. The completion of something but it was a good ending. I don’t feel sad about his ending. There is a large amount of blue in this card. 78 more words