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Q&A: Cups of Foolishness or Playful Happiness? (Ronda- www.ModernOracleTarot.com)

Q: What does the Fool and 10 of cups mean in a reading?

A: It depends.

I read Tarot intuitively. As I see it, Tarot is just the doorway to insight…the cards are just paper and pictures, but they lead to more than just their meanings. 417 more words

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Guidance from the Tarot: July 20th - 26th 2015

This week we are encouraged to be grateful for all that we have.  To count our blessings.  To continue to consult our inner wisdom and to go forth with great determination and ambition in achieving our dreams. 745 more words

Reflections on The Ten of Cups

From today’s one-card reading . . .

Q: As we discussed the other day, a heavy responsibility has fallen upon your humble blogger—the care of an aging parent who requires assistance in most of her everyday efforts. 338 more words


Reflection on The Ten of Cups

From today’s one-card reading . . .

Q: What would be a good thing for me to keep in mind today?

A: This.

If we consider the numerical sequence of the pip cards of the Minor Arcana—from the Ace of Wands at the beginning to the Ten of Pentacles at the end—to represent a kind of “spiritual lifespan,” the Ten of Cups marks the exact midway point of our journey of self-discovery. 412 more words


Linestrider Deck Review


If you are looking for a deck in the Rider-Waite-Colman mold, but want something that will encourage a more intuitive reading of the cards, the… 775 more words

Indie Deck

Ten of Cups

A glorious rainbow in the sky is illuminated by ten cups. A man and a woman, arm in arm, turn their gaze to the heavens as if to give thanks, and their children join hands and dance a merry jig. 240 more words


Wheel of The Year With Tarot - Beltane

Soon we will be approaching one of my favourite times of the year – Beltane, which occurs on April 30th – May 1st.

In terms of the Pagan Wheel of the Year, this Fire Festival is, I think, one of the most fun! 439 more words

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