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Ten of Cups and The Fool

Q: What do you do when two cards in one spread seem to be total opposites? I was reading for myself and had both the Fool and the 10 of cups. 518 more words


Reading: Temperance

This reading is about a choice or situation with extreme contradictions. I will keep in mind my internal conflict between people pleasing and intolerance for what I consider unacceptable behavior. 565 more words


Wearing the Happy Helmet Can Drain Your Batteries

Back in the day, I used to watch MTV. Remember Ren & Stimpy?  It has an odd humor to it. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but the Stinky Whistleteeth rendition of the Happy Happy Joy Joy song is still worth a chuckle in my book. 185 more words


The Daily Draw: The Ten of Cups

Give Yourself Peace and Joy

In a world where we are constantly invited to look at what is wrong, where the problems are, what is out of place, what is causing us pain or wearing us down, the Ten of Cups invites us to look in the other direction to see where we are blessed in our lives. 274 more words


DOCR for 4 November 2015

Deck: Deviant Moon

Time: 00:21

Card: Ten of Cups


Morning Interpretation: The Deviant Moon booklet claims I’ll enjoy a peaceful, loving home life today. 131 more words

Daily One-Card Personal Tarot Reading

Halloween Reading

I wanted to do this yesterday, but we were awfully busy and I wasn’t able to. So I’m doing my Halloween reading one day late. I found this spread at… 739 more words


A Serene Contented Embrace - The Ten of Cups

This morning when I woke up I was still thinking about yesterday’s draw. So I decided I would ask another question for my daily draw today. 535 more words