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It is Cricket Season - The lesson I learned from an unlikely source

So it’s cricket season here.

Not this cricket…

This one.

I’m definitely not a cricket fan, last year a few decided that our bathroom would be the perfect place for an orchestral performance. 703 more words

Keep On Tugging

Our bulldogs love sticks. They are connoisseurs, taking great pains to choose just the right one for their purpose. For example, one stick may be great for relaxed chewing while another may be suited to a game of “keep away”. 432 more words

Monday Musings: Refusing to Accept the "Inevitable"

I am surrounded by people telling me my injury will take a long time to heal, that it will take me maybe months to get back to running or even back to hiking on trails, that I need to be patient and take my time to heal. 405 more words

In the noise and whip

…It is lonesome, yes.  For we are the last of the loud.
Nevertheless, live.
Conduct your blooming in the noise and whip of the whirlwind. 255 more words

A to Z challenge - How did we do?

Here we are, last day of April.

Emily and I completed our A to Z challenge.

It didn’t go exactly like we planned but we did it, we posted 26 posts and just in case you missed some, here they are! 389 more words

Life Lesson

A to Z Challenge - Day 24 - X


Christmas 1999, Emily is 18 months old and after 5 months of working on her physio exercises, she’s finally sitting independently.

This picture represents so much! 166 more words

Life Lesson

Prominence of Moral Science

Moral Science is imparted to students it is obligatory subject to teach them about the moral values.  Tenacity of this education is to convey young student about the value of ethics. 126 more words