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Patience little one for creation takes time

Every Step we take, Every Drop of Water we feed, Every Positive Vibration,  is Growth in Every Inch.

Success, Happiness, Joy, Love, Health and Wealth takes time. 96 more words

Your Stories

What about invisible illnesses?

What happens when you are unwell, but nobody knows? Nobody knows the pain behind closed doors, the perseverance shown despite things not being ok?

What if you were unwell and nobody ever really understood, in fact, a very small percentage of people you cross in your lifetime will ever truly ‘GET IT’? 551 more words


Support a friend

I have a friend/ source who is enduring a really tough time.  Now the scumbag who has harassed her since she left the abusive relationship she was in back in 2013 has made years of obscene posts, identity theft posts, and now minced and altered court documents and posted on line- one on a site here: martyfrank.wordpress.com- 1,706 more words


No More Games

Braver Saturday – No More Games – the enemy in the earth and between our own ears is always shaming and blaming. It’s a game. Come up higher into His Truth. 9 more words


This old bridge

This old and rickety bridge
Which it seems I’ve been on forever
Must some day end
And leave me on the other side 14 more words


Age...it becomes YOU.

Age…how can you protect yourself from the aging process and social isolation?  What will happen to you during your aging process?  What happens to you in your end years, after school, work, marriage, divorce, or death in your family setting?   138 more words