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sometime in 2010 (from a story I shelved for the time being)

Overwhelmed will he be, who stands against the tides

Wet and lost from view.

If, as a rock, one stands firm and holds true

Still may he stand when the waters recede.

Primates On Typewriters

Counting sleeps

On Saturday, we finally told Emily she was getting her dream to go to Florida to see (and meet) Winter and Hope

On Sunday morning, I took our calendar down to count sleeps with Emily and found that April 1st to 12th were circled. 146 more words

Cri Du Chat Syndrome

This Little Light of Mine

“After the Chinook” Harvey Dunn

It’s been a challenging day…but my light will not be extinguished.  Grateful for music, art and books that have encouraged me along the way…so grateful my grandparents, great aunt and great uncle shared their struggles and weaknesses with me as well as their successes and strengths. 48 more words


Greetings and salutations, and, uh, hiya. My goodness, time has passed since I tap danced across this screen. I am pleased to report that my studies as a project manager paid off. 1,107 more words

THE Moment

I woke up feeling challenged today and it was a moment-by-moment decision whether to be mopey and stop or create something (even a little positive) and keep moving ahead.

More tomorrow,