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Poem: Self-Destruct

How can we succeed if we ourselves expect failure?





Hi, my name is Ben

I have a temper you see

And it feels like everyone’s laughing at me… 227 more words


Fulfill it, don’t try to kill it.

It is not as if tendencies evaporate when you come close to the Truth. They don’t evaporate, they just get purified. They still remain. Kindly, don’t try to kill the tendencies.

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What happens to ego tendencies after Realization?

Question: Are you saying that mind can somehow be mastered; the remaining tendencies would still acquire some working?

AP: The tendencies remain.

The tendency of the eye to see remains. 640 more words


Dependence on God; June 20, 2017

2 Samuel 8:14 The Lord gave David victory wherever he went.

I have a feeling David may have insisted that events be recorded this way in the official record. 479 more words


Nice Guy Tendencies

No matter how hard I try to change, the one thing that is ingrained in my head is to be courteous and respectful of those around me.   258 more words


Stink Bugs, Michael Jordan, and Satan - Knowing tendencies

Everyone has their own way of dealing with stink bugs.  Most probably use a piece of tissue paper and implement the grab and flush method.  Personally, I do not like wasting so many flushes and so much toilet tissue or kleenexes, so I have a bottle half full of a nicely scented cleaning solution and I knock them in to the bottle.  473 more words


New tendencies: Tiny Tattoos

Belonging to the latest trends, tiny tattoos are so-small that they are almost invisible. Until a few years ago, fashion imposed statement pieces, symbols of independence, but today all the new micro tattoos can be wore elegantly and easily hidden, if required. 70 more words