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Speed On The Curb

I see people turning fast
Turning inwards
Turning to themselves for answers
Looking to the wrong towering
Abusing the signals
Watching lanes and double lines fade to black… 204 more words



Playing in tune is no small feat on the bassoon, but understanding the tendencies of the different registers of the bassoon is a crucial step in the right direction. 1,363 more words


With the eyes, you see something; with the I, nothing

Listener (L): You talk about being devoted to seeing till the seeing is gone and the seer is gone.

Acharya Prashant (AP): The seer is gone – 798 more words


Chatbots: una nova companyia

Posted by Aleix Carrió. PhD Industrial Engineering and Economist.

Tot i que es considera Eliza – creat per J. Wiezenbaum al laboratori d’IA del MIT l’any 1966 – el primer… 658 more words


5 Revision Vexations and Their Silver Linings

Revising a short story or article can be stressful, while revising your novel can quickly turn into a horror story, complete with acute mental torture, and shrill screams of heartfelt pain. 738 more words



Locked up inside the cage of her mind, she cries.

Hoping to find one reason not to die.

Pain was her lover, while paranoia was her best friend. 11 more words


Things of the Week 1/25/17

With the holidays and the start of a new semester, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. Returning to a routine has provided an opportunity to start  289 more words

Things Of The Week