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Not amoral out of ingnorance

Most people therefore are not amoral out of ignorance, but because they harbour tendencies, impulses, desires and passions, which are at odds with what they know to be moral. 20 more words


3rd indication : the black soul inside

The “black” soul inside them is even playing them for fools. That’s of course because they live a life that lets no place for the African sub Saharian tradition. 883 more words


Suicidal Tendencies -- Part One

Suicidal Tendencies

Part one: It’s been a Hard Day’s Night

Jack drove. Headlights splitting through the rain falling from the heavens. The red tail lights danced on the road as the suburban flew down the dark street. 3,802 more words


The future of IT during Elections

Over the past 15-20 years, Elections in the US have readily adopted two main types of technology into the electoral process: database systems (to support voter registration systems) and geographical information systems ( 372 more words


The dark side of innovation

I’m usually the kind of guy who is always looking for “what’s new” when regarding technology, in both Personal Tech and at the Workplace. You’ll constantly see me asking my vendor Partners for bechmarks, reading Walt’s tweets and columns, trying out apps on my Android, etc. 362 more words


Well, hi.

So after a rallying, gung-ho post in June, in which I said I was going to make all these posts and amp up this blog, my camera was stolen.

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Why I think Bluetooth will end

Hello all. I thought I’d kick-off this blog with something I’m very impressed with. Last week I had the pleasure of attending Ruckus Big Dogs convention… 419 more words