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New Year and I'm back...again

Friends. So sorry for the long hiatus again. I’m sort of perennially working on a menu project that someday I’ll be super excited to share with you. 392 more words


Natural Tendency

Beware of your inclinations.

I don’t think wisdom is always a part.

Life Chatter

Be a good friend of the mind.

We have been told only two things, either become the servant of the mind indulge in whatever it tells you to do or become a renunciate, a… 262 more words


How to prevent distraction of mind?

Question: Sir my name is Anshul Negi. I want to ask you, Sir, How to concentrate on studies and focus my mind when it is distracted by other components and these components essentially lead to what I love to? 1,405 more words


Do Your Tendencies Serve You?

I close my eyes and still see all their infant outlines. I conjure images of sonogram noses, suckling babies with eyes closed in comfort and see intricate dimensions of each newborn profile. 1,496 more words


Push back

Some of you may know that I play the devil’s advocate a lot. Not because I prefer the other side. I just want me (and you) to see all the sides of the story. 1,206 more words