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Les tendències d'aquesta Primavera/Estiu 2015

Mireia Moles/ Ara que s’acaba l’hivern, és moment de donar un cop d’ull de les botigues i veure què és el que ve.

En primer lloc, cal destacar que tornen amb força els  286 more words

Darrere L'aparador

Ideally, the mind is our servant not our master.  So, we must practice the art of anticipating the mind.  We live within this mind; it is the framework in which we shape and shade all our actions and beliefs.  

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Blogging and Blogger tendencies

“I wish I had Emily Dickinson time so that I can fill boxes with crap I would love to get out of my system.”

-Every writer there ever was… 435 more words


i don't have internet but this was last night

After being surprised by, and then watching, slightly strained in the opposite direction, the cockroach crawl into that hole that I don’t but you might know what is for in the back of your sink, I realized that is one of my things. 675 more words


I started this blog to vent my frustrations; to sort my moods and feelings, uncensored.

However, when I feel the bitter bug begin to take root, and the urge to spew words and words grow greater, there is a small part of me that asks, “Should you?” 176 more words

Skrilla OG - Tendencies (Demo)

New music from the #GutterHop collective out of San Diego. Laron Fucker; formally known as Rick Skrilla dropped his first demo under the alias Skrilla OG… 36 more words


To give myself a little credit...

I am always willing to try again.

I regularly let myself down but I have noticed that since my major weight loss and minor bounce back, I really haven’t given up completely. 172 more words