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Push back

Some of you may know that I play the devil’s advocate a lot. Not because I prefer the other side. I just want me (and you) to see all the sides of the story. 1,206 more words


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Weight Watchers has evolved through the years and located other ways to depend calories and fats, nevertheless it’s by no means strayed removed from this tried-and-true strategy. 732 more words


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Healthy fats from fish, olive oil, and nuts meets lean protein, vegetables and fruit, and reasonable amounts of wine within the Mediterranean weight loss program well-liked in Greece and Italy. 934 more words


Poem: Self-Destruct

How can we succeed if we ourselves expect failure?





Hi, my name is Ben

I have a temper you see

And it feels like everyone’s laughing at me… 227 more words


Fulfill it, don’t try to kill it.

It is not as if tendencies evaporate when you come close to the Truth. They don’t evaporate, they just get purified. They still remain. Kindly, don’t try to kill the tendencies.

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