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Come to think of it, no one loves the TL. No one loves the streets, its people, the smell… The only thing people really love about the TL is its food. 414 more words

Tenderloin/Civic Center1

Forgiving Tenderloin

As I continue my research on the Tenderloin’s history, I realize that its role as a safe haven in San Francisco hasn’t changed for the past 100 years. 155 more words

Tenderloin/Civic Center1

Tenderloin survives more than 100 years

In “San Francisco Tenderloin: Heroes, Angels, Demons, and Other True Stories” Lawrence Wonderling, a psychiatrist whom took care of patients in the TL wrote of an everlasting Tenderloin. 112 more words

Snapping the Tenderloin

I’m new at street photography, and I’m already addicted. The Tenderloin I’ve found is one of the best places to take pictures. The people are so full of character, and the colors are bold and bright.

Tenderloin/Civic Center1

Where's the Tenderloin?

Right here.

So you got your dot com destination along Market, your Civic Center feds under McAllister, ritzy Nob Hill to the North, Downtown on the right, and Cathedral Hill on the left. 7 more words

Tenderloin/Civic Center1

Tenderloin National Forest

My very first day on the beat in the Tenderloin, I walked around for three hours, talked to people on the street, and paused at corners to watch the life of the neighborhood around me. 233 more words

Compliments from the Tenderloin

By Lindsay Oda

“You look beautiful Miss.”

“I like that hair!”

“Wow, you’re beautiful! What’s your name?”

I’ve never thought myself to be anything stunning. I’m just normal, but people in the Tenderloin make me feel like a treasure. 271 more words

Tenderloin/Civic Center1