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Sumo Sam (Version 2.0)

Here I am again, writing about Japanese food. There really is something about Japanese food that my wife and I appreciate so much, it has almost become a staple whenever we eat out. 667 more words

Like rubber snapping

So my friends and I were chatting last night about the miseries of my new injury, and we decided that writing a blog would a) prevent some of my boredom, and b) entertain them of my tribulations of being in a plaster cast for months. 822 more words

Se Rompe El Tendón Por Jugar Al Candy Crush

Un gamer en San Diego se rompió el tendón en su pulgar izquierdo por jugar tanto al ‘Candy Crush’.

Según reporta Good Morning America, el hombre de 29 años, tuvo que tener una cirugía por jugar el juego. 31 more words


‘Candy Crush’ puts man in the operating room

The list of small hazards related to technology seems to be growing.

First there was “text neck” and late-night eye strain. Now, there’s “Candy Crush thumb.” 153 more words


April 9th. 64 days post-op

Sorry, had some computer troubles so i had to wait to post this. Written on April 9th. 64 days post-op.

2 weeks since I’ve posted and currently playing the waiting game. 565 more words

Finger Tendon Rupture Associated with Cipro

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics do a great job fighting a broad spectrum of bacteria that cause many respiratory, urogenital, gastrointestinal, and bone and joint infections. However, in 2008, the FDA issued a “ 230 more words

Surgeon Edition

No foot no horse

Whether your horse wears shoes or not it is essential to work with a good farrier/trimmer. You could think that wild horses don’t need to get their feet trimmed and you would be right. 402 more words