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Don Meijin - CHILLI CRAB Tendon at Bugis Plus

Chilli Crab tendon?! The tendon craze is real right here in Singapore and we had seen several Japanese tendon shoppings opening the last year. With a local twist added to create a Japanese-Singapore fusion, the Chilli crab tendon may suit the local palate more as the flavour is stronger and more robust compared to the traditional Japanese tendons. 325 more words


Pathophysiology Assignment

Understanding the biological changes during injury or disease is an important element for veterinary physiotherapists (Veenman 2006). The assignment looked at our ability to understand the changes during biological repair and also our skill in critically analysing scientific research papers.  373 more words

A new year, new hope?

OK, so I managed to document my 2016 summary and now I can get to this year so far. I was sat thinking this morning how it’s now exactly 4 years since I started having health problems and since I had the first UTI that led to 18 months of being sent from pillar to post with no direction. 911 more words

Diary Post

Don Meijin @ Ramen Champion to serve Signature Tendon at only $8.80 in Grand Opening Promotion

(Source: www.greatdeals.com.sg)

The new Tendon specialist at Ramen Champion Bugis+

A new stall has just landed at Ramen Champion in Bugis+ but doesn’t serve traditional Japanese Ramen. 98 more words


Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

A tendon is a band of fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone allowing the joint to bend. Tendons enable participation in physical activities such as running, jumping and other movements. 578 more words

Dr Nabil Ebraheim

ACL Injury: No Longer the End of a Career

The most commonly injured ligament within the knee is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. The ACL attaches on the anterior intercondylar of the tibia and ascends posteriorly to the lateral area of the femur, crossing with the Posterior Crucial Ligament (PCL) in the intercondylar region with the role of preventing anterior displacement of the tibia relative to the femur. 798 more words



Some people, like Starr, will eat anything with chopsticks, even if the meal was not meant to be eaten with it. But as long as he’s enjoying the food, right?

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