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TENDON KOHAKU, Which Draws the Longest Queue Amongst Tendon Restaurants in Singapore, Opens Its Fourth Outlet at Chinatown Point

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The restaurant will launch a new offering with a secret homemade sauce, exclusively available at the Chinatown Point

TENDON KOHAKU is proud to announce the launch of its newest outlet at Chinatown Point! 254 more words

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Dry Needling for Tendon Injuries & Wound Care: Physiology and Evidence

Over the last 10-15 years, dry needling has gained tremendous popularity among physical therapists in the United States; nevertheless, it still continues to be a topic of controversy due in part to turf wars between State Boards of Oriental Medicine and State Boards of Physical Therapy.1 It is perhaps ironic, however, that physical therapists have been performing more invasive procedures within the context of wound care for many decades.2, 3 For example, one of the modalities associated with wound care management is sharp debridement, a procedure used to remove necrotic tissue or foreign matter from around wounds with a sharp instrument (i.e. 1,685 more words

Dry Needling Certification

Nasi Coco - NeWest

Taking over the previous spot that was operated by now-defunct Thrive Kitchen is Nasi Coco, the newest F&B concept at NeWest after Birdfolks which we had visited somewhere last year. 833 more words


Terrible Tendons: Rehabilitation for the Everyday Guy and Gal

Tendons are tough as nails. But water the nail enough and it’ll eventually corrode enough to be broken off one by one without the use of any tools. 920 more words


Lilies on the Floor

I can’t stop quaking
My hands are shaking.
There’s glass everywhere,
Blood on the floor,
Smeared over the door.
Oh god,
What have we done here? 51 more words

Ice and my favorite Tendon

Hi everyone! Today’s review is on tendon! All the fried goodness all in one bowl! Omg it’s one of my favorite Japanese food and Ice will always end up going with me to eat (Actually she also like bah I think><) 479 more words



Once alone, Jacob “… wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day” (Genesis 32:24). I have read several reviews of this story, with a few claiming it may not have been physical as such, and might’ve been a vision Jacob had. 1,230 more words