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Hand Tendon Injuries: Open and Blunt Wounds

According to the literature, 15-30% of all emergency room cases involve the hand. Of all hand injuries, tendon lesions account for approximately ⅓ of cases (surpassed only by fractures). 425 more words

TENDON | 土手の伊勢屋 (Dote no Iseya)

In anticipation of the new venture called ‘下町天丼 秋光’ by their 5th generation coming to town, highlighting again this old time favorite of most of LG’s drinking buddies. 225 more words


Anyone for Tennis (Elbow)?


As the Grand Slams arrive in Europe and the bean counters at Pimms rub their hands together in anticipation of their favourite fiscal season, it seemed a neat time for me to research the ever irksome Tennis Elbow. 304 more words


Hand Contracture

Over the course of my nursing career I have come in contact with patients that for one reason or another have hand contracture. This is where the muscles/tendons/ligaments shorten making it difficult and painful to fully extend the affected part of the body. 232 more words


Clutched In Two Hands

Week Two

I was scared to have a drink, to have a cigarette. Would I start tearing at my own leg? I thought about ripping it off many times, I tried to console myself in history. 1,008 more words

Creative Writing

Dose 5

Today in the ER I saw a patient with a serious penetrating injury. He was helping family members move when he dropped a mirror on his foot. 97 more words

Scribe Stories

Tendon with Sauce on the Side

Breakfast: Fuji Apple, Tuna Onigiri, Tea, Coffee

Onigiri with Nori Wrap

Lunch: Original Tendon $9.98 from Hannosuke

Dinner skipped

At Work