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My Tenets for Creating and Maintaining Order

  1. All space is equal.
  2. Use defines space.
  3. Use creates context.
  4. Context influences order.
  5. Systems support order.
  6. Habits support systems
  7. Change systems when they no longer work.
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A Day in the City, A Letter of Rights

Everything begins with a sacrifice, the bloodshed behind the ink.
—Alice Goodman, A Letter of Rights

I’d forgotten, until recently, when a friend and I repaired to a local bookstore that actually carried CDs, the pleasure of perusing the bins and sharing finds. 781 more words


No, I'm not a grammar nazi, but damn it!

Alright, I know that language evolves and that contemporary expressions and idioms displace older ways of communicating using language. Still, some words and terms currently in use are just illogical, never mind that they’re not in conformity with the rules of the language. 630 more words

Roger Albert


Tent: A longitudinal tension that proves lateral impenetrability; anything stretched, even the truth. At that point, a tent is a tenet and prevents intellectual attack rather than a wet sleeping bag. 9 more words


Videoconferencing-as-a-Service for African NRENs

Following a recent visit to the Kenyan NREN organisation, KENET, TENET is starting to look at the ways in which its Vidyo based videoconferencing service can be extended beyond the borders of South Africa to include other Sub-Saharan African NRENs. 673 more words


How much rent did he collect?

I wonder how much money a landlord collects from “core tenants.”

Maybe I’ll ask the writer for Yahoo! Movies. I’m sure she’ll know because one of the core tenets of Yahoo! 11 more words