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Tent: A longitudinal tension that proves lateral impenetrability; anything stretched, even the truth. At that point, a tent is a tenet and prevents intellectual attack rather than a wet sleeping bag. 9 more words


Videoconferencing-as-a-Service for African NRENs

Following a recent visit to the Kenyan NREN organisation, KENET, TENET is starting to look at the ways in which its Vidyo based videoconferencing service can be extended beyond the borders of South Africa to include other Sub-Saharan African NRENs. 673 more words


Vapes Are the Next High-End Fashion Accessory

“I appreciate aesthetics and design, so when I was first approached by PAX to be involved with their brand, it made a lot of sense,” designer Richard Chai noted in a statement, in which he could literally be describing anything.  619 more words

How much rent did he collect?

I wonder how much money a landlord collects from “core tenants.”

Maybe I’ll ask the writer for Yahoo! Movies. I’m sure she’ll know because one of the core tenets of Yahoo! 11 more words


The 1st Tenet of DevOps: Innovate at the Speed of Open Source with DevOps

Open Source Innovation

I’ve been at Red Hat for over 13 years now, and in that time, open source has gone from a cheaper alternative to existing, proprietary software to becoming the primary source of innovation that is driving the industry forward.   215 more words


The 4th Tenet of IoT: Enterprise IoT Drives Datacenter Functionality to the Edge (IoT at the Red Hat Summit)

Evolving Towards a More Intelligent IoT

People often think about the Internet of Things (IoT) in terms of dumb but connected devices sending data directly to the cloud. 297 more words


Birmingham's Baptist hospitals, Brookwood hospital announce merger

BIRMINGHAM (Jennifer Davis Rash) — The four hospitals that make up Baptist Health System (BHS) are officially set to merge with Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham to become a new hospital system. 58 more words