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Unofficially Yours

“He was and is the love of my life but he is unfortunately unofficially mine.”

The world gossiped behind our backs, smirked and smiled; it made him well, insecure of losing his bad boy status.

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What will the future bring me?

I’m so sick and fed up of this generation. Yes, I do know that I am a part of it but it is a way of saying that I’m done with myself. 78 more words

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As tears ran down her cheeks she left the room slamming the door, ignoring the sound of the screams and shouts of her parents, what could she do? 68 more words

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Broken Pieces into Pieces

She sat on the bathroom floor with a piece of paper in her hand, blood trickled down her wrists and her eyes cried rivers. Drop by drop by drop, the paper eventually turned red and she stopped crying. 104 more words

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A Black and White World

The world lost a bit of its color with every blink of her eye. With every zooming car she tried to hold on to the fading colors of the blinking lights. 126 more words

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Quality over Quantity

Every night I put myself to sleep thinking about what makes my life. Two, just two things pop into my sleepy head; first my family and second my social life, my friends, my love life, my love-hate relationships and etc. 200 more words

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Day 1

This is my first time writing publicly, I regularly write but never tend to show anyone my work, I basically write for myself. So whoever is at the other side of the screen, professional writers to moody teenagers like myself, enjoy my work as it is the deepest and sometimes the darkest thoughts that pass through my mind put down on paper; after all, writing is my escape.

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