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France Book Tours stops for July 24-28

Sunday, July 24
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Monday, July 25
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France Book Tours stops for July 18-24

Monday, July 18
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Tuesday, July 19
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Wednesday, July 20
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Coming Out to Your Family

I haven’t come out to my whole family, just my parents, brother and grandma, and luckily for me it’s gone extremely well. My brother took it like a brother (he was like cool your bi do I get to choose what we watch tonight) and there’s something pretty awesome about the reassurance of  him knowing and not caring that I’m bisexual and that I’m not… 274 more words


Paris RunAway: Release day today

Today is the

release day of

Paris RunAway

(women’s fiction)

 Release date: June 30, 2016
at Lulu.com (link to come)

ISBN: 978-1-365-18923-4
220 pages

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I am undecided.
One flame; two cigarettes. The smoke sits in my teeth.
‘Thought it was meant to be summer.’
He’s right: it’s cold. The air is heavy with itself. 112 more words


Paulita Kincer on tour: Paris RunAway

Paulita Kincer,
author of
The Summer of France
I See London I See France
presented on France Book Tours,
is back!


Paulita Kincer

on Tour… 428 more words


I need a rant...

Hellooo Gorgeous peopleee,

Uh i need a rant, Happy easter btw hope you all had a lovely time and ate a huge amounts of chocolate. :) Ok so basically me and my family spent easter Sunday with one side of our family at their house. 193 more words