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Vouch for me!

Hi guys, I’m so sorry i haven’t been writing but I am appearing for my 10th Grade boards and it’s a ton of pressure. What i need to say that this will be my last post, not in forever, but for two months. 9 more words

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Youth Board Allows Students to Have Direct Impact in the Community

We have all heard of school student council, but at United Way of San Luis Obispo County we have a program where students can help influence the entire county, not just their school.  487 more words


The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

Well hi there. So unless you have been living under a rock or in a joyless music-less existence then you have probably heard of ‘The Beatles’ a classic band from the sixties who had massive if not legendary hits like the song ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’. 642 more words


It's just me Aprodite girl!

Hi world! I think people are lonely in this world. I know I am. So I thought it would be nice if maybe I started this blog, to keep in touch with the world. 25 more words


Unofficially Yours

“He was and is the love of my life but he is unfortunately unofficially mine.”

The world gossiped behind our backs, smirked and smiled; it made him well, insecure of losing his bad boy status.

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What will the future bring me?

I’m so sick and fed up of this generation. Yes, I do know that I am a part of it but it is a way of saying that I’m done with myself. 78 more words

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As tears ran down her cheeks she left the room slamming the door, ignoring the sound of the screams and shouts of her parents, what could she do? 68 more words

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