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A Black and White World

The world lost a bit of its color with every blink of her eye. With every zooming car she tried to hold on to the fading colors of the blinking lights. 126 more words


Quality over Quantity

Every night I put myself to sleep thinking about what makes my life. Two, just two things pop into my sleepy head; first my family and second my social life, my friends, my love life, my love-hate relationships and etc. 199 more words


Day 1

This is my first time writing publicly, I regularly write but never tend to show anyone my work, I basically write for myself. So whoever is at the other side of the screen, professional writers to moody teenagers like myself, enjoy my work as it is the deepest and sometimes the darkest thoughts that pass through my mind put down on paper; after all, writing is my escape.



(not part of a bigger piece; keep in mind it is fiction and tends towards a fantasy-setting)

I try to tell myself he’s just another boy, that it’s just another innocent crush. 525 more words



Well I there. So it seems that this week has been somewhat eventful for me and it seems more often than not I have found myself late at night just staring at my ceiling thinking, thinking and thinking about life, about problems. 487 more words


Becoming Independant

Well hi there. First of all I wanted to start by saying sorry that I missed Mondays post that’s because I have been working on something special on this blog but you are going to have to wait and see. 455 more words


"Sorry i look like a mess!" Or not!

Well hi there! Recently I watched a YouTube video by superwomen where she talked about how girls should feel comfortable with themselves and this is something that I feel really passionately about. 586 more words